Sunday, October 21, 2007


The season is over! It was one hell of a ride! a breakthrough year for me and i m very happy about it. I broke 9h for the first time at ironman arizona and finish 6th in a very competitive field. I also reach another goal of capturing my first ever National elite title (Lc triathlon). I had a amazing day at home in penticton finish 2nd at ironman canada and coming in a 8h39. I also won another half ironman during the season and made huge progress in my attitude towards training and racing.

I unfortuntly wraped the season with a trip to hawaii where i got sick the day before the race and could simply not put on a decent performance on that big day!

I m now relaxing and doing different stuff. I m not training, and havent felt the need to. Yesturday, i went to a NMSU women volleyball game and had a blast. The team is awsome and they kick ass!!!! I also went to a football game and the team was also kick ass but i didnt like the experience as much. I just dont like football, the action is so slow with so many breaks.... if you arent eating hot dogs or drinking.... it goes on for ever...... still happy i went!!

what s next??? I will be at Soma triathlon in phoenix to work with the timming company SPORTSTATS. They have been a big supporter of me since my biggining in the sport and i really enjoy my time working with them. I will also be in Panama city for ironman florida and clearwater 70.3 world champ with the sportstats crew!!!! hope to see many of you out there.

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are you sure you didn't mean to put up the alternate photo?