Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas early at home!

Let start with a great news! I will be riding Cervelo next year!!!! and 2009 also!!!! I m super excited to get back on there bike and have then showing me that they definitly beleive and stand behind me! I m so excited!!! Of course, riding the flag ship of cervelo, the p3c but also will be riding one of there R3 family road bike.....!!!!

More great news about new sponsorship to come!!!!

As for now, i m swimming with my local swim club, did a 18:34 1500m yesturday and a 6.8km swim today. Also a lot of trainer rides, some cross country skiiing and running! It s a bit unstructure right now as i have so much stuff going on.... christmas time is not a easy time to have a fix schedule.

I m heading out to my parents house on the lake for the next 5 days! It should be extremly slow pace with good food and tons of napping and relaxing. I would say that it come at a very good time as i m very tired, been so so so so busy lately, didnt get as much rest as normal but it was for the best!

ok, i have to go, i have to start shoping as i just realise that there is a holiday call christmas coming soon and i want to take some lead on things and get the buying present done early! I m heading out in the jungle!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Claudia song

I havent update much the blog. I been sick for the past 7 days with a strong case of cold. I havent done any session of training during that time. I watched a lot of movies and slept a lot. I m feeling a bit better today and really hoping i can get back slowly to training tomorow.

I always get sick around janurary/feburary but this time, i guess it s earlier! Hope i m now clear of sickness until ironman arizona!

When i was at the Canadian National triathlon training center, Every second monday, we would have what we call a toolkit! It s a meeting with all the athletes of different sport in a classroom and listen to someone that will come talk about a subject related to sport. I would go most of the time because it was all you can eat pizza and grape juice! But, there was that one monday when someone very special came to talk to us... someone that really reached me whit his message. His name is DR martin collis, He is a motivational speaker about Personal and Professional Wellness. Dr martin was very energetic, made us laugh so hard, it was like a stand up show but for free and with pizza at the same time. At the end of the presentation, he took his guitar and played a song. Ok, it s maybe not the greatest musicien in the world but the message is very simple and i always liked to hear it....

so here it is... download it if you feel like it. down the page...claudia song s the lyrics:


It was just 50 meters of pale blue water
It was cool in the California heat
And the golden swimmers laid their soaking towels on the pool deck
To keep themselves from blistering their feet
And yet another station wagon parked in the parking lot
And yet another kid had come to swim
To swim for the champion club Santa Clara
Where everybody seemed to win
She asked for a trial and the coach with a smile
Said he’d be glad to see what she could do
But as he watched that little 12 year old attack the water
It was obvious she hadn’t got a clue.
She wasn’t very strong she did everything wrong
Just another kid he’d have to turn away.
But she explained that she’d failed in a bunch of other sports
So the coach said if she worked hard she could stay.
So she came to practice and found out very quickly
There was not a single kid that she could beat
Her suit rubbed hot shoulders and the chlorine blurred her vision
She was last when they put her in a meet
But the coach he was wise and he felt he’d realize
That she’d found another sport she could not do
So he helped her when he could, but told her mother perhaps she should
Look around a bit, find something new.


Because she never made the finals
And she never got a ribbon for her wall
She never won a medal or a trophy or a T-shirt
She never won anything at all.

So the season ended and we said goodbye to Claudia
And a chapter came to its appointed end
She hadn’t mastered swimming, she could never think of winning
But at least she felt the coaches were her friends
But on the first day of next season for some masochistic reason
Claudia was standing there again
She swam 2 hours every morning and 2 hours every evening
With discomfort coming awfully close to pain
So when we held a banquet at he closing of the season
Just to give the Olympians their due
We bought a Dolphin trophy for the kid who tried the hardest
And we bought it with one person in view
Mark Spitz and Donny Schollander were scooping up all the silverware
And then we asked for Claudia by name
Oh I’ve never seen such happiness, and tears and total radiance
And I don't care if I never do again

Repeat Chorus

If that was all the story it would still have been worth telling
Because no-one loses when they do their best
But there is a little post-script that may be of some interest
So quickly I shall let you know the rest
Her body changed perceptibly as she approached maturity
And quietly co-ordination came
And when you add co-ordination to total dedication
Then the record books would shortly know her name
After the first 2 years the rest of it came easy
We just sat back and watched the tale unfold
In the individual medleys up in Mexico City
Claudia won 2 Olympic golds
So to all you people sitting there with your expertise and your savior faire
Be careful to all the kids that you turn away
For there’s many hurts and many scars when you reach for your appointed stars
But they’re not always as far as first they seem

Claudia wins gold!

She won 2 Olympic finals
And she won a stack of ribbons for her wall
She won a bunch of medals and some trophies and some T-shirts
But the Dolphin trophy meant the most of all

Saturday, December 8, 2007

feeling down?

if you are lacking motivation, feel down or can't get off the door for training....maybe just take a moment to watch this and get off the door after.....

Friday, December 7, 2007


i had some great training lately. I been very consistant and things have been going very well. I had a few good 8km swim workout with the swim team and some hard sets! My running is also on track and i been slowly increasing the miles on the bike.

Unfortunetly, i got sick! A Cold! it s been 3 days that i been resting and catching up on many different things. I will hopefully be able to annonce some great news next week as a lot is happening right now. It s a very exciting time for me so almost good that i been sick so i had time to deal with all these obligation!

well, that s all for now, i do miss the swim practice, i hope to be back on my feet tomorow so i can get some good workout in...... my mtb finaly arrive from penticton and he wants to get some good miles in the desert!

Me and Zach had a team meeting dinner last night at the McDonald, it was good, and a lot of meaningfull things were said!

hope everyone stay warm and healthy... it s not fun to be sick!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

the routine!!!!

Well, there isnt much to talk about, i m just getting the word done and it s actually a littel boring right now, all my runs are 50 minutes... they always have stide at the end, mostly always on the same roads, the bike is the same, ride the same road and not much special stuff, just ride z2 and get home! At least, there is the swimming, the new team is definitly a good distraction and motivating for me. I been swimming around 30km a week....very happy about that and most of it is very technical....We use all the toys also, lots of fines work, snorkel, paddle and tons of very silly weird drills. I never know what drills we are suppose to do so i always have to check on the next lane as i swim to understand what is going on......!!!!

Got my flight book for christmas vacation and i should be in quebec from the 17th to the 4th. I have to bring my trainer bike and ride on the rollers..... but will have plenty of time to get out in the cross country ski!!!! I would like also to thanks Doug in calgary that as been giving me huge help this year with some traveling and once again will get me to a white christmas and back to las curces for training..... thank you so much, i really appreciate!

It s also the sponsorship season, i talk to different company and see if there is possible association that could come up next year. I really hope to have most of my last year sponsors back and a few have already confirm.... but i have to say it s a bit long to wait for the reply and the negociation.... not my favorite time of the year.

For those that wonder how sponsorship work, here s a idea of it : first write or call a contact at a company, let say Will Pratt at the Bike Barn in penticton

2. then, the company of course fly you first class to there headquarter to impress you. Big company like bikebarn will get me on there private jet with tons of ''Save by the bell'' video as they know i like that

3. As you get there, they will take you out for dinner and try to make you drink a lot..... The often make a profile study of you with the FBI so they already know your taste..... the barn had tons of desert for me ......they really were agressive in the seduction process

Then the numbers session start.... big numbers.... with tons of 0000000000000 it s hard to keep focus at this time, there is a base salary, that is what you get even you have a bad season and are grumpy all year long. Then, there is bonus... for exemple, Will as offer me a 1 000 000$ bonus if i win the tour de france on top of ironman lake placid that coincide with the day off in the tour.... very interesting. they always put a pencil near your hand as they really want to sign you. Drink keeps flowing!!!!

finaly, you come to a agreement, you got a contract, you are a sponsor athlete and you jump back in the private jet(this time, they make you fly in a different model exclusively for athlete that have already sign the contract) back to your home......

that is how sponsorship work in the world of triathlon! Any questions????

have a nice day!

Friday, November 30, 2007

NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those that read this blog.... please go visit my new website at lot s of stuff...mostly serious stuff but come back here after for the silly news and storys.....!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

bike positionning

me and paulo did the positionning of zach on his bike...he is so stubburn...never listen, just argue and say stupid stuff... it was painfull process but he finaly look like a real triathlete now!

here s is version of everything:

today was a great day training wise,

amazing run 50 minutes,
rode 90minutes with 30min z3,
and swam with the girls 7km.

yesturday was
5.7km swim with the team
1h run with z3
80 ride.

just got the word that NAS as ended the men/women championship separate race, they now have the race at the same place in coeur d'alene and ironman lake placid, that was one of my main goal is down to very small prize purse.... i dont know what was the reason of this choice but it s sure desapointing.... the separate race between men and women with more money was awsome concept....

i will have to check and see if i can adjuste my schedule..... but i was very excited to show up in lake placid, a place that really tested me a few years ago when i took 11+h to finish!!!!

bed time, early swim tomorow....then...more running and biking!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

meat and potato day

well, i got the work done today... that s how i like the days, quiet, just do the work, eat and sleep.

I ran early 50 minutes, rode for 1h45 with bigzach in the chilly mid morning and got to my first swim practice with the girls.... they were very nice, it was a lot of fun and it was 7.4km if i counted right.... yeah, a bit long as i have been swimming much and only 3 or 4 km. But that s the way it will be for the next few months so i will get use to it.... i said my swim needed a bit of a lift!!!

i m tired, going to bed, tomorow is another triple, with a early 6am swim with the nmsu team......
the picture as nothing to do with the day.... i just wanted a picture on the post......

Monday, November 26, 2007

The American Dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, sport is big in the US of A!!!! In canada, if you arent a hockey player, you arent much! But in the USA, the support for athlete is a lot better and at the University, college sport is huge! AS a canadian, many of us would dream of going down south to play our favorite sport and have a big scholarship! But when, at university, i was so slow, i didnt even make the swim team.

Well, this is about the change, Officialy tomorow, i m making my debut with NMSU Divison 1 swim team!!!!! Yeah, i will be swimming with them and getting my ass kick on a regular base! I will be training with the distance swimmers. It s been about two years since i have swim with a organise group when i was in victoria with the Joel filliol crew of simon whitfield, colin jenkins and many more. I find it a bit boring to swim alone and find myself sometimes a bit unmotivated and cutting workout short. Well, as my swim as lost a bit of his lust, i decided to take some action this year and i m really excited about this one.

This also mean that i need to swim the 4 style regulary! 6am in the pool! and no triathlete soft 3km workouts or getting out of the pool early!! I always prefered to swim with swimmers...more challenging and less wasting of time. It should be a very nice challenge!

Oh... did i forget to mention that, it s a women divison 1 swim team? Yeah, i will get my ass kick by girls but i m totaly find with this....!!!

Today, ride 90 minutes and fartlek run 70 minutes with the trusty ipod!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


"When someone tells me there is only one way to do things, it always lights a fire under my butt. My instant reaction is, I'm going to prove you wrong!"

Picabo Street

''You will miss 100% of the shots that you dont take ''

Wagne Gretzsky

''You are like dumb and dummer but in the same person''

My coach paulo talking about me

A few annoncement: Coaching!!!! i will be taking some client for the 2008 season! I m looking forward to work with different people from begginer to advance. But dont ask me to coach you for skeleton or something else silly.... i m a triathlon coach! so if you are interested, just email me:

Sponsors!!! well, i hope to be able to annonce a few of my name sponsors for the season 2008. It s the time of the year where you talk with everyone and i m luck to count on some of the past sponsor to stick with me!!!! Some new one..... very exciting...for me at least!

Today: Easy Swim 1000 warm up 400m drill

5X200m /2:30



400 cool down

danny swam next to me....the all pool just for us two!

run in the dark and the snow, listening to gun's and roses 50 minutes

Friday, November 23, 2007

i want to share this with everyone!

hope i dont upset anyone with this but, it s simply hilarious! let me know if you life it or not?!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving and lets talk bikes....

Bike Company are really stepping up for there time trial bikes. Here is a exemple of what Bianchi as come with after years of hard work..... one of the fastest frame available for time trial! Look at the attention of details... it s a clean and nice frame.... the only weird thing is the blue screw at the seat post.... dont really match the color of the bike...and they are strangly familiar to me................anyway...120 year of building bike for bianchi....they sure know how to get something fast on the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i m sure this bike must make some crazy speedy sound!!!!!


Today:turkey, ham, mash potato, punkin pie, etc.... it was really good, on top of that, i had a relatively easy day of training, 50 minutes run and 90minutes ride.
no snow in Las Cruces......!!!!

for those that dont get the joke..... it s not a bianchi bike....., it was painted and rename, if you look closely..... it s a very well know frame from another company....a company that dosnt have 120 years of experience but more like 9 years!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Goals for 2008!!!!!!!!! THINK BIG!!!!!

Last year, i had some very big goal, winning the national championship, check! going under 9h, check and winning ironman canada....hummmmmmmm not done but almost! feel like a victory to me!

So, i had some big goals for 2007 and will do the same for 2008.... i will dream big....and dont care if it s realistic or not... I m the kind of person that dream a lot...when i run, i m most of the time running on ali drive on a dual with Macca or stadler.... even on my easy ride. I fuel a lot from simple dream, listening to music that inspirer me(avril lavigne!!!). So, it is extremly important to high goals...goals that justify the price of sacrifice and hard work that i put everyday. Also, i need something to get me going all these early morning in the pool and long hours in the windy road of new mexico! or when my legs are killing me and i need to do a double run in the day...actually... with paulo.... i need to run everyday... !!!! i do find it hard sometimes!!...often!

First goal: Winning a ironman!!! yeah, why not.... every idiot is allowed to win one... why not me! I dont care if it s just one.... i want one!!!! so i will have 3 chance! i will be racing ironman Arizona, Lake placid and hawaii!!!

Second goal: Finish top 10 in hawaii....!!!!!!!!! Yeah... time out here... i didnt even finish the race this year?&$%(*## Someone need a reality check!!!! well, i hate getting up early to swim.... so i guess a top 10 would be a consolation for that..... so that s a goal!!!!!

Third goal: break 2:50 for my marathon....... that would mean i would be a MAN by Peter Reid standar.....

Forth: Learn to play piano!!!! yeah, i just started a few days ago and it s really hard! I do need a cute girl to teach me!!!! i found one but she is far away so i m on my own on this one.... my first peice that i m learning is ''In dream'' of Lord of the Ring! I can annonce that i have succesfully play 10 notes in a row tonight!!!!!! yeah!!! I m already shopping for a nice 10 feet concert grand piano!!!!

ok....thats enough for one year.... if all this happen, i will be all set!!!!

today was a nice 5km swim 3X (4X100/1:20 400/5 minutes) then.... 20X50m on 40sec holding 33s....

Rode 90 minutes with 24X1 minutes z4.....

turkey tomorow for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks danny and misha!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back to training....and updating!

Ok, i haent updated in a month! A lot happen since! A few girl friends, a few breakups, a few jobs but i m now back to triathlon. Skeleton wasnt good for me, i didnt had what it takes!

I took 5 weeks off, gain 17lbs, didnt do any training, eat a lot of ice cream and cake, meet tons of new people. I also had a nice 6 days in my native region of Ottawa/hull and wish i had pass more time there. I get to train with a few of my old teammates and coach and meet with friends... that was pretty awsome......

But the reality is, that i m back in Las Cruces, the place is beautifull right now, green, perfect weather, but completly dead. IT s like a ghost town, everyone is gone from the city.... thanksgiving vacations. So, without paulo here, i m alone and it s a bit depressing. I decided to come back quickly as i need to focus on my riding this winter so i can hopefully have a great racing season and be competitive with the top guys of our sport.

next blog will be about Goals for the season, i have some big one! i m excited about it but there is a lot of work that needs to be done!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Triathlon as been a amazing journee....thank you to everyone over the years! i m leaving happy with great memories

I been in this sport for over 14 years. I done so many races, so many amazing trip. I meet the most amazing people and had the time of my life. This past season was amazing and i realise many of my dreams. I could not be happier right now.

But as i relax here in new mexico, i realise that there is a lot that i want to do in life. Triathlon as taken a lot of my time, took huge sacrifice and commitement and i dont have the energy right now to keep going at the same level i have been in the past few years. I m ready to leave as i feel i accomplish everything i had to and feel in peace with my decision. I also want to eat more and become bigger and pass more time with the womens......

I still have many challenge in front of me. One of them is a big dream that still burn inside of me since i was a kid. I grow up in quebec where the winter is cold and with a lot of snow. I love winter sport and always dreamed of representing canada at the olympic games. I have talk for a long time with Paulo about all this.... he as been a amazing coach for me in triathlon and i could not be more happy to annonce that he will keep working with me in our new challenge to make the Canadian olympic team in the discipline of Skeleton! We have been thinking long and large and will base myself out of Las cruces new mexico for is high altitude caracteristic and rich resources in lifeguards and volleyball player.

now, some of you might think that training in a area without snow could be a potential problem but paulo told me there is no such thing and following the MORE is MORE mentality, we have come to developpe our own way to train. Here s a few pic of my first few training session. I love this sport, you can be heavy and out of shape..... you only have to go down a hill and smile!!!!
ok...... just chatted with paulo and realise i got my ass kick in hawaii this year.... i might postpond the retirement, i will try to do both, race pro in triathlon and make the winter olympic team in skeleton...... after all.... more is more!!!!!


The season is over! It was one hell of a ride! a breakthrough year for me and i m very happy about it. I broke 9h for the first time at ironman arizona and finish 6th in a very competitive field. I also reach another goal of capturing my first ever National elite title (Lc triathlon). I had a amazing day at home in penticton finish 2nd at ironman canada and coming in a 8h39. I also won another half ironman during the season and made huge progress in my attitude towards training and racing.

I unfortuntly wraped the season with a trip to hawaii where i got sick the day before the race and could simply not put on a decent performance on that big day!

I m now relaxing and doing different stuff. I m not training, and havent felt the need to. Yesturday, i went to a NMSU women volleyball game and had a blast. The team is awsome and they kick ass!!!! I also went to a football game and the team was also kick ass but i didnt like the experience as much. I just dont like football, the action is so slow with so many breaks.... if you arent eating hot dogs or drinking.... it goes on for ever...... still happy i went!!

what s next??? I will be at Soma triathlon in phoenix to work with the timming company SPORTSTATS. They have been a big supporter of me since my biggining in the sport and i really enjoy my time working with them. I will also be in Panama city for ironman florida and clearwater 70.3 world champ with the sportstats crew!!!! hope to see many of you out there.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ironman hawaii

Well, this as been one of the worst day i ever had in a race. Nothing went right, everything went wrong.... very painfull experience.

The situation is very simple, i got sick friday night and had a few trip to the bathroom, i didn't had much in me.... I felt pretty decent on satruday morning and just hoped for the best. It was obvious from the start that i had nothing in me, i could not swim, i had the worst swim of my carrear and miss the front group. I dont think it s normal for me to get out of the water with people like stadler and company. From there, i rode extremly hard in the first 25 miles to bridge back but had nothing in my legs...

i stoped at mile 40 and sitted on the side of the road for 5 minutes to re group and make up my mind as to what will be next. I decided to keep riding and at least finish the ride and learm more about the course. Unfortuntly, my body was already pretty weak from friday night and i just get myself a nice Heat stroke. The last 6h after the race have been pretty painfull and i go from been cold to been hot and sweating. My body is all over the place and i can see i got a bog or something. I finaly got something solid in me at 11pm.... a bagel with jam.

anyway, my equipement was fine, ironman canada proximity wasnt a problem and the condition were perfect as it was relatively cool and not very windy. I was also very fit. It was just not the real me on the course today. I should have pull out in the first hour of the race.....

i will be back next year for more, hawaii is a very hard race and i want to do well here!

off to bed.............. extremly sunburn and dehydrated.

Friday, October 12, 2007

the night before

Well, it s finaly time, the trip was awsome and i had a lot of fun but i came here to race and been going a bit crazy in the last few days before the race.... i dont like to wait. I dont like to sit in a condo and be quiet.

Tomorow is very simple for me, it s not about a steady day or riding conservative or playing safe. I have the privilege to be at the world championship and i will be racing it. I will swim hard and ride agressive so by t2 i m in a position to be a contender to be on stage on sunday night. I will of course try to pull of a magical run with whatever is left in the tank!

It s going to hurt, it s gona be windy and it s gona bit very hot. I expect to be out of my comfort zone for a lot of it. It s good learning to be in that state. I m not too nervous right now but should be tomorow morning. I m definitly scare and wounder a lot what the other guys will do, but i will be ready to react and make the right choice.

I m excited like a kid that is about to enter in toysUraus..... i want to race now!!!! it s going to be fun.... i m very lucky to be here and be healthy and fit!!!

thanks for everyone for reading!!!!

thank Steve for my new super fast NINETEEN SPEEDSUIT!!!!

good luck to everyone! to my roomates.... danny, miranda and tracey!!! and sherpa paulo and sherpa shawn!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The usual suspect

I m really enjoying my time in hawaii. I m staying in a condo on ali drive and i have 7 nice roomates! Here s some cool shot of all of them!!!!

Miranda the Hurricain
Tracey, the small dog that bark a lot!!!

Shawn, the sherpa,

Danny the rock your can build on.....

Paulo, hummm....welll, i prefer to not say anything....


Monday, October 8, 2007

Mind Kona

This picture is of me and Danny on our way to the pool, the first mind game of the trip was of me and him taking the back seat in the mini van. Only the cool kids sit in the back seat and i was determinated to take controle of the situation!

Arriving at the pool, proceded to swim the warm up all out as the other swimmer look fast and i didnt want to look stupid. I completly trash myself but left the pool with the feeling that i had made a major statement 6 days before the race!

Got to the grocery store and did the shoping as fast as i could to show everyone i m quick.

got on the bike and big chain ring ali drive surging hard and strong in front of Lava Java and rode hard on the queen K just in case normann would see me. He was there and of course he must have been very concern with my fast pace and good form as i m pretty sure i m the only clown in town that tried to race him 6 days out of the race day to satisfy my insecurity. I m pretty sure he was deeply affected by my mind games!

Kona is really a weird place and it feel like a zoo. Many lions getting ready for a bit fight. I m easy to spot everywhere as i m more like a White polar bear!

I m now relaxing at the condo with Paulo, Miranda, Shawn, Danny, and 5'1. There is a lot of very deep and meaningfull conversation going on...... it s pretty awsome to be around such inspiring and cultivated people.

Tomorow is a triple.... siwm bike run.... and lava java and some more fun conversation with the herd at the condo!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

HAWAII living the dream in the cookie house

I been in Hawaii for the past 3 days! It s been amazing so far. I arrived Thursday night and I m staying at my friend Will and Denise house outside of kona near the airport. The house is awesome, there is 7 showers!!!! 5 toilet, 5 rooms, a golf cart, a hot tube, and a amazing view on the valley of the serengethi.

This morning, I as I was having a nice cup of coffee and sitting on the deck, I spoted a few lions finishing there long night of hunting and just chilling in the valley…. It was awesome. I have Miranda as a roommate and also Rock frey and Paul Huddle. These guys are very nice people but a little bit too serious for me. They don’t have a good sence of humour and I been trying to teach them to just chill out as they are both very stress out personality. Rock as this electo stimulator and use it all day, he told me this way, he could train but still only sit at his computer and he is attemping to finish the Hawaii ironman without any training outside…. Everything was done using the electro stimulator…. I m looking forward to the results but he seems very convience it s the new way to go and anyone working full time could now race pro!!!

Actually, Rock showed me that behind the house, there is a gold course and at the Tee off of the 19th hole, there is a little house with 2 big cookie jar! HE told me they are there specificly to be eated by the resident of the house…. So I been doing the trip back and forth from the kitchen to the 19th hole tee off(50meters) and controlling the quality off the cookies so golfers can have a positive experience. I been told there is also another secret place with a giant refrigerator with chocolat bars and any drink imaginable… I m still to find at what hole it is located but should find out tomorrow!!!!

I arrived Thursday night and had a nice coffee on Friday moring with tom evans at the Java on the rock. The day was all about getting food and bike stuff and ready for a good week. I swam bike and run …but very light workouts.

Today was the killer, 5h30 on the bike in the heat and the wind. Saw normann stadler at the turn around in hawi…. Then Natasha badmann and also my good friend Mike Niel. HE is looking very fit and relax and I think he will have a very strong day next week!

Anyway, the ride was hard… Hawaii course is very difficult…it s everything you heard about… the wind is crazy… almost got blow off the road a few times…. And it s very hilly!!! I ran 30 minutes off the bike in the heat and felt great. That was my last big workout before the race and I will now keep the training light and short.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


RESUME OF THE WEEK: as been extremly challenging. Saturday was 6.5h ride in the hills going as hard as i could until i blow off the bike and swim later. i like to do these near a race so it give me a good indicator and evaluation of my fitness and of how much i can risk on race day knowing what kind of effort i will be able to manage and what my limits are.

sunday was a bread and potato day with swim bike run easy and monday, i hit it hard again in the hills and finaly blow myself to peices after 4.5h.... i was not a happy camper!!!!

today was long run day 2h10 swim for 3km easy and 50 minutes run at night. I m now packing and leaving tomorow for hawaii and starting the taper.... almost.

now, THE FREAKOUT ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for those that are getting ready for hawaii, i would like to share my perspective on the week before the race....and mostly the weekend before the race. 8 days out of ironman canada this year was my freakout time.... calling my coach and telling him it wasnt going well, i didnt do enough to get ready for the race.... i was ''unprepare'' but at the same time, i was cook, overtrain, had nothing left, felt like shit.... my legs could not push the pedals. My arms were weak and i could not get normal swimming. I had no motivation and didnt want to get out for my workouts or anything. I was on major FREAKOUT MODE.

a conversation with paulo would go like this.

Jonny: Paulo, i feel like shit

Paulo: yeahh???

Jonny: i have no energy, i m unprepare and overtrain and i think i m getting sick also.... i wont be able to break 10h... i think i should pull out....

Paulo: really annoye me, if you dont have anything important to tell me, just shut up.

Jonny: but paulo.... it s not happening....

Paulo: ok, i have to go do something important(quiznos), now, just shut up and go do your ride and just CHILL.... use the chill penny and HTFU

Jonny: you are a idot paulo.... it s not going well, i m not feeling good, i m not ready for the race

7 days later: august 26th ironman canada

Jonny: i told you paulo that i would nail that race..... and now, i m a 8;30ish guy!!!!!! i told you i would do it.... why were you so nervous!!!!

Paulo: you are really annoying me.... you are still a dumbass, just faster but still a dumbass

IF you are in the same situation as me,....please dont worrie about too much, it s just a freaking race and everyone is freaking out the week before... you arent special and your condition arent different.,.. you should be feeling like shit right now and your body will most likely come around in the last few days before the race if you have a good coach and a good taper!

Todays conversation with paulo

Jonny: i m so tired... i have nothing left, i think i m overtrain...

Paulo: yeah???(not really listening and just doing his own stuff like if i what i was telling him wasnt important)

Jonny: yeah, this long run this morning just trashed me, i m definitly overtrain...

Paulo: ok, i understand, now go do your swim and second run.

Jonny: WTF

Paulo: ''gone''

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

elmory pass

The last few days have been awsome!!!! Saturday was a epic hard ride with Will and Danny to hatch and i really tested myself with Will following all my move. It was great, 5h10 minutes of hard riding and some good watts.... Will had a light problem in the last hour of the ride but it was barely noticable and i m sure the people at the gaz station didnt notice anything special!!!!

Sunday was a bread and better day and monday was a amazing ride from Hillsboro on road 152. This place is magical. it s a 6000 feet climb that start from a ghost town. There is nothing there, no cell phone coverage and no cars.... it s extremly islotated and one of the most beautifull ride i have ever done in my life. You end up at elmory pass at near 9000 feet high in the cloud. There is a lot of deers and mountain lions. We actually got chase by a cougar(wildcat???) and Will had no choice but to drop is powerbar so the monster will let us go. But sparing the danger of cougar, deer and occasional grizzly bear that you can find at the highest point of the mountain, It s a place that really fuel me as i ride. I love the lonelyness of this area and the amazing twisty downhill!!!! We did about 9000 feet of climbing in 4h with a lot of 280+ watts riding(2h???) .

I will revisite this place again two more times before leaving for the big island of hawaii for the world championship. This sunday will be a 6h ride at hillsboro.... i hope the ghost will be there to help me out as it going to be a long and hard day! This time, i will have bear and cougar spray with me. Unfortunutly, my training parnter Will Ronco had to go back home as his girlfriend requested him to go back to colorado.... i heard she is the one wearing the pants!!!!!! Stephanie..... send Will back please!!!!

i m leaving for kona on the 4th of october and will be there for 2 weeks. I m looking forward to get there and start resting for the race!
today was a small day: 50 minutes run, 2h ride z2 and 4km swim.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

a few days in HELL

Ironman canada as hit me pretty hard this week. The last few days havent been so much fun, difficult to train and no energy... my body isnt acting normaly and i feel the worst when relaxing..... i actually cant relax and just feel stress out!!! i was thinking of going out and drinking all night but didnt find anyone to come out with me!

anyway, i think i m still doing very well in this weird transition and should hopefully get my energy back so i can get some solid training. I m amaze at how guys like Peter Reid and Thomas Hellergiel did back up IMC and IMH at the top level.....very impressive!

double swim today, and a 2h ride.... i have done 7 swim so far and should get to 9 swim this week!!!! i m trying hard to be a fish !!!!! i love swimming outdoor!

here s the 3 official song of my ironman hawaii build up.... i know... i have weird music taste!!!

number 1

number 2

number 3

Monday, September 17, 2007

Been part of the herd or making your own path???

I do like a lot this picture as you can see someone been part of a group. Someone that follow others and find reassurance in been part of the normality. Been with others, doing like them, following there path. It s a cool picture.... i wonder if this person as ever think of taking his on path, having a crack at it and laying it all down so he will have complete satisfaction to know what he can or can't do and what needs to be done next. I think we learn a lot from others, but it s in the individual moment that we learn to more about ourself. Dont be affraid to explore your limit and boundary....... i dont know how this race unfolded but i hope the guy at the back had a crack at could only be a very valuable learning experience.

Well, i m one of the group this week, i have a few training partner in town and i m very happy to have them around. Tonight was a great run with Will and Danny and it s been great to have them around as i been going in a bit of a dark hole in the last few days. I havent been taking any pictures and have been very social. To be honest, i have reach very high level of grompyness in the last few days. I been looking a lot like the picture up ........not a happy camper but more like a guy that just finished a ironman and want to have is cake and eat it.

But today was a lot better, my body is coming back to life after a great meal at McDonald's and tons of other good food to put me back into training mode. Sleep, eat, train, go say hello to the lifeguard......
today was another a 3km swim

1h45 bike z2

50 minutes run at steady sliky pace
fun day!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dark day but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Well, i been having a very solid week of training, but yesturday was a bit difficult as i got sunburn and was completly exhausted at the end of the day. This moring when i woke up, i could not get going, i was feeling terrible, like a train ran over me! I didnt work out and took a day off. I think ironman canada as caugh up to me. I m not sleeping too well and my nutrition havent been perfect!. It s time to focus really hard to stay on track. HTFU and follow what paulo tells me to do. I still have 2 big goals to reach before the end of the season and i will work really hard toward this and get the work done!

I still went to the pool to swim 500m and just move a bit and take some fresh air. Well, it was a really good move, as when i got out of the pool, i exchanged a smile with this super cute lifeguard and a ''how are you doing'' and i finaly saw the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! I found a new motivation to go back to the swimming pool everyday to go say hello to Courtney!!!!

ok....tomorow i will be back on the right track!!!! and thank you Danny for this awsome donation!!!! i finaly have a real bed to sleep on!!! the airmatress can go back to the closet after 1year of use!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Las Cruces, the secret heaven

In the last 2 years, i been coming back a few times to this very special retreat in the south part of New Mexico. The city of Las Cruces at a elevation of 4000 feet is a secret heaven that not many people know about. It was a population of 75 000 people, many cows and roadrunners, and few rattlesnacks. There is also a pretty nice univeristy, NMSU with a beautifull outdoor 50m pool and a 25m inside pool. The roads are quiet and mostly flat. The scenery is amazing with the majestueuse Orange mountain range east of the city and the rio grande river flowing on the west side of town. Las curces was before a crossing path between texas arizona and mexico but is now a center of agriculture.

There is something special about this place, it feels like home here. It is very hot at the moment and very windy and make for very difficult training conditions. Today was 37 degres and the strong dry wind was definitly testing me on the 3.5h ride.

New Mexico is call The Land of Echantement, well, i do beleive it s a amazing place that as been forgotten over the year and is worth rediscovering. There is many ghost town, the Trinity side where the first ever Atomic bomb was tested 50 years ago?? and also home of the giant White sand missile range. there is even a 10km runnway for the space shuttle to land in case of emergency!!!!!
So here we go, you guys now know my secret training place. If you see a cyclist on the road, it s most likely me or Danny as there is only us on the road..... and a few cars from time to time.... you can also find us near the river or in the Orange mountain range running in the hilly trails and getting the work done. There is a lot of lonely hours of training here and plenty of time to reflect on the why and what so when you show up to races, everything become very clear......i really like it here, this place and the people as been very good to me lately......

today:3.5h z2 windy, strong legs

Swim: 8X400m on 5' average 4:32s 4km total..... another meat and potato day!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The quiet life.....

here s a few picture i receive from ironman canada. Guess witch one show a sign of releif????!!!

so yesturday was a awsome 3h ride and a 4km swim......

i been feeling good so far but can still feel that i have done a ironman 2 weeks ago. I have to be very carefull to not over do it and keep the heart rate low. I havent lost much fitness since ironman canada and i do think i will be in very good shape in hawaii in 4 weeks!
Not much new in Las Cruces, it s a very quiet life where i train, rest, sleep and eat. My only interaction is with the lifeguard at the pool or my coach paulo or danny if i get the chance to see him.....

ran for 1h10 today in hilly trails....feel awsome again.....

rode 90 minutes easy and finish with a 3km swim with a 19 minutes 1500m pull paddles....

going to bed.... more training tomorow!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Here is the famous Peter Reid costum specialized transition. Now, the funny part is that this bike wasnt available for purchase, the commercial specialized transition was a very badly design bike. It wasnt a real triathlon bike with slack seat angle, very long head tube, and slop top tube. A very bad design from a huge bike company...

The Peter Reid bike is simply text book, 76 degres seat tube with easy possibility to put a forward seat post, very nice aero tube on the down tube and seat tube, chain stay and seat stay. The heat tube is short and make for a very aero setup. This bike was smartly conceive and should have been the real bike for production but i just dont understand the decision of specialized to go with there other option that was jsut plain ugly???

Anyway, it s now my coach paulo that is riding the PR004 specialized frame..... only a few more in circulation....

today was another meat and potato day with 50 minutes Z2 run, 8 stride and 90 minutes of z2 bike. Still feeling good and not overly tired from ironman canada. I m slowly getting back into a routine and will keep rolling along this week with endurance workouts at lower intensity. Going to bed early as tomorow will be a bigger day!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Today was a fun today sitting at home and watching the live coverage of ironman Wisconsin! my friend Zach Ruble had a solid day coming of the water in good position and riding so strong that he broke his bike stem and had to finish the last 12 miles of the ride holding the handlbar together!!! He posted a lightning fast 2:58 marathon to take 7th place only 3 minutes off from the podium!!!!

Way to go DUMPSTER!!!, i m looking forward to see you back in Las Cruces for some fun training and McDonald expeditions!!!!

I still manage some training today:
1h run today feeling awsome and bouncing on the trails.

4km swim with 10X100m Im/1:30 and 1000m pull paddle!!! feeling great so far!

i m starting back on paulo's schedule tomorow, time for serious work!!! All the swim set i mention are my own creation....Paulo as no power on me when in the water, he can only use is autority on me when i m on land!!!!! The swim program is all about me!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

I can't beleive i manage to put on 10lbs in two weeks!!!! I m huge and it s time to get back to training now. Only 5 weeks before hawaii, i m very curious to see how it will turn out as it is so close form ironman canada. I m presently in Las Cruces with my coach paulo and i m training in the heat and altitude. I have also my friend Danny montoya that live here and his training for hawaii also.

today was 2h45 minutes of z2 biking, paulo came along for part of it....
swam 1500m!!!! all easy

tomorow is ironman wisconsin so it wont be easy to train.... i need to watch and cheer on for bigzach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good night!!