Wednesday, September 26, 2007

elmory pass

The last few days have been awsome!!!! Saturday was a epic hard ride with Will and Danny to hatch and i really tested myself with Will following all my move. It was great, 5h10 minutes of hard riding and some good watts.... Will had a light problem in the last hour of the ride but it was barely noticable and i m sure the people at the gaz station didnt notice anything special!!!!

Sunday was a bread and better day and monday was a amazing ride from Hillsboro on road 152. This place is magical. it s a 6000 feet climb that start from a ghost town. There is nothing there, no cell phone coverage and no cars.... it s extremly islotated and one of the most beautifull ride i have ever done in my life. You end up at elmory pass at near 9000 feet high in the cloud. There is a lot of deers and mountain lions. We actually got chase by a cougar(wildcat???) and Will had no choice but to drop is powerbar so the monster will let us go. But sparing the danger of cougar, deer and occasional grizzly bear that you can find at the highest point of the mountain, It s a place that really fuel me as i ride. I love the lonelyness of this area and the amazing twisty downhill!!!! We did about 9000 feet of climbing in 4h with a lot of 280+ watts riding(2h???) .

I will revisite this place again two more times before leaving for the big island of hawaii for the world championship. This sunday will be a 6h ride at hillsboro.... i hope the ghost will be there to help me out as it going to be a long and hard day! This time, i will have bear and cougar spray with me. Unfortunutly, my training parnter Will Ronco had to go back home as his girlfriend requested him to go back to colorado.... i heard she is the one wearing the pants!!!!!! Stephanie..... send Will back please!!!!

i m leaving for kona on the 4th of october and will be there for 2 weeks. I m looking forward to get there and start resting for the race!
today was a small day: 50 minutes run, 2h ride z2 and 4km swim.....


Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny,
How are things at the swimming pool? Or to be more specific, how are things with the lifeguards at the pool?

ironjohn36 said...

the lifeguards are prettier than ever!!! i really enjoy my time at the pool and it s probably why i go so much... 10 times last week and on my way to 8 times this week!!!! i need to get a date now! I also meet the swim team captain of NMSU, Kelly... i think i need to joint the rank of the nmsu girls swim team!

more update soon!

Jodi said...

What flavor powerbar, just in case I ever have to avoid sudden death by cougar?



Stephanie said...

Oh Jonny,
It isn't about _wearing_ the pants, it's about getting into them. :)