Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back to training....and updating!

Ok, i haent updated in a month! A lot happen since! A few girl friends, a few breakups, a few jobs but i m now back to triathlon. Skeleton wasnt good for me, i didnt had what it takes!

I took 5 weeks off, gain 17lbs, didnt do any training, eat a lot of ice cream and cake, meet tons of new people. I also had a nice 6 days in my native region of Ottawa/hull and wish i had pass more time there. I get to train with a few of my old teammates and coach and meet with friends... that was pretty awsome......

But the reality is, that i m back in Las Cruces, the place is beautifull right now, green, perfect weather, but completly dead. IT s like a ghost town, everyone is gone from the city.... thanksgiving vacations. So, without paulo here, i m alone and it s a bit depressing. I decided to come back quickly as i need to focus on my riding this winter so i can hopefully have a great racing season and be competitive with the top guys of our sport.

next blog will be about Goals for the season, i have some big one! i m excited about it but there is a lot of work that needs to be done!

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