Thursday, November 29, 2007

bike positionning

me and paulo did the positionning of zach on his bike...he is so stubburn...never listen, just argue and say stupid stuff... it was painfull process but he finaly look like a real triathlete now!

here s is version of everything:

today was a great day training wise,

amazing run 50 minutes,
rode 90minutes with 30min z3,
and swam with the girls 7km.

yesturday was
5.7km swim with the team
1h run with z3
80 ride.

just got the word that NAS as ended the men/women championship separate race, they now have the race at the same place in coeur d'alene and ironman lake placid, that was one of my main goal is down to very small prize purse.... i dont know what was the reason of this choice but it s sure desapointing.... the separate race between men and women with more money was awsome concept....

i will have to check and see if i can adjuste my schedule..... but i was very excited to show up in lake placid, a place that really tested me a few years ago when i took 11+h to finish!!!!

bed time, early swim tomorow....then...more running and biking!!!


Jodi said...

That's really bizarre that NAS would do that. Go where the money is and kick some ass.



Judy said...

Good work on Big Zach's positioning - sorry to hear about the NAS decision.

-Brandon said...

So, which race will be the championship in 2008?

jonnyo said...

cda is the championship but with less money than before....

Lynelle said...

Good words.