Friday, October 12, 2007

the night before

Well, it s finaly time, the trip was awsome and i had a lot of fun but i came here to race and been going a bit crazy in the last few days before the race.... i dont like to wait. I dont like to sit in a condo and be quiet.

Tomorow is very simple for me, it s not about a steady day or riding conservative or playing safe. I have the privilege to be at the world championship and i will be racing it. I will swim hard and ride agressive so by t2 i m in a position to be a contender to be on stage on sunday night. I will of course try to pull of a magical run with whatever is left in the tank!

It s going to hurt, it s gona be windy and it s gona bit very hot. I expect to be out of my comfort zone for a lot of it. It s good learning to be in that state. I m not too nervous right now but should be tomorow morning. I m definitly scare and wounder a lot what the other guys will do, but i will be ready to react and make the right choice.

I m excited like a kid that is about to enter in toysUraus..... i want to race now!!!! it s going to be fun.... i m very lucky to be here and be healthy and fit!!!

thanks for everyone for reading!!!!

thank Steve for my new super fast NINETEEN SPEEDSUIT!!!!

good luck to everyone! to my roomates.... danny, miranda and tracey!!! and sherpa paulo and sherpa shawn!


jp said...

hey JonnyO, it's jpflores from ST.

Go get some tomorrow!!!!!

Al said...

Leave it all out there...good luck, you've trained hard and are ready to rock.