Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas early at home!

Let start with a great news! I will be riding Cervelo next year!!!! and 2009 also!!!! I m super excited to get back on there bike and have then showing me that they definitly beleive and stand behind me! I m so excited!!! Of course, riding the flag ship of cervelo, the p3c but also will be riding one of there R3 family road bike.....!!!!

More great news about new sponsorship to come!!!!

As for now, i m swimming with my local swim club, did a 18:34 1500m yesturday and a 6.8km swim today. Also a lot of trainer rides, some cross country skiiing and running! It s a bit unstructure right now as i have so much stuff going on.... christmas time is not a easy time to have a fix schedule.

I m heading out to my parents house on the lake for the next 5 days! It should be extremly slow pace with good food and tons of napping and relaxing. I would say that it come at a very good time as i m very tired, been so so so so busy lately, didnt get as much rest as normal but it was for the best!

ok, i have to go, i have to start shoping as i just realise that there is a holiday call christmas coming soon and i want to take some lead on things and get the buying present done early! I m heading out in the jungle!!!


Jodi said...

Congrats Jonathan!

Good to see you've avoided the last minute shopping rush. It can be crazy out there!



Lauren said...

Congrats, Jonny! Merry Christmas!

khai said...

Hey bro, congrats on not just one, but *multiple* nice rides. :)

Make sure you stock up on tourtiere, sugar pie, real Maple syrup and poutine while you're back home.

Scott Curry said...

Great news Jonathan. Very awesome. You're an inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing how fast you can go next year.

Happy Holidays. Please do consider coming to Calgary for an epic training camp. Let me know.

Ben's blog said...

Your website still shows Orbea as a sponsor. In any case, congratulations!