Monday, December 29, 2008

challenging day for my birthday!

christmas vacations, eat lots, sleep not much, play outside in the snow, famiy reunion, crazy storms, kids screaming all over, presents, lots of them!!! two more days of this and i will be back to New mexico in my quiet life. kind of looking forward to the quiet routine!

Today was my birthday!!! well, it s actually tomorow but i wanted to celebrate it today as i will be traveling tomorow... And my coach had a special present for me. It was a fun workout to do on the treadmill. It was a very simple one; run a full marathon on that silly moving carpet and get the work done!

Well, i had to make it to UQTR and use there gym to get acces to a treadmill. My tready was facing the vertical bikes so i would have the awesome chance to stare at people riding there verticale bike for the next 3h......

As i started the run, i setted the pace to just under 7 min miles and realized my ipod was broken and that it would be a pure test of will power to get this done as i had zero distraction. After 20min of running, there was a giant pot hole of water around me tready and i was trying to figure out who i would get to the end of this alive. At 50 min, i had lost all interest in life and wanted to walk away so bad!!!

half way into it, focusing on getting lots of gatorade in me and get into a rythme...and at the same time, decided to give the ipod another try and a miracle happen! i was working just fine! I was now rocking the place crusing happy and strong on ''THE CARS" soundtrack!!!! I was lightning McQueen driving full throttle on the carpet and by the 2h mark, i was comfident and my spirit was high that i would make it alive! well, i finaly finished the dam workout and got a few stare at me from people wanted to jump on the treadmill and showing me the ''25minutes max time on treadmill'' a play it innoncent telling them it was the first time ever that i was running and wasnt aware of these rules!!!! oh well, it was my b-day after all!!!

I finished the day with a easy 2km swim with some kicking and call it a day!

I also got some solid trainer session during the vacation and even if it wasnt my regular routine, i made this holiday a good one on both the family and training side of things and i m very happy about it!

tonight, i have to defend my tittle of the inner tube sliding world champion, so i will have a few more anaerobic effort to do but it s all good...!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Track revisisted

Well, i havent been on the track for about 4 years. It s just not the most fun place to run for me....

well, today, i had a insane amount of 800m repeat to do and as i try to figure out what was really insane, i decided to add a few more 800s to warm up and cool down, it end up been 21 miles of running on the morning interval run! Jump right into a hot bath to make sure my legs would not warm down too quickly.... and had some good food and a nap before heading out again for a 40 minutes run at night. Total today is a bit over 26 miles...yes, i got a marathon in me today!

The last few days have been solid also like the last few weeks and i m having a lot of fun getting the work done.

I m heading home tomorow morning to be with my family for a full week. I got my bike packed in such a small box so i wont hopefully have to pay the 100$ fee for a bike on the plane....My coach felt pretty generous on this holiday time and offered me a shit load of workout for me to do on the trainer and lots of snowy run!!! Should be a fun challenge!

time for bed....early swim tomorow with danny before catching my flight to winter wonderland!

Friday, December 19, 2008

World class athletes take on world class challenge!

A fe years ago, i was at a really fun training camp in flagstaff arizona with the national triathlon training center. We had a little bit of free time and were always looking for ways to entertaine ourself.

in this video, you can see me, simon whitfield, kyle jones and nick hastie as jordan rapp is filming us!

it s started as a normal ping pong game but got boring quickly...we had to make it more challenging so we use every furniture around to make this happen. We got pretty good at it!

not much else to say...i have a day off today!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

dam it feel good to feel good....

it s been a long long long time since i have felt this good. To go training and not have any fever, or weakness, diseasness, bowel issue, food issu, just simply enjoy going out on my bike, running in the trails and jumping in the pool and having fun getting the work done.

The last month have been a slow turn for the best and i m just hoping it will continue on this road as i m enjoying the training like i havent in a long long time. I also started a new training program and guidance this week and it s a nice change to be excited about something new and different.

if i keep on my best behavior,consistant and healthy, i might have a chance to get back to some great fitness and take part in a early ironman in march or april in the southern athmosphere! But for now, focus is on just taking it one day at the time, drinking lots of tasty veggies juice and sleeping tons!

this week ,i did some really fun silly workout, some pretty challenging and about 25h total! one more in the bag!!!

time for bed! more to come!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

not about triathlon

This video is amazing...that guy is very interesting and a genuis in his own way! someone might not like it but i think it was a amazing video and wanted to share with everyone!

on the triathlon side of things....well, keep rolling was a cold and rainy day so i did a trainer workout! 30X1min big gear...and a run later! keep training keep training keep training!! :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

cooking with jonnyo!...the boring SHOW

Many people have ask me about the juicer here it is...a bit boring!

On the training side of things, i been moving well for the past month averaging 22h a week and just keeping it simple and fun. I m getting fit again and it feels great! start dropping weight also so i almost look like a real athlete!

I m now looking at a early ironman like new zealand or ironman australia...looking forward to be racing!

ok..time for bed!