Friday, January 30, 2009

I m leaving on a jet plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had the chance to meet so many amazing people over the last 14 years of triathlon. Most of them, i can call them my friends!!! some not :( .... but one thing for sure... i m a very lucky person!

Tomorow, i m starting a new chapter of this amazing adventure. I m flying at 8:15am from el paso to dallas to tokyo and finaly to Manila. Drive for a few hours to Subic bay, a old american military base that is now a touristic resort in the philippines. It is suppose to be very hot and very humid.

This is my training location for the next 2 months. I m very excited about this big change, i will get to meet lots of new teamates with who i will train for the next year. A new coach and training philosphy and a new country and new culture.

I have pack 50lbs of wheat free food, and lots of training gear...almost all my possession really!!! I promise lots of pictures and video as i will be living with me good friend Zach Ruble in a complex with all the other athletes.

oh, i receive a schedule today from brett and it says, i have to do a 40min run in the tokyo airport during my 2h connection and 80X50m stride inside the airplane over the pacific during the 13h segement from dallas to tokyo. It s a 747 so that should be duable. He wanted me to carry on my bike and trainer to do a threshold set on the last segement flight at 35 000 feet to get the high altitude adaptation.....
more silliness to come....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

are you scare of your workout?

The training is a been very good over the last 2 months. Very consistant and doing some good work but definitly not feeling fast! 2 more months before the first race and 10 days before my departure for the tbb camp in philippines.

Today was another monster track workout. I woke up this morning and felt like the same nervousness of a race morning. You fell sickish...Hr already up and lots of anticipation of what is to come. I guess with all those year in the sport, i m very well aware of how much pain and hard work i m facing to accomplish this workout and i guess i take it so much at heart to do well at those that it become nerve racking....

I drove to the track. Oups, maybe i should have rode?? but it was rainy and cold so i took the car!

Put a few taping on the foot as i know blister are a possibility in long hard workout... and take 15min to warm up in the grass field. Then, jump on the track for what will be a main set of intervals that would total up to 2ho5. Starting the workout and going for the first loop, i simply terrified in front of this giant mountain of hard work that i need to put in. You go one interval at the time but there is that weird feeling of impossibility that you are facing. how will i pull this one off today??? well, i dont know if i ever got in peice with myself during that session but i simply try to not think to far ahead and take one interval at time.

As i finished the last interval and pass the line, i ended up standing still as i had no energy to lay down...... Freaking silly sport...why m i doing this? and why do i keep coming back day after day. Why m i lovin'it?????

No chance anyone as been silly as me today......

oh well, lets crawl home for some food and build my new Cervelo P2 that i just receive. One more in the bag! I might go to bed scare again tonight, there is a lot more work to come this week, month, year......

i need a shut down button for my brain! ignorance is a bless!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

follow the link for another blog!

i will be blogging out of this and tbb site...kind of would like to make it one but i need to figure out how...

so for now, go there for a silly boring blog!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hello everyone! i m back to warm new mexico! Happy to be back but i caugh a cold during my trip in quebec... not enough sleep!!!!

For the season 2009, i m joining team TBB and will be working with coach Brett Sutton to help me have a succesfull season and keep improving! I have think about this decision since beggining of november and have now been working with brett for a few weeks now. It s been very exciting and lots of fun to work with a new approche and training program.

I will be heading to a training camp in phillipine in march and a early ironman in april! I m also very happy to have some new sponsors to team up with. Yesturday, i got a big box of shoes from AVIA to try out and see what model fit me well. I feel like a kid at christmas!!! well, i guess it s kind of christmas anyway so!!!!

I might also have a chance to race the Wildflower half ironman triathlon in may and many more races that soon to be annonce! If things work out, i might even have the chance to get back where i left in 2007 in penticton and race ironman canada again and work to improve on my previous finish ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that s all for now...time to sleep,....and get the work done!