Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010, Orbea!

2009, is behind now! thank you Team TBB, alex, brett and everyone on the team for everything you guys did for me, amazing experience even if the results werent there for me. I will remember thos Ok e amazing camp in the philippines and the silly workouts around the track.... the almost marathon!, and riding those silly hills for ever

And thank you to cervelo, a company that i rode with in 2005 2006 2008 2009. Amazing people, lots of passions and great bikes..... thank you gerard, betsy, chris etc for everything. It s been a awesome time for me, just wish i had rode those bike faster!

We are only a few hours away from 2010. I m at 34 000 feet in the air on my way back to penticton to celebrate the new year with all my friends! Penticton as become a very special place for me over the years. I have made many friends, that i would even call family. I even impose myself to many of them by living at there places for years!!!! and showing up at all there places for dinners, and having the grand parents feeding me all those homemade meal, scones etc!!!

There is many times in someone career when you hit some very rough patch. The last 6 months have been like that for me with those nasty injury. It s honestly been hell on earth. But it s in those hard time that some special individual come up and offer to give you a hand and help you out. And it seems like it s always the same people that are there year after years........ I think it s a wise idea to associate myself with those.....2010 will be all about that for me.

-I m now living full time in penticton and even braving the canadian winter. Missing Danny and Misha a lot!!! and missing the warmer desert also!!!

-I m working to get back on both legs. I took a very short reflection (about 5h on my bike in australia) to come to the conclusion that i need some special guidance. I m back with the hardest coach that i know in the buisness, Paulo Sousa. No talking necessary, results do the speaking in this departement.

-I will still be a TBB athlete.... but this time, it s THE BIKE BARN...... :) Those people (Will, Chris, Lisa and everyone)have been my family, roomates, supporter over the past few years and my blue and yellow uniform is the coolest one there is !!!!!! I will try to rock it again a few times!

-2010 see a new challenge for me! PODIUM IMPORTS! In 2007, after been left by a sponsor with a broken bike 4 weeks out of ironman canada, i had Brian McCoy of Orbea Canada ( jumped in and with in 48h, i was now equipe with a cool Orbea bike. I had the greatest race of my life on that bike. Hey, even rode only 90 sec slower than monster Jordan Rapp on 180km!!! I have developpe a love story with my super blue orbea Oreo bike and it s time for me to be back on that bike!!!!

In 2010, with a new cool paint job, the ORBEA OREO is ready to rock....i just need to start back where i left in 2007!

But even more, i will be working with Brian as the canadian distributor of ORBEA, ORCA, REYNOLDS, GARMIN, ARUNDEL, TRISWIM and a few more lines! I will now be involved directly with those company as a athlete and distributor in canada and looking forward to learn more about this side of the buisness! I have always wanted to be involved directly with my sponsors and the triathlon community and i do beleive 2010 will be even more true than ever!

My plane is on the final approche for penticton airport, time to put the computer back in the bag, run to my house to change and make it to the new year party......VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO 2010.


PS: Tom, last year, i was polite to you as your a elder....but be nice is over in 2010, i m learning to sprint this winter ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thank you to team TBB

The season 2009 is coming to a end. Lets make a short and accurate review of the year

I got 4 triathlon in me.

-DNF ironman australia
-slow time at wildflower
-Win at the oliver olympic distance
-2nd place and bike course record at Oliver half ironman
and follow by 6 months of injury to my hip and knee

It s now the holiday season, we are coming on the new year and a few changes will come with it.

I would like to take the time to say a big thank you to Team TBB for taking me on board and supporting me this season. It s not secret that they took a risk in taking me after a lot of sickness and injury in the past year and that it asnt pay off for them. But i do have to say it as been a incredible experience to be part of the team and take part in our training camp in the philippines. The group of athlete is simply amazing, hard workers and driven individuals.

The 2 months in subic bay living with Zach and scott, and working with Brett sutton have been a lot of fun and hard work. Brett is definitly passionate about his work and it s been a pleasure to work with him. As for our manager Alex, he as had this vision of creating a team that would have a high performance dedication with also a social project attach to it. He as been working very hard at it and some amazing things have come up from it.

I have to say, i feel really lucky to be part of the team for the 2009 season.

What s next?! Well, my body as still not been giving me the green light to get back to my full routine. it s very frustrating but i do have to stick to it and keep working at it.

I will not be back with team TBB in 2010 but it dosn't mean there wont be any link with them in the future...:) some changes are obviously needed for me. I will have to face the music and be very honest with myself....there is a lot of work ahead of me....

More news on January first.................

wish you all a merry christmas!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

congrat jordan!!!!! 8h13!!!!!!

from jordan

"it's about the process. It doesn't matter what you do tomorrow and it doesn't matter what you did yesterday. It's about today, and making today count. That's especially true in training, but that same mentality that I carry to racing. Focus on the task at hand, not on the finish line, or the next part of the race, but what it is that is right there in front of you at that moment."

Friday, November 13, 2009

the day after the storm!!!!!!

Well, it s been on big storm! Things flying around....a real hurricain and when i woke up, this is what penticton look like this morning!!!

It s also been a bit of a storm on other area! My blog account as been the victim of a higjack tentative that failed because of my super secret code. 54321! I also have a new fan on my blog that logged 36 times in the past 50h!!! He must really like my blog! And thank you for all the nice message from everyone!

Well, Doctor Tom evans and me went x country skiing this week. A first time ever for us to ski together. I did help him a bit with his technic and ski behind him so i could have a better look at his technic! I m looking forward to see how fit i can get on those skis as there is a fun racing season coming up starting in janurary!

ok, more silly and positive stuff coming up soon...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

well....i got a hate mail!

I have to say, that one is surprising.... he sure put me back at my place..... oh...and mark... i still havent won a ironman. I m even worst than you might have think.....

anyone else want to send me a hate mail???


Mark Gingrich has left a new comment on your post "HTFU.....":

I think you are a complete douche bag Jonnyo. I think you're an idiot for posting what you did, feel extremely sorry that you felt the need to post something like this.

I could honestly care less what you think of me, my company, etc. Your post actually gave me a nice boost in web traffic. Please continue to shell out blasphemy...I love it!

Yes, we will meet soon. And yes, you will do and say absolutely nothing. You're a tiny little nobody that doesn't have anything else to do but complain and whine about things you cannot accomplish or something you think you created. You and Paulo created nothing. To say you did is a complete farce and I find it comical.

To be and the little wannabe's that were picked on in high school, have no social life, backbone, etc. will accomplish nothing and fade into oblivion having no impact on life or the sport in which you think you represent.

Best of luck. Here's to being a C level triathlete who's only accomplishment will be winning one Ironman which no real talent

How's that for hiding behind an anonymous tag. Fuck You! And for what it's worth bud... I'll say that too your face when I see you ;-)

Mark Gingrich  |  Founder / CEO | 
25 Highland Park Village - Suite 100| Dallas, TX 75205  | OFFICE: 972.784.4040  |  MOBILE: 972.814.9243  

Sunday, November 8, 2009


that s the new reality for me..... training in ski ski and ski....

Saturday, October 24, 2009


i m considering start a company of Markers...... Black permanent markers. Those would be certified markers that could be use to make letters HTFU on your clothing only when you really know you deserve it! Why this idea, well,

this guy, Mark Gingrich started I have no problem with it. I dont necessarly agree or support it but that stop there. I just voice my opinion in a respectfull maner on slowtwitch!

Well, this Mark guy, under a anonymous name of came to slowtwitch to insult me and call me name. That show class, guts, and confidence to do such thing. Well, he also said he would sued everyone that call him by his name and bla bla bal. Well, i m canadian and there is no law suit in canada... so

Mark Gingrich, we will meet at some races...should be fun! You could have simply in a respectfull maner disagree with me and go on your venture and persue..but you went ahead and had to insult, and try to bring someone down under anonymous name..

Now, you want to bet i can sell more markers than you sell HTFU clothing? ;)

I think i could sell those for about 10$ + shipping. My cost is about 4$ 6$ of profit on each..... all the profit will go to something like maybe getting one more bike in jordan's charity mission or something else that would be good!

Now, what is so awesome about my system is, you can make, blue HTFU using the blue marker, you can make green one using the green marker or red one using the ....well, you get the point! You can probably make 100 shirt or 1000 visor!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my world is upside down............

Yes, my world is a bit up side down...but there is a lot more to come! Just working out a few ''details'' so the body is fully happy......

but i do miss those guys.......

and this fur ball........

and those two...........

And finaly, a pic of me a sophie at breakfast.....maybe i was grumpy? but it s hard to stay grumpy when she start smiling at you!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009



Monday, August 17, 2009

calgary olympic park

Well, i m now in calgary... the home of the 1988 winter olympic game and home of my good friend scott curry! Scott as been very nice to host me and work on me to help get me back on the race course. We did some acuponcture yesturday but the treatement was interrupted after i almost pass out from having 50 needles in my spin at the same time... it was a bit of a funny story....

Today, short run, rehab exerices... another short run and more rehab exercices... Then, i went to the olympic park to try on some winter summer sports!!!

It always been a dream of mine to do ski jumping and as they were having a open day to learn...i jump in, paid my 90$ fee and i was on my way to the top of the tower for my first jump...

I unfornutly went to the wrong tower and ended up at the 120m jump and realised mid air that i wasnt at the right one! Unbeleivable experience none the less...

here s some pictures of my day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

if i was a plane, a boat, a train.,...

Thats how my body would look like right now.....

but rocky as been there many others.....

Monday, August 10, 2009

on the road again...

Driving.... driving....driving....West....wish i was going East instead...

destination: vancouver

Saturday, August 8, 2009

simple day...and ping pong

Today...up early, 90min ride drafting tom evans for half of it and coming back home alone with a nice tailwind...easy on my knee....

Run on the treadmill, 5% include and just steady...

Swam 2km on okanagan lake...lots of people on the beach!

That is almost a real day of training...but knee is still bothering me so lots of TP massage work tonight and movie and food

Here s a cool video of me, Kyle Jones, Nick Hastie and Simon Whitfield playing Around the world Pong in Flagstaff Arizona a few years ago. We were getting a bit bored at night and living on the dorm on the university NAU.... we made up a new game...

and Kyle jones is the one that screw up......$$$%^%^&**&#$#$@#

Thursday, August 6, 2009

reverse therapy

Some of you might have notice from following me, when i post a lot, it s because i m doing pretty well and when i get sick or injured...i disapear for awhile! Well, yes, i m injured right now and will be missing my favorite race in this sport.... ironman canada. It s going to be hard to watch from the side of the road but i will now try some reverse therapy.

I will blog more....and hopefully, the health and injury will sort themself out!!!!

Well, i been seeing many many chiro/physio,etc to help me sort out some leg injury. I been amaze at the challenge of finding competent physio/chiro that have ART and Graston certification to be effective on athlete. So many others dont have those qualification and end up putting ice and hot water on my injury and showing me streached and wasting both mine and there times..... my opinion is, to graduate from those program....those technique should be mandatory to there professional knowledge....

Ok, this way message to them! Did 2h of light training today....very slow process to get back on my feet... one day at the time! looking forward to be a mean racing machine again!

Seeing Tracey tomorow at pro-physio! she is a mean A.R.T. and GRASTON machine! should be fun and effective!!!!

and a random pictures ....... Le Danois De La Montoya and me in hawaii! Danny is mister positive! The best attitude when hard time hits!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

this is my story....

I m back to this very cool place call victoria! I lived here from 2000-2005 and made many friends during my years at the national triathlon training center. I was back in the pool with the group yesturday and it was fun to catch up with everyone!

I will be here for a 7-14 days to work with a few specialist to help me get back on my legs and ready to race. I m at work doing rehab and getting healthy. Tomorow will be my favorite group workout ...the open water swim at thetis lake! always a awesome time with everyone!

Well, i often been call a Polar bear as i m white and never tan very much even if i pass so many hours in the sun.... It is funny as i found a nice story to share with all of you! It s the story of a polar bear in northerm canada walking on a group of dogs. This polar bear and me have so much in commun; both strong, Fearless, powerfull, dangerous!!!! people are scare of us when we walk in;) but all we really want is play and a huge!!!

Polar Bear: I come in Peace

Norbert Rosing’s striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada ' s Hudson Bay.

The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his dogs when the polar bear wandered in.

It’s hard to believe that this polar bear only needed to hug someone!

The Polar Bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We got ourself a game!!!!!

The last 5 weeks since my last race in oliver have been challenging for me. My crohns as hit me again and i had to take a month almost off. It was a frustrating time but it s part of the game i play. i m slowly rebuilding the body to get ready for another test... I m not sure if ironman canada will be possible but i will sure be line up for a november race firing on all cyclinders!

Amazing day today training with lots of great friends... i sure enjoy this sport more than ever and there is lots of work ahead!

thanks scott for the good inspiration! (crank the volume on your computer...)

What the odds dont know is....
this isnt a math test
this is a completly different kind test
one where passion as a funny way of trumping logic....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Wurteles.....

Some of you might know Heather and Trevor Wurteles....

Heather as won ironman CDA on 2008 but it better know for STEALING a 500$ prime from me at the new balance half ironman in 2007.....

Trevor...he is even worst...that guy is sneaky...just not a nice guy...

Well, those 2 professional athlete... have a blog,

Well, those 2 have ask for my help recently and i have send them one of my trusty JONNYO GPS DEVICE for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here s how the thank me for all the help i have provided....

This video is of course a attack at my credibility.... not let this video influence yourself in your purchase of your Jonnyo GPS Device...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anything else is a compromise......!!!

Finaly! Cervelo as catch up with the high demande for the p4 and this week was the first batch of P4 going to the sponsor athlete! I got one! VRRROOOMMMMMMMM VRRROOOMMMM VROOMMMMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lance..... that commercial i simply AWESOME

I could not think of a better answer to the people that critic lance armstrong.......Keep the good work Lance...

On my front, i been struggling a bit with a knee injury but still getting most of the work done. Some appointement to chiro....icing the knee in the lake...and more hard work on the road. Next race is osoyoos half ironman in 2 weeks!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jonnyo ''Tip of the week'' #2

very tired... but still find some energy for silly stuff...

go to this link for tip of the week 2!!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New addition to the Pratt family

Look what Melissa and Will found in a basket the other day!!!!!! Yes....they went to the hospital on thursday night and came back home with Sophie Isabelle Pratt!!!!! Ok, i m not sure how that happen, i never suspected any of this and was just thinking Melissa was going a bit too strongly on the chocolat chip muffins but she had a baby hiden somewhere!!!!!

Sophie is only 9 lbs but dont underestimate her...she as powerfull lungs and as show it to us every 2h between 11 pm and 4am every night!!!! It s a really exciting time and i got to hold her for the first time today! She is only 5 days old but dont worrie, i have already been thinking of some sort of swim lesson in the lake with her within the next week. Better start early!!!

This pictures is of Sophie when i annonce that i was going to take her to dairy queen tomorow night on my babysitting night!!!! Can you tell how happy and excited she is!!!!! please, dont worrie, i m responsible and will only allowed her a medium size oreo blizzard!

should be a fun summer!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

lets keep it simple...winning is simple...

Yesturday was the Wine captial of Canada triathlon in oliver bc. Olympic distance...oh no...short course!

well, it was a fun day because winning is fun and after chasing the early leader on the swim and the bike, i took the lead of the race on the run section and finaly get my butt back on the podium! It was nice to win again. 1:57 and a 3.5min lead on 2nd place. I really push myself hard all day long even when in the lead and got a amazing workout out of it... but i m simply shock and amaze at how much pain it was and how much it hurt to go at those speed. Well, it wasnt really fast to start with but my body needs to HTFU and learn to REV high to the limits...

Well, the training in penticton as sure been good for me, i m slowly getting some good sign of fitness coming back. But it s still a long way until i m back to top fitness as i been in the past. I been having a great time with my quiet routine and riding the hills of the s slowly paying off...

I m just about to head out on a ride, easy recovery day with a 3.5km swim, 50min bread and butter run and 90 minutes ride.

Tomorow, i m hitting the hills again for lots of long climbs...and get friendly again with the pain and intensity of short course....

Oliver half ironman in 2 weeks, fun dual with markyv, tom evans, olly piggion, kyle marcotte and many more fast dude....should be another very painfull experience but essential to get the fitness up....

Monday, May 18, 2009

jonnyo ''Tip of the week'' #1

this is the first video of a series, that target the commited and serious athlete to take it to the next level.... not sure if it s the higher or lower level....

Friday, May 15, 2009

6:00 Am....still sleeping,....

i had to show how beautifull the lake is! time to go train!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

back home!!!!

IT s been over 8 months since i came back home. I m now here in penticton for most of the summer! So what happen lately?

Last week, me and erika get in the paseo for a long drive from new mexico to california for the Avia Wildflower triathlon. The event was simply amazing and i will definitly be back next year. We pass a day camping and Tri-california had taken care of finding us a nice home for the days leading up to the race. So, 6 members of team TBB reunited for a fun and awesome event.

The course is hard, but beautifull and definitly reward strong athlete. It s started for me with a average swim. I was swimming side by side with my teammates Reinaldo but for some reason, i knew we were in a bit of trouble and far from the front group. Rought swim and came out 90sec behind the leaders…

The ride started with a nice step 1miles climb and i rode this with a few strong rider and a group started to form… unfortuntly, i was lacking the fitness to stay with those guys and at mile 20… i was drop and paying for my early effort. I started to lose time but still enjoyed this amazing ride. At mile 45…. flat tire!!! oh, no…:( dealing with it as fast as i could, i was back on my bike and got into the run with about 20min deficit on the leaders. At this point, i ran with as much inspiration as i could find and made sure that i was going to make it home!

I pass the line very far behind the leaders, but very happy as this is my first finish in a triathlon in the last 12.5 months. A lot as happen lately and sickness, fighing with crohn/colitis and i might not be competitive right now but i m definitly back to triathlon.

I drove for 24h to make it back to penticton canada. I m now relaxing after a nice 3h ride in the mountain and will work very hard to gain the fitness needed to get back in the game. I have 2 races coming up in the next 4 weeks and it s time to race myself back to shape!

back soon!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

next please.....

Not many way to look at this. I was so out of my game this weekend, it asent even enjoyable to be there.

None of tomorow for me was surprising, i didnt had a bad day, i wasnt sick and nothing was out of controle, i m just not at the level fitness wise to race this event and it became clear as the day went on.

Yep, rode with chrissie for the last 115km after that i exploded from the chase group. Good that i had her to make me suffer the all way and get a workout out of it. She is simply amazing ....

I m heading home tomorow! Las Cruces first, then penticton. Should make a trip to wildflower also. Looking forward to be back to work because this kind of racing is no fun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


From Port Macquarie, Australia

I m racing my first ironman in over 12 months and healthy first the first time a long while! This Sunday is a good test to see if I been able to come back to my past level and find out where I m at....We always hear about how great athlete feel the week before a race and how much they look forward to get into the action!

Well, that isn’t the case with me! To be very honest, I haven’t felt much rythme for the last month or so! At this moment, I m feeling pretty terrible, the legs aren’t firing up at all. I m riding up the hills like I m pulling a 18 wheelers behind me, there is no bounce in my stride and my arms are simply not alive….. I know I have some fitness in me but it just not showing much right now. So, 72h before the race, this is where I m…….

Of course, my mind goes crazy thinking how the hell will you fake a strong ironman and pull this one out of the bag. How can you turn things around. Yes, the freak out zone is revisited once again……Well, I have 48h to get my mind to take over the body and get the work done properly…..

We will see on Sunday if I m strong or weak mentally………………….

Monday, March 9, 2009

phone conversation with my brother....

what could i say about right now?? we are doing a lot of hard work, my live is on hold as i train, eat sleep and have absolutly no energy for anything else... it dosnt make sence for people outside of this sport but here, everyone is so commited to get the work done that it almost feel normal to destroy ourself on a daily even learn to like it!!!

Sebastien: so, what have you done tonight?

Me: oh, i ran a marathon

Sebastien: oh really? is that normal this late in the day

Me: I dont know if it s normal but i had to do it, the coach said so...

Sebastien: ok, so that must be normal then... how was yesturday?

Me: it was black sunday, we rode from 7am to 5:30pm with 2 break in that ride.. i was so exausthed that i could not sleep all night.

Sebastien: how can you be exausthed but not able to sleep, that dosnt make sence...

Me: I know, it s just the way it is and i try to not think about it

Sebastien: well, enjoy your day off tomorow!!!!

Me: no no, no day off for me, i have to do another long ride and swim

Sebastien: Really, that seems like a bit much to me, maybe you should talk to your coach??

Me: no, beleive me, you dont want to do that... the more i talk to him, the more training i get, so i just try to lay low all day and avoid him...but he even find me on internet....oh well

Sebastien: it s a fun world you live in!!!!

Me: yes it is!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

more cervelo!!!!

here s a few pic of my new race machine for april 5th at ironman australia...

new to my set up this year, the oval bars, and moved to 170 crank.

it was another very hot day in the philippines. it was actually just a normal day, it s always hot here. I do have a bit of a hard time with it.

Today for training was a healthy dose of running in hot hot hot weather. One of the hard session was done at 11am at the hottest part of the day on a nice black road with no shade..... everything to make it a bit harder!!!

time to head out for another run....the 6th or 7th of the day... i lost track...and my mind also...

4 weeks before my first race of the season.... should be interesting to see how that turns out. I m in less than stellar shape but very excited to get going anyway so i will just smile and get the work done!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

back to subic bay

I m home!!!! after 30h of traveling, some flight delay, i made it back to tbb camp and happy to be back. It s hot, humid, sunny and there is lots of hard work to do!

I arrived a 3;30am on saturday and was excpeting to have a pity pass for a easy swim at 7am. I got in the pool sure that i was going to be pull out mid session as it was the right thing to do on only 3h of sleep. Well, no, warm up down, i stayed there, main set...i was still there second main set...he was left in this pool to get my share of pain with the others....

oh well, i guess there is no break!!!

today is a busy day with a few trips to the track for some pain workouts....I m thinking of buying a water fountain for the track as there is no cold water there and when you end up passing your life on a track and run insane amount of loop around this silly thing.... it would be nice to get some cold drinks!

today was 37 degress and 65% humidity when we got in the track...but lucky me, there was a few cloud every 10minutes to give us a break!

time to go for another run....

here s a cool video..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

never on the net

the last few weeks have been crazy!!!!

I had amazing training in subic bay.... lots of great hard work, heat training and great time with my new friends.

But i had to leave the philippines for 5 days to come to canada to take part in a adventure with the Canadian digestive Health Fondation and give a talk to some of the GI of canada at there annual conference. All this was happening in banff in the rockies and the experience as been unbeliable...

please, follow this link for more details of my adventure

I m presently at the calgary airport and will jump in a plane in a few hours and should be back in subic bay, philippines in a day or so....

4 more weeks of TBB training camp, then a race in australia and i will return to canada afterwards

Saturday, February 14, 2009

a post from doc

well, a post from my coach today.... on valentine's day!

my little sad valentines , all.
yes , a long way from home and the love ones , except for matt , see my boy living here has its advantages ,
but we all a little down so , ole doc thought best to give you all a little present for the day , but thought one present was not enuff , so
a little brick in the morning to take away those blues , and then another little brick in the evening
to show ow much he cares for you .

at worst its a little something to remember valentines day in 2009 , hihi, i bet you will remember and tell stories about it long after your tri career is over .
i can see the stories ,
2009 was a great yr , we all trecked to of all places phillipines to meet a very strange little fat man
i remember the year , because on valentines day ,
he encouraged me , to really consider how much i am prepared to pay for being the best athlete i can be .
it was very considerate of him .
he said "he didnt want any of us to keep sacrificing being away from our loved ones , if we were deluding ourselves of what we really wanted out of triathlon , he would just feel bad as he too is a romantic "

happy valentines day

i have to say, it was a hard day.... i m amaze at all the hard work we can do and back up when you take ALL the distraction out of your life and commit to a single goal. Never done so much so fast, so fun, and still able to walk home when the day is over. I only had a few chance in my life to work with such a driven and committed group.....i m enjoying it a lot...

Monday, February 9, 2009

me and zach in the middle of nowhere!!!

me and zach decided to venture out of the subic bay base on a long ride. We explore the most amazing road to some small village of the philippines. It was amazing. Huge mountain, big climbs, step switch back, attach by chicken and rooster, kids running next to us.... lots of amazing experience.

The philippines are amazing for training. Very easy to be focus and get the work done with a good heat camp. I m enjoying this experience to the fullest!

I ran my first race of the season this past sunday, a half marathon. I did a 1:23:xx so, still lots of work to do but everything as a reason and i m getting the work done!

better go to bed now, i do expect a hard day at the track tomorow under the burning sun!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

hot, tired, holding on!!!

I have made it to the philippines!!!! I had a awesome flight that took me over alaska, the St Elias range, Denali...and some amazing active volcano in siberia.... probably the nicest views ever in a flight.

I m now settle down, have food with me and trying to get on top of things in subic bay. It s hot here! yes, i dont care if people says it s not hot... for polar bear jonny... it s very very hot!

Well, i m very exausthed, the coach is keeping us busy from 7am to 5pm and that only give me a few hours to relax and catch my breath.

I know some wonder what we do here, well, track workout this morning, short and sweaty! Then, i was up for a surprise as i was thinking we were heading for a swim but end up instead at the neighboorhood high school where we did 90minutes of WEIGHTS.... yes, i could not beleive it. We did so much strengh work that my arms almost fell off.....

We had a break (3h) and had another weight training/strengh session... this time 40minutes of legs exclusively.... not the kind of day i was expecting but it s one more in the bank.

oh...rumour as that i might have a race this weekend.... but the funny part is, i dont know if that rumour is true or not.... it s been reported to me by others!!!!:)

Friday, January 30, 2009

I m leaving on a jet plane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had the chance to meet so many amazing people over the last 14 years of triathlon. Most of them, i can call them my friends!!! some not :( .... but one thing for sure... i m a very lucky person!

Tomorow, i m starting a new chapter of this amazing adventure. I m flying at 8:15am from el paso to dallas to tokyo and finaly to Manila. Drive for a few hours to Subic bay, a old american military base that is now a touristic resort in the philippines. It is suppose to be very hot and very humid.

This is my training location for the next 2 months. I m very excited about this big change, i will get to meet lots of new teamates with who i will train for the next year. A new coach and training philosphy and a new country and new culture.

I have pack 50lbs of wheat free food, and lots of training gear...almost all my possession really!!! I promise lots of pictures and video as i will be living with me good friend Zach Ruble in a complex with all the other athletes.

oh, i receive a schedule today from brett and it says, i have to do a 40min run in the tokyo airport during my 2h connection and 80X50m stride inside the airplane over the pacific during the 13h segement from dallas to tokyo. It s a 747 so that should be duable. He wanted me to carry on my bike and trainer to do a threshold set on the last segement flight at 35 000 feet to get the high altitude adaptation.....
more silliness to come....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

are you scare of your workout?

The training is a been very good over the last 2 months. Very consistant and doing some good work but definitly not feeling fast! 2 more months before the first race and 10 days before my departure for the tbb camp in philippines.

Today was another monster track workout. I woke up this morning and felt like the same nervousness of a race morning. You fell sickish...Hr already up and lots of anticipation of what is to come. I guess with all those year in the sport, i m very well aware of how much pain and hard work i m facing to accomplish this workout and i guess i take it so much at heart to do well at those that it become nerve racking....

I drove to the track. Oups, maybe i should have rode?? but it was rainy and cold so i took the car!

Put a few taping on the foot as i know blister are a possibility in long hard workout... and take 15min to warm up in the grass field. Then, jump on the track for what will be a main set of intervals that would total up to 2ho5. Starting the workout and going for the first loop, i simply terrified in front of this giant mountain of hard work that i need to put in. You go one interval at the time but there is that weird feeling of impossibility that you are facing. how will i pull this one off today??? well, i dont know if i ever got in peice with myself during that session but i simply try to not think to far ahead and take one interval at time.

As i finished the last interval and pass the line, i ended up standing still as i had no energy to lay down...... Freaking silly sport...why m i doing this? and why do i keep coming back day after day. Why m i lovin'it?????

No chance anyone as been silly as me today......

oh well, lets crawl home for some food and build my new Cervelo P2 that i just receive. One more in the bag! I might go to bed scare again tonight, there is a lot more work to come this week, month, year......

i need a shut down button for my brain! ignorance is a bless!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

follow the link for another blog!

i will be blogging out of this and tbb site...kind of would like to make it one but i need to figure out how...

so for now, go there for a silly boring blog!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Hello everyone! i m back to warm new mexico! Happy to be back but i caugh a cold during my trip in quebec... not enough sleep!!!!

For the season 2009, i m joining team TBB and will be working with coach Brett Sutton to help me have a succesfull season and keep improving! I have think about this decision since beggining of november and have now been working with brett for a few weeks now. It s been very exciting and lots of fun to work with a new approche and training program.

I will be heading to a training camp in phillipine in march and a early ironman in april! I m also very happy to have some new sponsors to team up with. Yesturday, i got a big box of shoes from AVIA to try out and see what model fit me well. I feel like a kid at christmas!!! well, i guess it s kind of christmas anyway so!!!!

I might also have a chance to race the Wildflower half ironman triathlon in may and many more races that soon to be annonce! If things work out, i might even have the chance to get back where i left in 2007 in penticton and race ironman canada again and work to improve on my previous finish ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that s all for now...time to sleep,....and get the work done!