Friday, September 21, 2007

a few days in HELL

Ironman canada as hit me pretty hard this week. The last few days havent been so much fun, difficult to train and no energy... my body isnt acting normaly and i feel the worst when relaxing..... i actually cant relax and just feel stress out!!! i was thinking of going out and drinking all night but didnt find anyone to come out with me!

anyway, i think i m still doing very well in this weird transition and should hopefully get my energy back so i can get some solid training. I m amaze at how guys like Peter Reid and Thomas Hellergiel did back up IMC and IMH at the top level.....very impressive!

double swim today, and a 2h ride.... i have done 7 swim so far and should get to 9 swim this week!!!! i m trying hard to be a fish !!!!! i love swimming outdoor!

here s the 3 official song of my ironman hawaii build up.... i know... i have weird music taste!!!

number 1

number 2

number 3


Trevor Wurtele said...

Here's a good song to go along with your stellar music choice... Best of luck in Hawaii. I'll be watching online for you.

ironjohn36 said...

thank you trevor!!! that was AWSOME!!!!!

congrat for your awsome race at IMC!!! hope to get to race with you soon.... i will try to give a good show in hawaii... or ride fast enough so i m part of the live coverage!!!