Saturday, February 28, 2009

back to subic bay

I m home!!!! after 30h of traveling, some flight delay, i made it back to tbb camp and happy to be back. It s hot, humid, sunny and there is lots of hard work to do!

I arrived a 3;30am on saturday and was excpeting to have a pity pass for a easy swim at 7am. I got in the pool sure that i was going to be pull out mid session as it was the right thing to do on only 3h of sleep. Well, no, warm up down, i stayed there, main set...i was still there second main set...he was left in this pool to get my share of pain with the others....

oh well, i guess there is no break!!!

today is a busy day with a few trips to the track for some pain workouts....I m thinking of buying a water fountain for the track as there is no cold water there and when you end up passing your life on a track and run insane amount of loop around this silly thing.... it would be nice to get some cold drinks!

today was 37 degress and 65% humidity when we got in the track...but lucky me, there was a few cloud every 10minutes to give us a break!

time to go for another run....

here s a cool video..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

never on the net

the last few weeks have been crazy!!!!

I had amazing training in subic bay.... lots of great hard work, heat training and great time with my new friends.

But i had to leave the philippines for 5 days to come to canada to take part in a adventure with the Canadian digestive Health Fondation and give a talk to some of the GI of canada at there annual conference. All this was happening in banff in the rockies and the experience as been unbeliable...

please, follow this link for more details of my adventure

I m presently at the calgary airport and will jump in a plane in a few hours and should be back in subic bay, philippines in a day or so....

4 more weeks of TBB training camp, then a race in australia and i will return to canada afterwards

Saturday, February 14, 2009

a post from doc

well, a post from my coach today.... on valentine's day!

my little sad valentines , all.
yes , a long way from home and the love ones , except for matt , see my boy living here has its advantages ,
but we all a little down so , ole doc thought best to give you all a little present for the day , but thought one present was not enuff , so
a little brick in the morning to take away those blues , and then another little brick in the evening
to show ow much he cares for you .

at worst its a little something to remember valentines day in 2009 , hihi, i bet you will remember and tell stories about it long after your tri career is over .
i can see the stories ,
2009 was a great yr , we all trecked to of all places phillipines to meet a very strange little fat man
i remember the year , because on valentines day ,
he encouraged me , to really consider how much i am prepared to pay for being the best athlete i can be .
it was very considerate of him .
he said "he didnt want any of us to keep sacrificing being away from our loved ones , if we were deluding ourselves of what we really wanted out of triathlon , he would just feel bad as he too is a romantic "

happy valentines day

i have to say, it was a hard day.... i m amaze at all the hard work we can do and back up when you take ALL the distraction out of your life and commit to a single goal. Never done so much so fast, so fun, and still able to walk home when the day is over. I only had a few chance in my life to work with such a driven and committed group.....i m enjoying it a lot...

Monday, February 9, 2009

me and zach in the middle of nowhere!!!

me and zach decided to venture out of the subic bay base on a long ride. We explore the most amazing road to some small village of the philippines. It was amazing. Huge mountain, big climbs, step switch back, attach by chicken and rooster, kids running next to us.... lots of amazing experience.

The philippines are amazing for training. Very easy to be focus and get the work done with a good heat camp. I m enjoying this experience to the fullest!

I ran my first race of the season this past sunday, a half marathon. I did a 1:23:xx so, still lots of work to do but everything as a reason and i m getting the work done!

better go to bed now, i do expect a hard day at the track tomorow under the burning sun!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

hot, tired, holding on!!!

I have made it to the philippines!!!! I had a awesome flight that took me over alaska, the St Elias range, Denali...and some amazing active volcano in siberia.... probably the nicest views ever in a flight.

I m now settle down, have food with me and trying to get on top of things in subic bay. It s hot here! yes, i dont care if people says it s not hot... for polar bear jonny... it s very very hot!

Well, i m very exausthed, the coach is keeping us busy from 7am to 5pm and that only give me a few hours to relax and catch my breath.

I know some wonder what we do here, well, track workout this morning, short and sweaty! Then, i was up for a surprise as i was thinking we were heading for a swim but end up instead at the neighboorhood high school where we did 90minutes of WEIGHTS.... yes, i could not beleive it. We did so much strengh work that my arms almost fell off.....

We had a break (3h) and had another weight training/strengh session... this time 40minutes of legs exclusively.... not the kind of day i was expecting but it s one more in the bank.

oh...rumour as that i might have a race this weekend.... but the funny part is, i dont know if that rumour is true or not.... it s been reported to me by others!!!!:)