Friday, November 30, 2007

NEW WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those that read this blog.... please go visit my new website at lot s of stuff...mostly serious stuff but come back here after for the silly news and storys.....!!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

bike positionning

me and paulo did the positionning of zach on his bike...he is so stubburn...never listen, just argue and say stupid stuff... it was painfull process but he finaly look like a real triathlete now!

here s is version of everything:

today was a great day training wise,

amazing run 50 minutes,
rode 90minutes with 30min z3,
and swam with the girls 7km.

yesturday was
5.7km swim with the team
1h run with z3
80 ride.

just got the word that NAS as ended the men/women championship separate race, they now have the race at the same place in coeur d'alene and ironman lake placid, that was one of my main goal is down to very small prize purse.... i dont know what was the reason of this choice but it s sure desapointing.... the separate race between men and women with more money was awsome concept....

i will have to check and see if i can adjuste my schedule..... but i was very excited to show up in lake placid, a place that really tested me a few years ago when i took 11+h to finish!!!!

bed time, early swim tomorow....then...more running and biking!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

meat and potato day

well, i got the work done today... that s how i like the days, quiet, just do the work, eat and sleep.

I ran early 50 minutes, rode for 1h45 with bigzach in the chilly mid morning and got to my first swim practice with the girls.... they were very nice, it was a lot of fun and it was 7.4km if i counted right.... yeah, a bit long as i have been swimming much and only 3 or 4 km. But that s the way it will be for the next few months so i will get use to it.... i said my swim needed a bit of a lift!!!

i m tired, going to bed, tomorow is another triple, with a early 6am swim with the nmsu team......
the picture as nothing to do with the day.... i just wanted a picture on the post......

Monday, November 26, 2007

The American Dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, sport is big in the US of A!!!! In canada, if you arent a hockey player, you arent much! But in the USA, the support for athlete is a lot better and at the University, college sport is huge! AS a canadian, many of us would dream of going down south to play our favorite sport and have a big scholarship! But when, at university, i was so slow, i didnt even make the swim team.

Well, this is about the change, Officialy tomorow, i m making my debut with NMSU Divison 1 swim team!!!!! Yeah, i will be swimming with them and getting my ass kick on a regular base! I will be training with the distance swimmers. It s been about two years since i have swim with a organise group when i was in victoria with the Joel filliol crew of simon whitfield, colin jenkins and many more. I find it a bit boring to swim alone and find myself sometimes a bit unmotivated and cutting workout short. Well, as my swim as lost a bit of his lust, i decided to take some action this year and i m really excited about this one.

This also mean that i need to swim the 4 style regulary! 6am in the pool! and no triathlete soft 3km workouts or getting out of the pool early!! I always prefered to swim with swimmers...more challenging and less wasting of time. It should be a very nice challenge!

Oh... did i forget to mention that, it s a women divison 1 swim team? Yeah, i will get my ass kick by girls but i m totaly find with this....!!!

Today, ride 90 minutes and fartlek run 70 minutes with the trusty ipod!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


"When someone tells me there is only one way to do things, it always lights a fire under my butt. My instant reaction is, I'm going to prove you wrong!"

Picabo Street

''You will miss 100% of the shots that you dont take ''

Wagne Gretzsky

''You are like dumb and dummer but in the same person''

My coach paulo talking about me

A few annoncement: Coaching!!!! i will be taking some client for the 2008 season! I m looking forward to work with different people from begginer to advance. But dont ask me to coach you for skeleton or something else silly.... i m a triathlon coach! so if you are interested, just email me:

Sponsors!!! well, i hope to be able to annonce a few of my name sponsors for the season 2008. It s the time of the year where you talk with everyone and i m luck to count on some of the past sponsor to stick with me!!!! Some new one..... very exciting...for me at least!

Today: Easy Swim 1000 warm up 400m drill

5X200m /2:30



400 cool down

danny swam next to me....the all pool just for us two!

run in the dark and the snow, listening to gun's and roses 50 minutes

Friday, November 23, 2007

i want to share this with everyone!

hope i dont upset anyone with this but, it s simply hilarious! let me know if you life it or not?!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving and lets talk bikes....

Bike Company are really stepping up for there time trial bikes. Here is a exemple of what Bianchi as come with after years of hard work..... one of the fastest frame available for time trial! Look at the attention of details... it s a clean and nice frame.... the only weird thing is the blue screw at the seat post.... dont really match the color of the bike...and they are strangly familiar to me................anyway...120 year of building bike for bianchi....they sure know how to get something fast on the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i m sure this bike must make some crazy speedy sound!!!!!


Today:turkey, ham, mash potato, punkin pie, etc.... it was really good, on top of that, i had a relatively easy day of training, 50 minutes run and 90minutes ride.
no snow in Las Cruces......!!!!

for those that dont get the joke..... it s not a bianchi bike....., it was painted and rename, if you look closely..... it s a very well know frame from another company....a company that dosnt have 120 years of experience but more like 9 years!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Goals for 2008!!!!!!!!! THINK BIG!!!!!

Last year, i had some very big goal, winning the national championship, check! going under 9h, check and winning ironman canada....hummmmmmmm not done but almost! feel like a victory to me!

So, i had some big goals for 2007 and will do the same for 2008.... i will dream big....and dont care if it s realistic or not... I m the kind of person that dream a lot...when i run, i m most of the time running on ali drive on a dual with Macca or stadler.... even on my easy ride. I fuel a lot from simple dream, listening to music that inspirer me(avril lavigne!!!). So, it is extremly important to high goals...goals that justify the price of sacrifice and hard work that i put everyday. Also, i need something to get me going all these early morning in the pool and long hours in the windy road of new mexico! or when my legs are killing me and i need to do a double run in the day...actually... with paulo.... i need to run everyday... !!!! i do find it hard sometimes!!...often!

First goal: Winning a ironman!!! yeah, why not.... every idiot is allowed to win one... why not me! I dont care if it s just one.... i want one!!!! so i will have 3 chance! i will be racing ironman Arizona, Lake placid and hawaii!!!

Second goal: Finish top 10 in hawaii....!!!!!!!!! Yeah... time out here... i didnt even finish the race this year?&$%(*## Someone need a reality check!!!! well, i hate getting up early to swim.... so i guess a top 10 would be a consolation for that..... so that s a goal!!!!!

Third goal: break 2:50 for my marathon....... that would mean i would be a MAN by Peter Reid standar.....

Forth: Learn to play piano!!!! yeah, i just started a few days ago and it s really hard! I do need a cute girl to teach me!!!! i found one but she is far away so i m on my own on this one.... my first peice that i m learning is ''In dream'' of Lord of the Ring! I can annonce that i have succesfully play 10 notes in a row tonight!!!!!! yeah!!! I m already shopping for a nice 10 feet concert grand piano!!!!

ok....thats enough for one year.... if all this happen, i will be all set!!!!

today was a nice 5km swim 3X (4X100/1:20 400/5 minutes) then.... 20X50m on 40sec holding 33s....

Rode 90 minutes with 24X1 minutes z4.....

turkey tomorow for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks danny and misha!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back to training....and updating!

Ok, i haent updated in a month! A lot happen since! A few girl friends, a few breakups, a few jobs but i m now back to triathlon. Skeleton wasnt good for me, i didnt had what it takes!

I took 5 weeks off, gain 17lbs, didnt do any training, eat a lot of ice cream and cake, meet tons of new people. I also had a nice 6 days in my native region of Ottawa/hull and wish i had pass more time there. I get to train with a few of my old teammates and coach and meet with friends... that was pretty awsome......

But the reality is, that i m back in Las Cruces, the place is beautifull right now, green, perfect weather, but completly dead. IT s like a ghost town, everyone is gone from the city.... thanksgiving vacations. So, without paulo here, i m alone and it s a bit depressing. I decided to come back quickly as i need to focus on my riding this winter so i can hopefully have a great racing season and be competitive with the top guys of our sport.

next blog will be about Goals for the season, i have some big one! i m excited about it but there is a lot of work that needs to be done!