Wednesday, August 27, 2008


In the paseo:

- 1 bike box
- 6 complete bikes (2 road, 2 TT, 1mtb, 1 cyclo cross)
-14 wheels ( 1 disc 1 hed3 deep, 2 808, 6 road training wheels, 2 mtb and 2 cyclo cross)
-Camping equippement
-all the clothes i own
-all the sport gear i own
-a full mechanic shop...all the tools you can think of...
-tons of books
-electonical equippement, video cam,compur, ipod, etc.
-my life.............

the paseo as a schedule departure of 9;30am and will be routing to, coeur d'alene, missoula, Salt lake city, Alberqueque to finaly reach is final destination of Las Cruces, New Mexico friday around 3pm.(in time for swim practice!!)

the trip of 2800km should take 28h, 9 stops, 2 mcdonald happy meal, tons of coffee and lots of music and signing.....

the road to IMFL start now!!!!!

i m sad to be leaving penticton. I had a awsome summer with Will and Melissa... i had so much fun with them....and MY dog diablo!!!!

but i will be back soon... !!!! the people here are amazing!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A big piece of humble pie for me today!

I will keep it simple! The swam was easy and rhodes did all the work, i just had to sit on his feet and enjoy a easy ride.

Got on the bike and had nothing in me, only 3 of my 4 cylinder were firing.... it was a very long time on the road and my longest ride in 5 months. I still smile a lot and celebrated the fact that i was back to racing. Unfortunutly, it became very obvious that i wasnt at the level to race pro when i started the run with Jasper and andrei and could not hold my own when my last time marathon should definitly put me up there.

I ended my day at mile 8 of the run as it was simply not a good idea for me at this time of my season to dig deep for a finish out of the top 10. My body is healthy but not fit enough to race at the level i want and today was a very honest assessement of what needs to be done for my next race. i raced for about a solid test for me.

I m back to training tomorow... no rest for me... i will be back to top but i need to time to get my body with the necessary preparation and fitness to race a full ironman at the pro level

congrat to my teamates Tracy for a awsome 7th place..scott for a strong 8;50ish finish and mark for leading the race for almost 7h!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going to war tomorow.....

It s the night before the race! I m nervous to be very honest. I havent race in 5 months and have no reference as where i m at. I got a consistant 6-7weeks of training for ironman Canada. It wasnt a ironman build up but healthy base training.

I will go out there tomorow with a open mind and no expectation and try to enjoy the day and make something happen with the tool and weapon that i have in me! I want to thank you everyone that as sended me messages and support in the last few days and also in the past few months that have been pretty hard! Your support as been so important to me and i m thankfull for this!

I m in a very good head space right now, just happy to be here and had great time hanging out with me coach paulo, Marky V, Tracy and Shawn and also Khai and Melissa and Will.... it s been a great pre race week.

i m going to bed now...lets get the work done tomorow... the war is on!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

media, friends, and rain!

Today was a BUSY!!! day. The morning started early with a few TV interview and fancy shot of me on my bike and swimming! I sure look silly but it was great and had a chance to pass the message on TV about the challenge of Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

on top of that, my coach is in town so that is always fun...and tracy and shawn also so i had a chance to hang out with them and ride with paulo and tracy. Me and T also try to swim in the lake but it was so cold, and i didnt want to get sick so we went to the pool for a nice 3km swim.

The next few days are very busy with final prep.... and press conference and meeting. here a few pic of after the ride today... yes, it s been raining all day and we had to clean our bike after the ride!

4 more days before the gun goes off!!!! Finaly, i will be a racer and not on the side line! That is the first step! the next one is........................

Monday, August 11, 2008

last big day...

Yesturday was my last big day of training. The last 2 weeks have been hard as my body isnt recoverying as fast as last year... i have to adjuste my sessions from what i use to do before.

Sunday: rode for 5h at z2, stay patient and conservative the all way and followed right away with a 25min run z2. Running was 4min/km steady and the bike was just riding along...

I then went to the lake for a 3km straight steady swim. Feel good overall today and steady but nothing was race pace so that might be why.

I m starting a 2 weeks taper, today is a relax 90min ride and a 4km swim....

The big and difficult adjustement lately as been nutrition. I cant eat what i use to. Anything with gluten get me very sick in a matter of 2-3h. I dont know what to eat anymore... i m starving and craving bagels and all the usual stuff that i use to eat but i need to find new recepeit. I found it very hard so far as i still havent found what to eat before workout to feel good. Thanks to those that have sended me recepit and food advice... i really appreciate it and needed it. Still working hard on finding what will be my pre race day meal strategy for the ironman canada....

ok...enough olympic wathing... time for a ride and enjoy the sun!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i can't find the word to describe my state but.....

maybe a picture would describe better??? Yep, once again, it s that time of the year where i can barely get out of bed, i m tired and drinking my coffee trying to find the courage and energy to head out on my easy ride. But i sure like the big training phases but it s mentaly challenging!
yesturday, i did my long run (1h45) and did a swim, then, i had to head out in the evening for another run.... but sure didnt want to...get it done.
Today is a more relax day recovering a bit before my last 3 big day of build up! It s amazing that over the years, it sure dosnt get any easier!
time for a ride now, a run later in the heat! and some relaxing and eating!!!!
Very much looking forward to my friends start to arrive in town in the next week or so... it will be nice to hang out with them and relax before ironman canada..

Saturday, August 2, 2008

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Jonnyo break the 1500m free world record!!!

So you think you can swim??? There as been a lot of talking about the fast swimmer that will show up at IMC in 3 weeks. I might not be too fit biking or running but i m on my A game swimming. Today, i decided to mesure my swim fitness but i wasnt expecting such spectacular results....

My set was, 4X1500m very long course meters on 0 sec rest. oh, 200m warm up and 20m cool down on my back

Open up the first 1500m in 13;41 breaking the current world record by Grant Hacket

second 1500m 13:37 improving my own world record by 4 sec!!!!!!

thired 1500m, i put the hammer down and went 12;58 destroying my past world record and breaking for a 3rd time in the same day in succesion without rest the world record.

Forth 1500m was a bit slow, i just felt empty and didnt had what it takes to put on a world class performance and just got it done....

6.2km in about 55 minutes. I m happy, i think my swimming is going ok.... it was a fun workout and i had tons of spectator to watch and cheer for me!

here s the venu that will now be refer to as, the world record channel......