Monday, May 24, 2010

secret from the TOP pros!!!

Well, for those that still dont know, yes, i m officially Tom Evans new coach. I say new but over the s really under my guidance and supervision that he as mature as a great champion and multiple time ironman win. Now, i understand joel filliol might not agree but how many hours as joel ever log in with tom on a many hills many many meters swim in the pool... Yes, it s me, i more than a coach...i would call myself a mentor for Tom in his triathlon carreer but also in is professional carreer as a dentist...yes, i even go often to the dental office to supervise.

Today was a nice couple of hours ride....the Naramatha hill circut compose of very step climbs... big watts and threshold effort. I m now sharing with you the secret of Tom for a killer bike ride at a ironman....

A short run, and a swim in Okanagean lake and that was it for today....the work is done, time to rest...tomorrow should be even more fun

time to cheer for the montreal canadian!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sorry i can not blog, i m kinda busy, i m kinda busy, i m kinda busy

Ok, this as got out of controle, 4 months of no blogging. What happen?!?! M i still alive? Retired? injured?

Well, i been extremly busy this winter. My life as change and i have lots of big responsability now. I been extremely good at jungling with all of those. To start, i have a phone now, i need to pay it once a month, answer it, check messages, check voicemails etc... lots to do...

I have a brand new car, need to drive it, refuel, clean it, drive it some more...

I do have a real job outside triathlon, i run the big show at PODIUM IMPORTS ( canadian distributor or orbea, garmin, orca etc). It s a challenging challenge as i have to take all the decisions, show up to the office often(up to 5 times a week) and i have to suppervise 2 employe that arent fluent in INGLISH. Communication are often a big challenge (kiwi bird) but i m on top of things....

So,what about triathlon. Well, i m trying to keep a low profile, doing my weekly 15-20h of training and repairing my body so i can be ready to sneak in some races in early july. I m presently very busy supervising and coaching Tom Evans on his preparation for ironman Coeur d'Alene. I will also go to CDA to supervise him and make sure he dosnt make a fool of himself.

Well, that is a small update for now, i think it s time to get some more jonny tip of the weeks, training update and serious post about everything happening in beautifull penticton. I say beautifull but it s been very cold and rainy...lake are too cold to swim in and training can be challenging on some days..... summer is coming soon!

more to come!