Saturday, September 8, 2007

I can't beleive i manage to put on 10lbs in two weeks!!!! I m huge and it s time to get back to training now. Only 5 weeks before hawaii, i m very curious to see how it will turn out as it is so close form ironman canada. I m presently in Las Cruces with my coach paulo and i m training in the heat and altitude. I have also my friend Danny montoya that live here and his training for hawaii also.

today was 2h45 minutes of z2 biking, paulo came along for part of it....
swam 1500m!!!! all easy

tomorow is ironman wisconsin so it wont be easy to train.... i need to watch and cheer on for bigzach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good night!!


Jodi said...

Jonathan- you have a blog... and it's in English!


Weight is healthy between races. Plus, the womens love it



Anonymous said...

How many bigmacks did u eat at MacDonald? DUMPSTER!

ironjohn36 said...

ZACH...stop been so dumpster... you know i only eat McChicken and Chicken nuggets!!!! and yes, i had a lot of them after the race!!!

get out here now, it s time to have fun!!!!