Monday, December 29, 2008

challenging day for my birthday!

christmas vacations, eat lots, sleep not much, play outside in the snow, famiy reunion, crazy storms, kids screaming all over, presents, lots of them!!! two more days of this and i will be back to New mexico in my quiet life. kind of looking forward to the quiet routine!

Today was my birthday!!! well, it s actually tomorow but i wanted to celebrate it today as i will be traveling tomorow... And my coach had a special present for me. It was a fun workout to do on the treadmill. It was a very simple one; run a full marathon on that silly moving carpet and get the work done!

Well, i had to make it to UQTR and use there gym to get acces to a treadmill. My tready was facing the vertical bikes so i would have the awesome chance to stare at people riding there verticale bike for the next 3h......

As i started the run, i setted the pace to just under 7 min miles and realized my ipod was broken and that it would be a pure test of will power to get this done as i had zero distraction. After 20min of running, there was a giant pot hole of water around me tready and i was trying to figure out who i would get to the end of this alive. At 50 min, i had lost all interest in life and wanted to walk away so bad!!!

half way into it, focusing on getting lots of gatorade in me and get into a rythme...and at the same time, decided to give the ipod another try and a miracle happen! i was working just fine! I was now rocking the place crusing happy and strong on ''THE CARS" soundtrack!!!! I was lightning McQueen driving full throttle on the carpet and by the 2h mark, i was comfident and my spirit was high that i would make it alive! well, i finaly finished the dam workout and got a few stare at me from people wanted to jump on the treadmill and showing me the ''25minutes max time on treadmill'' a play it innoncent telling them it was the first time ever that i was running and wasnt aware of these rules!!!! oh well, it was my b-day after all!!!

I finished the day with a easy 2km swim with some kicking and call it a day!

I also got some solid trainer session during the vacation and even if it wasnt my regular routine, i made this holiday a good one on both the family and training side of things and i m very happy about it!

tonight, i have to defend my tittle of the inner tube sliding world champion, so i will have a few more anaerobic effort to do but it s all good...!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Track revisisted

Well, i havent been on the track for about 4 years. It s just not the most fun place to run for me....

well, today, i had a insane amount of 800m repeat to do and as i try to figure out what was really insane, i decided to add a few more 800s to warm up and cool down, it end up been 21 miles of running on the morning interval run! Jump right into a hot bath to make sure my legs would not warm down too quickly.... and had some good food and a nap before heading out again for a 40 minutes run at night. Total today is a bit over 26 miles...yes, i got a marathon in me today!

The last few days have been solid also like the last few weeks and i m having a lot of fun getting the work done.

I m heading home tomorow morning to be with my family for a full week. I got my bike packed in such a small box so i wont hopefully have to pay the 100$ fee for a bike on the plane....My coach felt pretty generous on this holiday time and offered me a shit load of workout for me to do on the trainer and lots of snowy run!!! Should be a fun challenge!

time for bed....early swim tomorow with danny before catching my flight to winter wonderland!

Friday, December 19, 2008

World class athletes take on world class challenge!

A fe years ago, i was at a really fun training camp in flagstaff arizona with the national triathlon training center. We had a little bit of free time and were always looking for ways to entertaine ourself.

in this video, you can see me, simon whitfield, kyle jones and nick hastie as jordan rapp is filming us!

it s started as a normal ping pong game but got boring quickly...we had to make it more challenging so we use every furniture around to make this happen. We got pretty good at it!

not much else to say...i have a day off today!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

dam it feel good to feel good....

it s been a long long long time since i have felt this good. To go training and not have any fever, or weakness, diseasness, bowel issue, food issu, just simply enjoy going out on my bike, running in the trails and jumping in the pool and having fun getting the work done.

The last month have been a slow turn for the best and i m just hoping it will continue on this road as i m enjoying the training like i havent in a long long time. I also started a new training program and guidance this week and it s a nice change to be excited about something new and different.

if i keep on my best behavior,consistant and healthy, i might have a chance to get back to some great fitness and take part in a early ironman in march or april in the southern athmosphere! But for now, focus is on just taking it one day at the time, drinking lots of tasty veggies juice and sleeping tons!

this week ,i did some really fun silly workout, some pretty challenging and about 25h total! one more in the bag!!!

time for bed! more to come!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

not about triathlon

This video is amazing...that guy is very interesting and a genuis in his own way! someone might not like it but i think it was a amazing video and wanted to share with everyone!

on the triathlon side of things....well, keep rolling was a cold and rainy day so i did a trainer workout! 30X1min big gear...and a run later! keep training keep training keep training!! :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

cooking with jonnyo!...the boring SHOW

Many people have ask me about the juicer here it is...a bit boring!

On the training side of things, i been moving well for the past month averaging 22h a week and just keeping it simple and fun. I m getting fit again and it feels great! start dropping weight also so i almost look like a real athlete!

I m now looking at a early ironman like new zealand or ironman australia...looking forward to be racing!

ok..time for bed!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


In this and my friend scott curry chatting as i m eating my great chocolate chip cookies wheat free! YES!!! kylie yes so nice that she made me a giant box of awsome cookies and drove all the way from LA to phx to deliver then!!!!!!!! HUMMMMMMMMMMMM Thank you so much Kylie!!!

last 10 days have been busy... i was in phoenix for a few days wathing ironman arizona and be a support crew for my friends! I also got to swim in the beautifull tempe town lake!!! yeah...not beautifull really! i call it brown lake! Danny almost broke 10h and jordan had a fantastic day up front finish 3rd! very motivating to watch.... also a big breaktrought of mark that went under 8:50!!!!

The last 2 weeks have been consistant base work with 5-6 ride a week, 5 runs a week and 3-4 swims... nothing spectacular but i m moving ..!

today was a lot of fun going to the pool as it s close to public but danny got us and zach for a huge 10 lane 50m pool! got 15X100m on 1:20 holding 1:08s(ok...that was yards!) and a 2.5h ride.

Tomorow is another fun swim in the close to public pool!!!! and more fun on the bike and run...a triple at the program!!!

I m in the process of confirming some new sponsorship and the year 2009 should be very exciting with lots of new opportunity and travel! more soon!

time for bed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

running in the desert

This is a picture that i took tonight on my run! As the sun goes down and the moon come up, there is a period of the evening where the moon look enormous because of the refraction of it s imagine over a ticker part of the athmosphere.... it only last a few minutes but....make for a amazing scenery, first time i notice this in 2 years training here!!!

well, i got to run tonight in the dark with this big moon lightening the trails in the desert....with music and the rattle snack...this was one awsome run!

Today, 65min run in the am

rode 90min and finish with 35min nightly run in trails.....

tomorow night is volleyball night!!!! GO NMSU!!!!!!!!!!!

ps:ok..i didnt take this pic...but that is exactly what it was like tonight!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

jucing machine!!!!!!

one of my big problem with ulcerative colitis/crohn's disease is to eat veggies and fruits. Mostly veggies, my body simply cant digest it and they make me sick.....

i finaly went to the store and got myself a juicer. This machine take everything and make a juice out of it. So, i been buying insane amount of cabbage, carrote, persely, spinach, cucomber, califlower, celery and brocolie and mixing all this together and drinking..and drinking and drinking.... yep.. it s not very good... it take terrible... but my body as took a turn for the better. My daily fever as gone, i dont have those chil and shiver anymore and i really cross my finger that it will keep going this way.

the good news is also that i m now in week 2 of training! I been regular and able to put some solid workout in. Nothing specatcular but getting the work done and be in a routine.

the last few days for me have been

Friday swim 3km run 50min
Saturday: bike 90min run 50min
Sunday: Run 54min bike 2h
Monday Swim 3.5km, bike 90min run 50min
Tuesday Swim 4.1km bike 2h

Tomorow is double run day and a ride. It feel nice to be back to some routine and be moving. I keep everything very simple and low intensity for now.....

I also made a big effort to bring the level of stress down....UC and crohn are very related to stress so i m trying to be smart! I m having fun again....that is a big step!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ulcerative colitis/crohn's disease Help me out with my RISE Fundraising

Hello everyone!

If you have a few minutes, please, take a moment to watch this video;

I am taking part in a true Canadian adventure this coming February. It’s called RISE – Conquer the Great Divide and I’d like you to join me!

My goal is to spend two days in the Canadian Rocky Mountains completing the following events:
1) Driving a dog sled team in the Spray Valley
2) Bush whacking a trail through the forests of Lake Louise on snowshoes
3) Summiting the famous Ha Ling Mountain (formerly China Man’s Peak) and,
4) Cross country skiing over the Continental Divide.

I am one member of a national team raising funds for the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF). I have take over the challenge of raising $25,000. I would love for any of you to join me and be part of the RISE team but if you can't, i would appreciate enormously if you can help me reach my fundraising goal by sponsoring me. You will receive a official tax receipt from the CDHF for your donation! If you arent canadian, there might not be any tax receipt??? but this is for a good cause and your help would mean so much to me!

You can sponsor me on-line at:

thank you for your time and support!!!!

on a training point of view, i m trying to move everyday for 90min. The body is still not responding normaly but i will be patient and try to figure out what i can do to get back on the right path. This as been one hell of a challenge over the past 6 months... make you realise how nice and lucky we are when healthy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

is it 2009 already??? i hope so!!!!

Well, i took a bit of a break from blogging. A nice trip to hawaii, seeing my friends race and learn a little more about this race and this mysterious place. I m now back to Las Cruces and moved to La Villa Del La Montoya. It s really been a lot of fun to live with Danny and Misha and there perfect dog Jordy!!!

I have took a lot of rest and i m now starting back moving and trying to regain health and some fitness. So far this week, i have done 3 swim, 3 swim and 3 bikes.... Nothing spectacular but moving along and getting the work done slowly and getting back into a routine with early bed as much as i can and healthy eating choices.

There is some changes this season with a few new sponsors that i will talk about later but i m happy to be back with Cervelo and 2XU, The Bike Barns and the complete city of penticton!!!

Another change that make me very sad is that i will not longer be working with Paulo as my coach. I m not a very easy athlete to coach as i have my french canadian carachter and flaw. I m also extremly hard on the people surronding me as my goals are very improtant to me and i ask a lot from them and hold them to very high standars. We have some different vision and could not find a commun ground so to part away was the best choice at this time.

I want to take the time to thank him for all the guidance and succes i had in the last 2 year. During the 2007 season, i won a national title, broke the 9h mark at ironman and a finish second a ironman canada (8;39) and a big part of these succes are because of paulo's contribution. I have learn so much with him and had one hell of a ride winning many races and having a blast. I still have a lot to learn and do hope to continu by reading is blog and peaking on his athletes training schedules!!!

I will take the month of november to set a good routine, rebuild fitness and stay on the healthy path. I will also take my time to reflect on what direction i will take and the way to get there. Thank you for reading and your support over the years! There is more to come!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

end of the season 2008.....

Well, this week, i made the decision to end my season 2008 and not take part in any other races this year. I have struggle a lot over the past 7 months with Ulcerative colitis that keep hitting my hard and getting me very weak and sick. On top of that, i have developpe a gluten alergy and have been struggling even more learning to eat properly and be able to have enough energy to train.

My training wasnt been going too well in the past few months and i do beleive taking a step back right now is the best way for me to move forward. That wasnt a fun decision to take but i feel very releif to have taken it and not feel the pressure to prepare for another race right now.

So what's now? I will sleep a lot! I will do about 1h of exercice a day to keep moving and not get in too bad of a shape but i will keep it very unstructure. I swimming regularly with the MNSU swim team and will run and bike once awile...

I will be racing very early next season...and most likely a start of the season far away from canada/usa.... more soon!

Ok, tomorow morning, i m leaving for Kona hawaii where i will be supporting my teamates, representing my sponsors and also refuelling mentaly and physicaly. I havent taken vacation in years and the october month is mine...i will rest a lot and rebuild my health...

Thank you for my sponsor that are sticking with me...and those that still answer my emails even after this disastrous season....

Season Review.

ironman Arizona 6th place 8:48 (motor cycle incident on the bike)
ironman canada DNF.......:(
lots of sick time...not enough smilling... lets put this season behind me..

Friday, September 26, 2008

this is hell gentleman...beleive me, it is.....

Well, i had a good sequence of 10 days of decent training and tuesday night, we went for a team dinner at the mexican restaurent. I took a few CORN chips to eat waiting for my main meal and in a lapse of 10minutes, it was hell.... i was sick...fever, sweating, feeling very weak and low pressure..... i guess some of these chips were contaminated with Wheat or gluten but i was in hell.

Since that night, i have been on the side line once again and not doing much but trying to recovery from that feeling of tiredness and weakness. I m struggling a lot with the gluten free diet to get enough food in my and just fuel myself and not get sick. My firend, Jodi came with me tonight to do grocery and try to show me some gluten free options, we have cook some banana bread tonight and Risotto last night....

This year as been all about murphys law as everything that can go wrong will go wrong for me. I have to say i have rarely face so much adversity in my career....never really and sickness and injury are coming one after another. I been pretty down and not really enjoying the training lately as it s not really training but trying to get in some sessions while dealing with pain and sickness... just not a fun place to be right now.

I m lucky to have some great friends, coach, training partner surrending me and i m trying to keep perspective myself. I do get a lot of email from people with crohn and UC asking question. I apologize for not really getting back to you right now, i do receive a lot of them and at this moment, i m using all the energy i have to myself and i need it........ like Al pacino says; inch by by play to fight my way back to the light.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i had a happy meal...feeling better now....



yes... i m grumpy....knee hurt, body isnt happy.
It s training camp here in Las Cruces, Will, Mark, Lauren, Purse, danny, me and paulo...everyone is all smile... just missing jodi and scott that is stuck in calgary.... when are you getting here scott? ???? we want you here!
ok, i m low on energy, have had a lot of trouble with my health again and it s getting super frustrating... try to train and get back into a solid routine where my body will be happy...
i m going crazy tonight... i m out to get a happy meal at my favorite Golden arch restaurant......

Friday, September 5, 2008


Credit photo to Courtney Johnson

I m in Las Cruces, NM!!!!!!! unfortunetly, i m injured. I hit my knee very very hard on my bed frame in penticton the night before ironman Canada and since then, i can barely bike or running... so it s been very hard mentaly...probably the hardest year in my career as everything that can go wrong will go wrong. I nver had such bad luck ever.

Anyway, i m doing some treatment with Bobby, a chiro in town that is awsome and helping me out enormously...thank you bobby for the help and danny for the good contact!

Triathlon magazine made a article on me...

here it is...

oh...some precision in the article. I didnt lose 17 minutes on the side of the road at imz... i was 17 m when i got back in to the race but i lose about 8-10minutes..

anyway, my blog is really getting boring lately... i think it s time for me to get back on track and do something out of this....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


In the paseo:

- 1 bike box
- 6 complete bikes (2 road, 2 TT, 1mtb, 1 cyclo cross)
-14 wheels ( 1 disc 1 hed3 deep, 2 808, 6 road training wheels, 2 mtb and 2 cyclo cross)
-Camping equippement
-all the clothes i own
-all the sport gear i own
-a full mechanic shop...all the tools you can think of...
-tons of books
-electonical equippement, video cam,compur, ipod, etc.
-my life.............

the paseo as a schedule departure of 9;30am and will be routing to, coeur d'alene, missoula, Salt lake city, Alberqueque to finaly reach is final destination of Las Cruces, New Mexico friday around 3pm.(in time for swim practice!!)

the trip of 2800km should take 28h, 9 stops, 2 mcdonald happy meal, tons of coffee and lots of music and signing.....

the road to IMFL start now!!!!!

i m sad to be leaving penticton. I had a awsome summer with Will and Melissa... i had so much fun with them....and MY dog diablo!!!!

but i will be back soon... !!!! the people here are amazing!!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A big piece of humble pie for me today!

I will keep it simple! The swam was easy and rhodes did all the work, i just had to sit on his feet and enjoy a easy ride.

Got on the bike and had nothing in me, only 3 of my 4 cylinder were firing.... it was a very long time on the road and my longest ride in 5 months. I still smile a lot and celebrated the fact that i was back to racing. Unfortunutly, it became very obvious that i wasnt at the level to race pro when i started the run with Jasper and andrei and could not hold my own when my last time marathon should definitly put me up there.

I ended my day at mile 8 of the run as it was simply not a good idea for me at this time of my season to dig deep for a finish out of the top 10. My body is healthy but not fit enough to race at the level i want and today was a very honest assessement of what needs to be done for my next race. i raced for about a solid test for me.

I m back to training tomorow... no rest for me... i will be back to top but i need to time to get my body with the necessary preparation and fitness to race a full ironman at the pro level

congrat to my teamates Tracy for a awsome 7th place..scott for a strong 8;50ish finish and mark for leading the race for almost 7h!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Going to war tomorow.....

It s the night before the race! I m nervous to be very honest. I havent race in 5 months and have no reference as where i m at. I got a consistant 6-7weeks of training for ironman Canada. It wasnt a ironman build up but healthy base training.

I will go out there tomorow with a open mind and no expectation and try to enjoy the day and make something happen with the tool and weapon that i have in me! I want to thank you everyone that as sended me messages and support in the last few days and also in the past few months that have been pretty hard! Your support as been so important to me and i m thankfull for this!

I m in a very good head space right now, just happy to be here and had great time hanging out with me coach paulo, Marky V, Tracy and Shawn and also Khai and Melissa and Will.... it s been a great pre race week.

i m going to bed now...lets get the work done tomorow... the war is on!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

media, friends, and rain!

Today was a BUSY!!! day. The morning started early with a few TV interview and fancy shot of me on my bike and swimming! I sure look silly but it was great and had a chance to pass the message on TV about the challenge of Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

on top of that, my coach is in town so that is always fun...and tracy and shawn also so i had a chance to hang out with them and ride with paulo and tracy. Me and T also try to swim in the lake but it was so cold, and i didnt want to get sick so we went to the pool for a nice 3km swim.

The next few days are very busy with final prep.... and press conference and meeting. here a few pic of after the ride today... yes, it s been raining all day and we had to clean our bike after the ride!

4 more days before the gun goes off!!!! Finaly, i will be a racer and not on the side line! That is the first step! the next one is........................

Monday, August 11, 2008

last big day...

Yesturday was my last big day of training. The last 2 weeks have been hard as my body isnt recoverying as fast as last year... i have to adjuste my sessions from what i use to do before.

Sunday: rode for 5h at z2, stay patient and conservative the all way and followed right away with a 25min run z2. Running was 4min/km steady and the bike was just riding along...

I then went to the lake for a 3km straight steady swim. Feel good overall today and steady but nothing was race pace so that might be why.

I m starting a 2 weeks taper, today is a relax 90min ride and a 4km swim....

The big and difficult adjustement lately as been nutrition. I cant eat what i use to. Anything with gluten get me very sick in a matter of 2-3h. I dont know what to eat anymore... i m starving and craving bagels and all the usual stuff that i use to eat but i need to find new recepeit. I found it very hard so far as i still havent found what to eat before workout to feel good. Thanks to those that have sended me recepit and food advice... i really appreciate it and needed it. Still working hard on finding what will be my pre race day meal strategy for the ironman canada....

ok...enough olympic wathing... time for a ride and enjoy the sun!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

i can't find the word to describe my state but.....

maybe a picture would describe better??? Yep, once again, it s that time of the year where i can barely get out of bed, i m tired and drinking my coffee trying to find the courage and energy to head out on my easy ride. But i sure like the big training phases but it s mentaly challenging!
yesturday, i did my long run (1h45) and did a swim, then, i had to head out in the evening for another run.... but sure didnt want to...get it done.
Today is a more relax day recovering a bit before my last 3 big day of build up! It s amazing that over the years, it sure dosnt get any easier!
time for a ride now, a run later in the heat! and some relaxing and eating!!!!
Very much looking forward to my friends start to arrive in town in the next week or so... it will be nice to hang out with them and relax before ironman canada..

Saturday, August 2, 2008

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Jonnyo break the 1500m free world record!!!

So you think you can swim??? There as been a lot of talking about the fast swimmer that will show up at IMC in 3 weeks. I might not be too fit biking or running but i m on my A game swimming. Today, i decided to mesure my swim fitness but i wasnt expecting such spectacular results....

My set was, 4X1500m very long course meters on 0 sec rest. oh, 200m warm up and 20m cool down on my back

Open up the first 1500m in 13;41 breaking the current world record by Grant Hacket

second 1500m 13:37 improving my own world record by 4 sec!!!!!!

thired 1500m, i put the hammer down and went 12;58 destroying my past world record and breaking for a 3rd time in the same day in succesion without rest the world record.

Forth 1500m was a bit slow, i just felt empty and didnt had what it takes to put on a world class performance and just got it done....

6.2km in about 55 minutes. I m happy, i think my swimming is going ok.... it was a fun workout and i had tons of spectator to watch and cheer for me!

here s the venu that will now be refer to as, the world record channel......

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

humbling week

This week as been very close to be a ironman training week. Since i been back, i m starting to feel like i finaly doing some long distance work. It s also been very humbling as to what my fitness level really his right now.

Sunday i did a 5h ride,
monday a easy triple day,
Tuesday another long ride where i completly felt appart and blow up 3h into the ride and road home with my head down.....survived a run later in the day
Today was a long run, very slow, a good swim and another run..legs are sore!

tomorow, long ride, i m scare of what the legs will be able to do for work. Last year, at this same time, i was setting pb and amazing session leading up to ironman canada. This time, it s a complet different world. There is no short cute in ironman and been away for a long period required a long period back to fitness... i m realising it right now.

Still having tons of fun on the road...just wish i could be fitter and punish my training partners and not the opposit!:)

bed time...more fun work and 10 hard days before starting to back off for ironman Canada.

Monday, July 21, 2008

article on triathlon magazine canada

A friend of mine scanned this article of me in the triathlon magazine. click on the pic to read...some cool pic and memories for sure!!!

today was 1h run, 90min ride and 4km swim.... ironman training is starting now and will go on for 3 weeks and then...2 weeks taper. Lots of work to do..... long ride tomorow!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

this week so far....

Well, back into a routine is nice, my mood is a lot better not that i train and have these endorphine kicking in!!! I m not grumpy anymore!

Monday was a usual swim 4km, bike 90min and run 50min

Tuesday: Bike 3h and felt terrible on the bike.... no power!!! and a nice 50min run in the heat!!! felt good

Wednesday: 1;20run, 4km swim 40min run. I was so tired at the end of that day.... that should usual be easy for me but not right now...

Today, 3h30 ride with 5 climb.... one cat 1 and one HC!!! each climb done at high sweating rate! I m about 10lbs over my normal race weight so it s been hard to feel good on the bike. I finished the day with 50min run and it was toasty again

So, i m only 5 weeks from imc and still 10lbs heavier. I m now on the not fat and eat fast diet. The way it work is i m only allowed to eat twice in the day. I eat at the same time as Diablo(OUR dog!!) and i m only allowed to eat as long as the dog eat. And he is very fast at finishing is food so i usualy only have 2-3 minutes to eat as much as i can and then, my next meal is only at 7pm..... it s very hard mentaly and i get really sick on these long rides with water only and no food but it sure asnt kill the dog so i try to tell myself i should be ok!

time for bed... 6kmTT swim tomorow... i m going after the 1500m world record and confident i will beat it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

23 hours week!

That is my week back to training, 23h of slow but consistant training. I started with some short workout but high frequency so i end up with many double run or bike day. I m alive! Penticton as been very very hot and beautifull lately.

Today was my first brick toward ironman preparation. I did 3.5h on the bike with lots of climbs..., transition 20min run and a 3km swim. It felt good to be out there even if i m so far from my normal shape. I m also a bit heavy so i could definitely feel it on the hills and the heat of the day!

Next week look interesting with some more work but nothing really epic so far. I will just try to keep moving consistantly until august and see in what kind of shape i can come in.

Last night, my roomate melissa rented a chick flick movie. She always fall asleep during movie and her soon to be Husband, Will dosnt think that it s fair for him to have to watch chick flick movie alone as she fall asleep after 20 minutes!!! Well, i decided to be nice to Will and watch the movie with him and cuddle with the dog at the same time!!!!! ''Definitely maybe'' that asnt bad at all... now that i think about it, i think this movie was about my life!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

49 days....................................................

Today was the Canadian National championship! I woke up super early at 5am and got on the road at 5;45am for my first real ride since about 6 weeks of rest. I rode the first section of the IMC course from my home in penticton to osoyoos to go watch the championship. Unfortunutly, I m didnt get to defend my national title that i won last year on the same course.

Mat Seeley won the man race leading most of the day and Cynthia destroyed the women field as she was in a league of her own. She also broke the course record at the same time. Very impressive. I was on the side line to cheer.......but honestly, that was very hard time for me at many level.....i wish i was competing with them.

Well, today was one of my first real training session, 3h ride. I m not 100% healthy but i m getting better. I might have some more medical test to do but I m sick of been on the side line and cheer. I decided that i will take the 49 days left from now till Ironman Canada to get back to ironman shape and be at the start line. I m coming back from a rought patch and it s a different challenge now for me. I dont expect to be a contender for the win on race day but i will sure not be on the side line either.... i will be racing.

alright time for bed, my new modify reduce training ironman prep is starting tomorow and i need the rest.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

not about s about dogs

So my blog today isnt about triathlon as i dont have much to say about it right now.

But as i was surfing on facebook...yes, i m a big facebook fan!!! i saw these very disturbing pictures of crualty inflicted to a poor little beast. I cant beleive people would post such things and just make fun of animals this way. I decided to post the pic on my blog and Call the owners out on there lack of love for animals.

Pic #1 The owner have gone to McDonald for a happy meal ,the dog as been refuse permission to go with them and have is meal. Instead, he was left starving in what we can all see as a no air conditionning environment. Look at the expression of sadness of this poor dog......

Pic #2 Yes, i know, this one is very disturbing. A clear sign of a animal that as been beat up! If you look at his right eyes... he as a huge blackeye....... UNACCEPTABLE...........
Pic #3 Poor doggy left in front of the Tv in what is obviously a show that no respectable canadian citizen would watch.... why make a dog suffer throug this????

Pic#4 We can see this dog as no bed.... any of you as ever try to sleep on hard wood floor??? it isnt call HARD wood for nothing you know...................................

Pic#5 That poor dog obviously want to escape but the fence is so high and most likely connected to a 220 volt current.........

Pic #6-7 That is just plain wrong. Why is the dog having to wear a yellow Tarp??? Does anyone notice this dog is actually INSIDE and not OUTSIDE????????

Thursday, June 26, 2008

CDA and more

I had a great weekend in CDA!!!! I been out of commission in both training and racing so it was great for me to go out to Coeur d'Alene for 4 days and hang out with my triathlon friends and actually feel like i m a athlete also!

I stayed with scott curry that was very nice to have me over! It was great to catch up! I also had a chance to follow my good friend Tom all day long and see him having the best race of his career. He was in controle all day and simply destroy the man field. Same on the women side where Heather had a amazing day and ran away with the race leading from start to the end. It was very inspiring to see.

I m back to penticton and seems to be realising that anytime i m heating Wheat, i get sick. I m now experimenting with gluten free diet and i have see some improvement so far. I just need to figure out what i can and cant eat and what are the alternate to gluten free food. I m a bit comfuse so if you have any tips... send them my way... i need it! ...Can someone live on Chocolate???

I went to the pool today and did a 2km swim. I was very slow and it was my 3rd swim in 30 days.... very humbling! I wont be able to defende my title at the national championship and i m also pulling out of ironman Lake placid.

Maybe i can float down the channel in penticton as a summer activity????

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What s new in my world. Well, i have pass a bunch of medical tests and i m waiting for the results to find out what s wrong with me and why i cant train right now and been out of it for almost a full month now. I m really missing the endorphine and my mood isnt the same without training. It s really when you are sick that you realise how you take for granted to be fit and healthy.

I had my trusty Paseo that was very sick so i had to go to the toyota doctor to get a new timing belt, a few more random belt, oil change, spark plug, battery, water pump........$$$$$$$$$$$$. It sure isnt easy this year in a financial point of view with me no racing and not making any prize money. I might have to take on PROJECT PASEO II and start living back in my car again.......

As i had to wait 3+hours for the car to get fix, i decided to walk to the ICBC office and take the Motorcycle knowledge test! It only cost 10$ so i not a big risk even if i havent study for it! It took me 19.1 minutes and i got 97%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I now have my motorcycle learn permit and can start learning on the road. Well, i dont have a motorcycle and definitly not in a financial situation where i could afford one so i will just figure a way to pass the skill test on the road with a triathlon bike in a supersport camouflage!....something like this might work????

I finish the day with a walk home as i had no car and look at what i saw in my neighboors back yard...!!! It is for SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it s a sign.... exactly what i m looking for....a green might zx6r machine! ...................... one day.....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Going to Coeur d'alene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it s not been about a full month of almost no training. I havent been able to do much but rest and try to get better. I m going crazy as when you are a full time athlete but cant race or train, you dont have much left!

Well, i m in 4h away from Coeur d'alene and have many friends racing so i decided that i will do the trek there to watch the race and just hang out with tons of fun people!

If anyone is in CDA and as a bit of space...floor anything for me, just let me know.... or if you have some grass patch where i can set my tent... that would be great also! I m making it a fun and relaxing trip and will do some spotting for ironmanlive on race day!

see you out there i hope!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My life is a mess!

I was in Boulder until friday but not feeling perfectly good at altitude, and my crohn's giving me hard time, i decided to drive back to penticton and see if the lower altitude could help my recovery and improve my health.

But before leaving, i had promised Will that i would go with him fly in his airplane and teach him a few acrobatic maneover. I used to be a part time pilot and was specializing in airshow so Will was curious to learn a few new tricks.
Well, i have never flew a cirrus...but a airplane is a airplane and the basic is the same. I told Will in the morning to take a very light breakfast as i might push is stomach to new limits on the flight today.
For those that like airplane, the cirrus is a turbo pro single engine 4 place aircraft and the controle are very nice and fun to play with. here is the view from the pilot seat!
As i got use to the controle of the aircraft taxiing to the runway, i gived full trottle to this big bird and as we reached speed, i pull hard on the stick and took off on a not so conventional 60 degrees incline spiral making the plane roll on itself! Will had by then, almost lost is coco pof breakfast and i proceded to play around doing a few full loops and dive down. I show him also the death spiral pluging down hard and rollling the plane until near the ground where you recover it and fly it inverted (upside down) 50 feet from the ground before rolling back up! We really had a blast and Will was a natural at catching up the inverted landing technic.....

We even did a suprise fly by to the controle tower but i dont think they appreciated! Anyway, i had a blast and look forward to go fly again with Will this year!

i then jumped in the paseo for a 20h drive. But as i got tired, i stopped in missoula montana for a night of camping. I finaly made it home in penticton on saturday afternoon and trying hard to regain my energy and be healthy so i can finaly tow the line somewhere....

i was suppose to race this weekend but because of illness and slow recovery, i will be staying home....:(

good night everyone!