Sunday, October 21, 2007

Triathlon as been a amazing journee....thank you to everyone over the years! i m leaving happy with great memories

I been in this sport for over 14 years. I done so many races, so many amazing trip. I meet the most amazing people and had the time of my life. This past season was amazing and i realise many of my dreams. I could not be happier right now.

But as i relax here in new mexico, i realise that there is a lot that i want to do in life. Triathlon as taken a lot of my time, took huge sacrifice and commitement and i dont have the energy right now to keep going at the same level i have been in the past few years. I m ready to leave as i feel i accomplish everything i had to and feel in peace with my decision. I also want to eat more and become bigger and pass more time with the womens......

I still have many challenge in front of me. One of them is a big dream that still burn inside of me since i was a kid. I grow up in quebec where the winter is cold and with a lot of snow. I love winter sport and always dreamed of representing canada at the olympic games. I have talk for a long time with Paulo about all this.... he as been a amazing coach for me in triathlon and i could not be more happy to annonce that he will keep working with me in our new challenge to make the Canadian olympic team in the discipline of Skeleton! We have been thinking long and large and will base myself out of Las cruces new mexico for is high altitude caracteristic and rich resources in lifeguards and volleyball player.

now, some of you might think that training in a area without snow could be a potential problem but paulo told me there is no such thing and following the MORE is MORE mentality, we have come to developpe our own way to train. Here s a few pic of my first few training session. I love this sport, you can be heavy and out of shape..... you only have to go down a hill and smile!!!!
ok...... just chatted with paulo and realise i got my ass kick in hawaii this year.... i might postpond the retirement, i will try to do both, race pro in triathlon and make the winter olympic team in skeleton...... after all.... more is more!!!!!


Scott Curry said...

You almost had me,....for about 2 seconds!

Enjoy the downtime -- like last year, see you in Florida.

stevo said...

ahhhh, almost had me there. skeleton looks saweeeet!

Whistler 2012 dude. hells ya.

i'm thinking nordic combined.

ivansie said...

I thought you were going to try make it in curling.....
Do they have coed skeleton, that could be fun.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan seems more like the 2 man luge kind of guy!!! ha ha He's laughing right now...I know it.

My name is Fhame.

Swordfish said...

do you know how many womens groupies there are for skeleton & luge racing........its crazy. Go for it !

It was cool watching your season unfold.Great job Jonnyo.

If you ever want to train in upstate New York, lemme know.You can stay with us.

khai said...

You know, just because Andy Walser's skeleton sleds are less than 1/2 the price of his SICK TT bikes doesn't make it any more likely that you'll be on one... Especially with Canada's Olympic funding.

Love the practice shots though. :)

Anonymous said...

seat's too low

Anonymous said...


even if you ate like me you couldn't put on enough weight to make skelton racing as cool as blogging without proofreading... looking forward to seeing you during your annual two-week trip to hometown, island BC.

The real jonnyo, except I spell my name John O.

Anonymous said...

hello there!

Congrat's on your race in canada!!
I was woundering what kind of power you averaged in canada? I just got a power meter and what to know how far behind I am, ha ha