Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving and lets talk bikes....

Bike Company are really stepping up for there time trial bikes. Here is a exemple of what Bianchi as come with after years of hard work..... one of the fastest frame available for time trial! Look at the attention of details... it s a clean and nice frame.... the only weird thing is the blue screw at the seat post.... dont really match the color of the bike...and they are strangly familiar to me................anyway...120 year of building bike for bianchi....they sure know how to get something fast on the road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i m sure this bike must make some crazy speedy sound!!!!!


Today:turkey, ham, mash potato, punkin pie, etc.... it was really good, on top of that, i had a relatively easy day of training, 50 minutes run and 90minutes ride.
no snow in Las Cruces......!!!!

for those that dont get the joke..... it s not a bianchi bike....., it was painted and rename, if you look closely..... it s a very well know frame from another company....a company that dosnt have 120 years of experience but more like 9 years!

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Judy said...

Well, the title of the image is cervelo.jpg - is that a hint? Glad to hear you enjoyed TG dinner!! Love the way you spell punkin pie!!