Monday, December 3, 2007

the routine!!!!

Well, there isnt much to talk about, i m just getting the word done and it s actually a littel boring right now, all my runs are 50 minutes... they always have stide at the end, mostly always on the same roads, the bike is the same, ride the same road and not much special stuff, just ride z2 and get home! At least, there is the swimming, the new team is definitly a good distraction and motivating for me. I been swimming around 30km a week....very happy about that and most of it is very technical....We use all the toys also, lots of fines work, snorkel, paddle and tons of very silly weird drills. I never know what drills we are suppose to do so i always have to check on the next lane as i swim to understand what is going on......!!!!

Got my flight book for christmas vacation and i should be in quebec from the 17th to the 4th. I have to bring my trainer bike and ride on the rollers..... but will have plenty of time to get out in the cross country ski!!!! I would like also to thanks Doug in calgary that as been giving me huge help this year with some traveling and once again will get me to a white christmas and back to las curces for training..... thank you so much, i really appreciate!

It s also the sponsorship season, i talk to different company and see if there is possible association that could come up next year. I really hope to have most of my last year sponsors back and a few have already confirm.... but i have to say it s a bit long to wait for the reply and the negociation.... not my favorite time of the year.

For those that wonder how sponsorship work, here s a idea of it : first write or call a contact at a company, let say Will Pratt at the Bike Barn in penticton

2. then, the company of course fly you first class to there headquarter to impress you. Big company like bikebarn will get me on there private jet with tons of ''Save by the bell'' video as they know i like that

3. As you get there, they will take you out for dinner and try to make you drink a lot..... The often make a profile study of you with the FBI so they already know your taste..... the barn had tons of desert for me ......they really were agressive in the seduction process

Then the numbers session start.... big numbers.... with tons of 0000000000000 it s hard to keep focus at this time, there is a base salary, that is what you get even you have a bad season and are grumpy all year long. Then, there is bonus... for exemple, Will as offer me a 1 000 000$ bonus if i win the tour de france on top of ironman lake placid that coincide with the day off in the tour.... very interesting. they always put a pencil near your hand as they really want to sign you. Drink keeps flowing!!!!

finaly, you come to a agreement, you got a contract, you are a sponsor athlete and you jump back in the private jet(this time, they make you fly in a different model exclusively for athlete that have already sign the contract) back to your home......

that is how sponsorship work in the world of triathlon! Any questions????

have a nice day!


Jodi said...

Thanks for the insight. I'm sure all my sponsors will be getting back to me shortly...



khai said...

Mine just pay me to stay away from their product. It isn't as much per, but given the sheer numbers I do okay.

Will said...

Glad you liked the "Saved by the Bell" kind of remind me of Screech. Sorry we couldn't put you on the private plane for the trip back to New Mexico. I decided let GORDO use it for the weekend.

khai said...

Will said...

Sorry we couldn't put you on the private plane for the trip back to New Mexico. I decided let GORDO use it for the weekend.