Monday, August 2, 2010

Calgary 70.3

my first finish in 14 months. Yes, 14 months of injury, sickness and dns, dnf and finaly crossing the finish line of a race!

I was pretty bag up at the end, my body was in shock as the effort was big and i put everything into this. I had a amzzing swim and up front with Kieran doe, Brian Fleshman and a few other fishy. We were 6 of us out of the water in 23minutes and i was in sock to realise later in the ride that we had over 1min lead on Jeff Symonds the pool fish and Paul ticheelar the shark.

On the bike, i did my best to put a hard ride and was doing great until km 60 where i ran low on calories, made lots of technical mistake in how i race and to be honest, i ran out of fitness........i just didnt ride as smart as i usualy was. I got drop and lost 5minutes to my peers in the last 35km as the body started to fall appart. On the run, i tried really hard to be strong mentaly and put a hard effort in it. could not get my legs back to normal but keep trucking along and avoid any falling appart until i cross the finish line.

Well, i have to say i was happy to be a finisher again. It lasted a good 2h where i was proud to make it to the finish line until i started looking at the results and realise i was 12th, 13 minutes down on the leader and was really far from the front of the race. So, yeah, not happy at all with it, but 5 months into my return to training and getting healthier, i will have to accept that it s where i m and that a few more months of training and hard work are needed to make up those 13 minutes.

thanks to everyone on the course that gived me a tumbs up and cheer for me...this include my cometitor that passed me on the bike/run and found the time to cheer my up in my fun misery! Triathlon is full of really GREAT people!