Testimonials and athletes

 I have to thank my coach, Jonathon Caron.  Jonny did a masterful job of preparing me (and Rob and LC) for Canada.  He had me absolutely ready to race from a fitness standpoint, a confidence standpoint, and from a strategy standpoint.  I did exactly what he instructed me to do, day in and day out for the past four months and he pushed all the right buttons getting me ready. 

Hasting Puckett  9:43 Ironman Canada   3:07 marathon off the bike!

Through Jonny's tailored and consistent plan, I was able to qualify for Kona not once but twice!  Great training knowledge and  advice, continual feedback, very responsive to questions, and a great sense of humor!  

Larkin Carter   2X ironman world championship finisher. 9:55 ironman at 50 year old...

I hired Jonny to coach me through my first Ironman (Ironman Canada 2011). At the time, I was completely inexperienced and my only asset was my ignorance about the magnitude of an ironman. I half expected Jonny to turn me down, but instead he got right to work devising a training plan. My goal was just to finish, but of course, he wouldn't accept that. During 6 hard months of training, I followed Jonny's plan to every detail. If he had said spread bike grease on my sandwich, I probably would have done it. I didn't just finish IMC, I raced it! 

I recently called on Jonny again to coach me through a double ironman I did as a charity fundraiser. Once again he laid out a plan that was customized to my physical ability and life. Through his coaching and race planning, I was able to successfully complete this challenge. I actually finished the second ironman 2 hours faster than the first! "

Drew Parker,    2 Ironman in one weekend to rise money for charity. Second ironman 2h faster than the first one!

Tracey Mcquair    Ultraman Canada and UK champion

Jenny Ayers   Course record older Master athlete Oliver half ironman

Rob Pucketts  first ironman 10:04    22 year old

Matthew Jackson    Getting older and faster...collecting PB in the 50+ categorys

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