Monday, March 31, 2008

At PsTriathlon, we always try to be at the front end of the pack in term of data, recovery methode and tracking of all the parameter of the athlete.

A very powerfull tool use by Dr Paulo Ferrera Sousa is the Mood tracking device. Every morning, me and sergio will naturaly migrate towards the coffee machine and without even thinking, we need to pick what mood we are in for the day.

What is interesting is that in the past 3 weeks, (since paulo came back from portugal) my mood as been extremely constant with about no change. It s been set at; I M HAPPY, DON'T WRECK IT BY TALKING.

I also sometimes put it at; I M CUTE, LETS PUT ME IN CHARGE.

Saturday was a swim and a run..... it was simple, get it done.

Sunday was a 5h ride with some z3 work. I had one of these days where ....... well, i should have simply ride to milagros coffee shop and sit there drinking coffe for 5h and my hr would have been the same. But i got the ride done and a 40minutes run after.....

Now, Sergio as suggested we should have a fountain in the appartement flowing with fresh coffee all day long. I think it should be coke instead.... if anyone know of any fountain that can do that, please let us know....

ok... 2 more weeks before race day, i m getting excited to race even if i dont feel so great right now! I have look at my bank account balance last night and i m feeling extremly motivated to put a solid training day today and really go fast on april 13th. When coffee or coke dosnt provide the special kick in the butt, the bank account is always there to reminde me how much of a BOP (back of the pack) I'm!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2008


I m so excited, it s friday, the begining of the weekend!!!! Wait... nop, there is nothing special for me in the weekend... everyday is hard work week or weekend!

Some clarification about the dog... i didnt really got a dog, my friends in new zealand got a dog but i like to think it s mine!

Today: 1h10 run tempo with sergio... got the work done, nothing else to say about it.

I also got some new saddle from Selle Italia!!!! I will be riding the new OPTIMA saddle and the SLR. I rode for 1h45 on the new saddle!!! fun fun fun!

Finaly a technical 4km swim, even a short day like this seems like a enourmous task right now... there isnt a lot of extra energy left in me....

Tomorow is a relatively easy day before hitting it hard again sunday for a long ironman simulation day. sergio is heading out for the timex camp so i m alone again for a few days..... i might have my PIFC (pre ironman freakout crisis) anytime soon......

I would like to take the time to say good luck to Danny, Rich, Kev, lauren racing in oceanside tomorow morning, i will be watching online. Then at 8pm.... my friend paul tichelaar, kyle jones, colin jenkins, brent mcmahon and a few of the girls will take on the first world cup of the season in australia... live coverage !!!!!!!!!!! good luck to everyone!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love animals and i was looking at getting one. I first thought of a red fish or a bird but it would not be really helpfull for training so i went for a dog! Please, meet my new dog Harry!!!!!!!!

Harry isnt with me in Las Cruces. He is actually at a special training center in new zealand where he is show all the trick and technic to be a good ironman dog. He is learning to run up to 2h at a sub 6min mile pace. He is also a very good swimmer and my good friend Nick is working on making him a bike that would fit him! Harry will pass time in between Tauranga and taupo where he can really be expose to the ironman culture. Here s a pic of his first training lesson with the instructor jess.... harry is learning how to do effective beach start for races.....
He also is learning all the proper recovery technic with instructor Nick here! I m suppose to go get him next winter! until then, jess and nick are better take good care of Harry the irondog!!!!

oh...jess and nick are getting married next year!!!!! CONGRADULATION!!!! i really hope i can make it!!!

training today: 4h ride with 45min hard!
swim: 4.3km ...... i m pretty tired so i try to not talk to much about training!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

long run day

Long run, very tired, legs werent happy but i still got 2h30 run... my longest run in over a year!
I then swam a 3km easy with a 2km straight.... i didnt want to stop as the water was a bit colder than usual and i get very cold quickly right now as i m very lean.......

-About been lean, it s not fun, i look like a starving kid... i m cold all the time, i had to stay in the hot shower for 10minutes after the swim to regain normal body temperature. I m craving food, no no, i m obsessed with food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, fries, burger, pizza, ice cream, cheescake, fry chicken, bacon, harshborn etc. But i eat tuna and rice instead!!! I m so excited about breakfast that i dont even need a alarm to wake up..... I got chase by a dog on a ride the other day and that mean dog turn around quickly and try to run away from me when it realised that i was the one hunting him and looking at him like my next meal...... everyone love a HOT DOG!!!
Anyway, as soon as ironman arizona is over... i mean passing the finish line, i get back on the sumo wrestler diet!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few days ago, the group went for dinner and as we walked out the restaurent, khai was in admiration in front of a hugly car (not sure of the model but it was a hold 50-60s car???) and i told him he just had bad taste....
well, khai knew i was going to the grocery store and in front of everyone he pull out of his wallet a 1$ bill and told me to GO BUY MYSELF SOME TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
, i had to mention it because it was a great burn.... i looked like a fool in front of everyone! Good job Khai!!!!

BANG!!! AND FROM THERE, IT S EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( only paulo and sergio will get that one...:)

Monday, March 24, 2008


life is a lot more quiet in LC..... no more campers....jodi is here but she is part of the furniture so that dosnt count!

today, i went on the road with sergio for a 1h50ish base ride in a good wind. My legs are complelty smash and it took me some focus to get this session over with. I have to say that we started this session at 11am so imagine how much procrastination we did in the morning! We finaly went to the pool at 6pm for a 4km workout. Nothing special there other than the cute twin sisters lifeguard are back at the pool:)!!!!

I had a lot of friends emailing me or asking me how excited or confident i feel about the coming race. I get a bit annoyed with these questions. I dont like to talk about the coming race. The true is, i m not confident, i m scare so bad of everyone on the start list and really hope to not get my ass kick!!!!

So what about confidence... well, i use to complain to paulo that i dont feel confident enough going into a race... that we need to change things and training so i feel more confident. His answer was pretty simple. HE DOSNT CARE ABOUT ME BEEN CONFIDENT!!!!!!!! His goal is to get me to the start line FIT and RESTED and READY TO EXECUTE. I finaly learned that it s all that matter.... to show up fit and GET THE WORK DONE! So, i still think i will get my ass kick by every single people register for this race.... that get me out of the door everyday to work really hard......but i will show up very FIT.....

tomorow is another 6-7h day.... time for bed!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

ironman simulation....done!

today was another big day!

i was in the pool at 8am to swim a 3km straight... or almost! got on the bike for 6h 200km+ ride with a lot of race pace and riding in the flat and wind!!!!! I suffer a lot today and had to really stay focus on turning these freaking pedals!!! I was very lucky to have my good training partner sergio that setted a strong pace for most of the ride and helped me push myself.... i dont think i would have rode the same way alone......

and finaly out for a 40ish minutes run of the bike with 30 minutes of very fast tempo running well above my expected marathon pace..... i was surprise to run this well after trashing myself on the bike!

Well, the day started at 8am and i was lying on the floor of the appartement completly wasted after the transition run at 16:07pm..... so 8h+ hours of training with a lot of fast stuff.....i m very tired and really dig deep today but that is paulo's program so i better just get use to it..... getting the work done.

And for everyone that as been asking... no, i m not in taper tomorow, i have another 7 solid day of training and then a taper that is still nowhere near a vacation but still a lot of hard work.... paulo promised me i will have a easy day on april 14th......

thank sergio for the ride! SON OF A GUN!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

a few more day in the bag!

more and more solid work!

Friday was the tempo run day, 30 min warm up, i did 12 miles with the trottle fully open!!!! and cool down for 10 min for 1h50 of pain! It was definitly a solid run on frontage road on rolling terrain

Got also a swim in, and a transition practice/clinic. I finish the day with a dinner with the camper at danny's house! it was great and we really have a nice group of highly motivated athlete, it s been very fun to have them around!

Today was a 3h ride and i stayed behing danny that was riding solid tempo for a big part of the ride.... it was a lot of fun! The girls were also moving pretty quick!

Also had a swim with a 100 200 300 400 500 400 300 200 100 pyramid and finaly finish the day with a run with sergio.... and yep... it was a very slow run!

tomorow, the camper are leaving:( me and sergio have a 8+h day so we wont get to hang out with them ...... still a lot of hard work to do to get ready for IMAZ!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

still alive

getting the work done......

I get a bit more quiet when the training is this hard.... i havent post much, i dont answer emails, or phone call, i just get the training done, eat and sleep. it s been hard, i drink a lot of coke and have very light sleep at night! But i m enjoying my time like never before!

sunday was a solid 7h40 of training
monday was a solid swim bike run day!
tuesday another 7+h day
wednesday was over 42km of running(2 runs) plus some biking....
today was another long ride and run....

i have sergio in town and it s been nice to have tons of new people at the camp,

mariana, judy, jacqui(for a short short time) are in town..... danny is of course around!!!!!

new people, Richard was a lot of fun to meet, also have a few days with kevin, Lauren the winter chicago girl that is in great shape right now, my roomates, sergio, Khai(he is always at our place:) ) jodi and paulo and we have a guest at the camp that isnt part of the crew but working hard to be accepted as a official member of the HTFU crew, miss PURSE.... but i prefer to call her Jerdonekova!!!

it s been really fun and really hard, 10 more big days for me.... then, i will have a bit of a taper!

need to go to bed, tomorow i have a 1h50 tempo run with sergio and i do think i m gona die...... also a swim where i will take one a challenge of beating the slovak specialist medley swimmer, miss Jerdonekova at a 200m medley long course....then, will have a ride just to make sure i deserve my dinner!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

lack of posting

i m training hard.... very hard, i m tired, i dont have much energy to post. That is why i dont post!

Sergio got in town, should be fun to have someone to train with on a more regular basis. There is also tons of other athelte of the HTFU group here for a week. should be fun!

The last few days since last update

sunday: swim 3km 4h ride
monday: swim 4km 4h30 ride
Tuesday run 1h swim 30X100m 4km
Wednesday run 1h ride 4:45 swim 4km
thursday Run 2;10 run 50min
Friday ride 2h run 50min swim 4km with 3X800m
saturday run hard tempo for 1h for total of 1;45 swim 6X400m for 4km

tomorow is one huge day.... 7h40 of training...!!!!!

lets get the work done!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


in reply to my good friends at BAMF......

This is my reply
sorry boys...paulo forced me to do this!!!!!

coming up soon..... 21 questions with jonnyo and sergio!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

IF you build it, he will come

This big week is going well so far!

Monday, paulo had given me a free day....! WOW... it s the first time in 2 years that i have a free day! One sec, What is a free day??? He said i was free to do whatever i feel like! Humm... so i can sit on my butt all day or go sit on motorcycle and it s fine!!!

I end up running 50 minutes!

Yesturday was another longish day.

Started with a solid 50minutes run, i felt great and high turnover!

Rode 4h35 doing twice trans mountain climb and another 30 minutes interval on rolling terrain. I say 30 minutes but i really have no clue as i dont use a watch or a powermeter and dont have a computer on my bike. I usualy look at the sun and how many degres it as move... pretty accurate when it s not cloudy!

Finaly, at night, for a rare time, i went to the pool, it was 7pm, the lights were one and it was in the low 40 high 30s..... the pool is long course and it was empty. The perfect time for me to log in my classic 30X100m on 1:30. There was a lot of steam so i had hard time seeing the clock but i think it was pretty solid....

overall day was about 6h40

Also, something strange happen durning that swim, it was dark outside, we could see the stars, i was the only swimmer and when i touch the wall, i could hear a voice saying, IF YOU BUILD IT, HE WILL COME. Now, not sure what i m suppose to build and who will come but it was one very cool swim session last night!!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

back IN THE ZONE!!!!!!!!!

I had a amazing trip in san diego and learn a lot from cervelo co founder Gerard and Phil and there staff and engineer. I might share what i have learn if i have time.... maybe a new video!

The trip was quick.... i got there tuesday night.... and left thursday afternoon. I drove back from San diego to las curces in one straigh shot and got here thursday night at 1am!!!!

Friday: 4.5h ride doing the trans mountain loop... didnt feel that great and sleepy but i got the word done. I also did a 50 minutes run and that was it for the day!

Saturday: 90 minutes run with 50 minutes at tempo z3...... it was one hard workout done in a out and back on frontage road... kind of like hawaii marathon!!!!

Rode for 2h endurance and finaly got a 4km swim with a 10X200m on 3min long course.... average 2:35ish.


it was hell on earth!!!! very dusty!!!! i rode 6h doing trans mountain and climbing on both side, then riding home and time trialing from the appartement to the top of the the canyone rd... it was one painfull and hard ride with over 2+h of z3 riding.....

transition run 41 minutes in the wind!!! and a 3km swim.....

a 7h30 training day..... very good to get me ready for ironman!

This coming week will be very big.... lots of big training..... i need to keep rolling and be consistant... ironman az is coming fast and i sure dont feel ready!!!!