Sunday, September 9, 2007


Today was a fun today sitting at home and watching the live coverage of ironman Wisconsin! my friend Zach Ruble had a solid day coming of the water in good position and riding so strong that he broke his bike stem and had to finish the last 12 miles of the ride holding the handlbar together!!! He posted a lightning fast 2:58 marathon to take 7th place only 3 minutes off from the podium!!!!

Way to go DUMPSTER!!!, i m looking forward to see you back in Las Cruces for some fun training and McDonald expeditions!!!!

I still manage some training today:
1h run today feeling awsome and bouncing on the trails.

4km swim with 10X100m Im/1:30 and 1000m pull paddle!!! feeling great so far!

i m starting back on paulo's schedule tomorow, time for serious work!!! All the swim set i mention are my own creation....Paulo as no power on me when in the water, he can only use is autority on me when i m on land!!!!! The swim program is all about me!!!

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