Wednesday, October 3, 2007


RESUME OF THE WEEK: as been extremly challenging. Saturday was 6.5h ride in the hills going as hard as i could until i blow off the bike and swim later. i like to do these near a race so it give me a good indicator and evaluation of my fitness and of how much i can risk on race day knowing what kind of effort i will be able to manage and what my limits are.

sunday was a bread and potato day with swim bike run easy and monday, i hit it hard again in the hills and finaly blow myself to peices after 4.5h.... i was not a happy camper!!!!

today was long run day 2h10 swim for 3km easy and 50 minutes run at night. I m now packing and leaving tomorow for hawaii and starting the taper.... almost.

now, THE FREAKOUT ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for those that are getting ready for hawaii, i would like to share my perspective on the week before the race....and mostly the weekend before the race. 8 days out of ironman canada this year was my freakout time.... calling my coach and telling him it wasnt going well, i didnt do enough to get ready for the race.... i was ''unprepare'' but at the same time, i was cook, overtrain, had nothing left, felt like shit.... my legs could not push the pedals. My arms were weak and i could not get normal swimming. I had no motivation and didnt want to get out for my workouts or anything. I was on major FREAKOUT MODE.

a conversation with paulo would go like this.

Jonny: Paulo, i feel like shit

Paulo: yeahh???

Jonny: i have no energy, i m unprepare and overtrain and i think i m getting sick also.... i wont be able to break 10h... i think i should pull out....

Paulo: really annoye me, if you dont have anything important to tell me, just shut up.

Jonny: but paulo.... it s not happening....

Paulo: ok, i have to go do something important(quiznos), now, just shut up and go do your ride and just CHILL.... use the chill penny and HTFU

Jonny: you are a idot paulo.... it s not going well, i m not feeling good, i m not ready for the race

7 days later: august 26th ironman canada

Jonny: i told you paulo that i would nail that race..... and now, i m a 8;30ish guy!!!!!! i told you i would do it.... why were you so nervous!!!!

Paulo: you are really annoying me.... you are still a dumbass, just faster but still a dumbass

IF you are in the same situation as me,....please dont worrie about too much, it s just a freaking race and everyone is freaking out the week before... you arent special and your condition arent different.,.. you should be feeling like shit right now and your body will most likely come around in the last few days before the race if you have a good coach and a good taper!

Todays conversation with paulo

Jonny: i m so tired... i have nothing left, i think i m overtrain...

Paulo: yeah???(not really listening and just doing his own stuff like if i what i was telling him wasnt important)

Jonny: yeah, this long run this morning just trashed me, i m definitly overtrain...

Paulo: ok, i understand, now go do your swim and second run.

Jonny: WTF

Paulo: ''gone''


Blake Becker said...

Hahaha...Quizno's is pretty important..

khai said...

Awesome. A new blog entry has been long overdue. Now STFU, HTFU, and PTFU (pack...) - you're going to Hawaii!

Liam O'Connell said...

thats some good stuff.

sentania said...

Quizno's is the best pre-race meal EVER!

Big ass sitter said...

Great blog. Paulo, try to relax.

fitzie, aka Stacy said...

I am so glad to hear that feeling like shit right now is normal. Christ, I am acting like a paranoid hypochondriac!