Wednesday, July 30, 2008

humbling week

This week as been very close to be a ironman training week. Since i been back, i m starting to feel like i finaly doing some long distance work. It s also been very humbling as to what my fitness level really his right now.

Sunday i did a 5h ride,
monday a easy triple day,
Tuesday another long ride where i completly felt appart and blow up 3h into the ride and road home with my head down.....survived a run later in the day
Today was a long run, very slow, a good swim and another run..legs are sore!

tomorow, long ride, i m scare of what the legs will be able to do for work. Last year, at this same time, i was setting pb and amazing session leading up to ironman canada. This time, it s a complet different world. There is no short cute in ironman and been away for a long period required a long period back to fitness... i m realising it right now.

Still having tons of fun on the road...just wish i could be fitter and punish my training partners and not the opposit!:)

bed time...more fun work and 10 hard days before starting to back off for ironman Canada.

Monday, July 21, 2008

article on triathlon magazine canada

A friend of mine scanned this article of me in the triathlon magazine. click on the pic to read...some cool pic and memories for sure!!!

today was 1h run, 90min ride and 4km swim.... ironman training is starting now and will go on for 3 weeks and then...2 weeks taper. Lots of work to do..... long ride tomorow!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

this week so far....

Well, back into a routine is nice, my mood is a lot better not that i train and have these endorphine kicking in!!! I m not grumpy anymore!

Monday was a usual swim 4km, bike 90min and run 50min

Tuesday: Bike 3h and felt terrible on the bike.... no power!!! and a nice 50min run in the heat!!! felt good

Wednesday: 1;20run, 4km swim 40min run. I was so tired at the end of that day.... that should usual be easy for me but not right now...

Today, 3h30 ride with 5 climb.... one cat 1 and one HC!!! each climb done at high sweating rate! I m about 10lbs over my normal race weight so it s been hard to feel good on the bike. I finished the day with 50min run and it was toasty again

So, i m only 5 weeks from imc and still 10lbs heavier. I m now on the not fat and eat fast diet. The way it work is i m only allowed to eat twice in the day. I eat at the same time as Diablo(OUR dog!!) and i m only allowed to eat as long as the dog eat. And he is very fast at finishing is food so i usualy only have 2-3 minutes to eat as much as i can and then, my next meal is only at 7pm..... it s very hard mentaly and i get really sick on these long rides with water only and no food but it sure asnt kill the dog so i try to tell myself i should be ok!

time for bed... 6kmTT swim tomorow... i m going after the 1500m world record and confident i will beat it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

23 hours week!

That is my week back to training, 23h of slow but consistant training. I started with some short workout but high frequency so i end up with many double run or bike day. I m alive! Penticton as been very very hot and beautifull lately.

Today was my first brick toward ironman preparation. I did 3.5h on the bike with lots of climbs..., transition 20min run and a 3km swim. It felt good to be out there even if i m so far from my normal shape. I m also a bit heavy so i could definitely feel it on the hills and the heat of the day!

Next week look interesting with some more work but nothing really epic so far. I will just try to keep moving consistantly until august and see in what kind of shape i can come in.

Last night, my roomate melissa rented a chick flick movie. She always fall asleep during movie and her soon to be Husband, Will dosnt think that it s fair for him to have to watch chick flick movie alone as she fall asleep after 20 minutes!!! Well, i decided to be nice to Will and watch the movie with him and cuddle with the dog at the same time!!!!! ''Definitely maybe'' that asnt bad at all... now that i think about it, i think this movie was about my life!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

49 days....................................................

Today was the Canadian National championship! I woke up super early at 5am and got on the road at 5;45am for my first real ride since about 6 weeks of rest. I rode the first section of the IMC course from my home in penticton to osoyoos to go watch the championship. Unfortunutly, I m didnt get to defend my national title that i won last year on the same course.

Mat Seeley won the man race leading most of the day and Cynthia destroyed the women field as she was in a league of her own. She also broke the course record at the same time. Very impressive. I was on the side line to cheer.......but honestly, that was very hard time for me at many level.....i wish i was competing with them.

Well, today was one of my first real training session, 3h ride. I m not 100% healthy but i m getting better. I might have some more medical test to do but I m sick of been on the side line and cheer. I decided that i will take the 49 days left from now till Ironman Canada to get back to ironman shape and be at the start line. I m coming back from a rought patch and it s a different challenge now for me. I dont expect to be a contender for the win on race day but i will sure not be on the side line either.... i will be racing.

alright time for bed, my new modify reduce training ironman prep is starting tomorow and i need the rest.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

not about s about dogs

So my blog today isnt about triathlon as i dont have much to say about it right now.

But as i was surfing on facebook...yes, i m a big facebook fan!!! i saw these very disturbing pictures of crualty inflicted to a poor little beast. I cant beleive people would post such things and just make fun of animals this way. I decided to post the pic on my blog and Call the owners out on there lack of love for animals.

Pic #1 The owner have gone to McDonald for a happy meal ,the dog as been refuse permission to go with them and have is meal. Instead, he was left starving in what we can all see as a no air conditionning environment. Look at the expression of sadness of this poor dog......

Pic #2 Yes, i know, this one is very disturbing. A clear sign of a animal that as been beat up! If you look at his right eyes... he as a huge blackeye....... UNACCEPTABLE...........
Pic #3 Poor doggy left in front of the Tv in what is obviously a show that no respectable canadian citizen would watch.... why make a dog suffer throug this????

Pic#4 We can see this dog as no bed.... any of you as ever try to sleep on hard wood floor??? it isnt call HARD wood for nothing you know...................................

Pic#5 That poor dog obviously want to escape but the fence is so high and most likely connected to a 220 volt current.........

Pic #6-7 That is just plain wrong. Why is the dog having to wear a yellow Tarp??? Does anyone notice this dog is actually INSIDE and not OUTSIDE????????