Saturday, October 6, 2007

HAWAII living the dream in the cookie house

I been in Hawaii for the past 3 days! It s been amazing so far. I arrived Thursday night and I m staying at my friend Will and Denise house outside of kona near the airport. The house is awesome, there is 7 showers!!!! 5 toilet, 5 rooms, a golf cart, a hot tube, and a amazing view on the valley of the serengethi.

This morning, I as I was having a nice cup of coffee and sitting on the deck, I spoted a few lions finishing there long night of hunting and just chilling in the valley…. It was awesome. I have Miranda as a roommate and also Rock frey and Paul Huddle. These guys are very nice people but a little bit too serious for me. They don’t have a good sence of humour and I been trying to teach them to just chill out as they are both very stress out personality. Rock as this electo stimulator and use it all day, he told me this way, he could train but still only sit at his computer and he is attemping to finish the Hawaii ironman without any training outside…. Everything was done using the electro stimulator…. I m looking forward to the results but he seems very convience it s the new way to go and anyone working full time could now race pro!!!

Actually, Rock showed me that behind the house, there is a gold course and at the Tee off of the 19th hole, there is a little house with 2 big cookie jar! HE told me they are there specificly to be eated by the resident of the house…. So I been doing the trip back and forth from the kitchen to the 19th hole tee off(50meters) and controlling the quality off the cookies so golfers can have a positive experience. I been told there is also another secret place with a giant refrigerator with chocolat bars and any drink imaginable… I m still to find at what hole it is located but should find out tomorrow!!!!

I arrived Thursday night and had a nice coffee on Friday moring with tom evans at the Java on the rock. The day was all about getting food and bike stuff and ready for a good week. I swam bike and run …but very light workouts.

Today was the killer, 5h30 on the bike in the heat and the wind. Saw normann stadler at the turn around in hawi…. Then Natasha badmann and also my good friend Mike Niel. HE is looking very fit and relax and I think he will have a very strong day next week!

Anyway, the ride was hard… Hawaii course is very difficult…it s everything you heard about… the wind is crazy… almost got blow off the road a few times…. And it s very hilly!!! I ran 30 minutes off the bike in the heat and felt great. That was my last big workout before the race and I will now keep the training light and short.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

absolutely fantastic!!!
have a great race on saturday!!!
GO JONNYOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will said...

The land of milk and honey is the 5th hole on the new golf couse.

ironjohn36 said...

thank you Will... i will go explore that promising land!!!!!

i m loving it here!!

Will said...

Just try to not to run into anything today.

Jodi said...


Save some cookies for me. I am bulking up to survive the Cleveland winter.



BIGZACH said...


I can't believe how Dumpster you are, eating cookies!! This is worse than BigMacs at MacDonald.


Judy said...

Jonnyo - I always love your silly stories. Enjoy your time there!! Can't wait to read more!!

Lauren said...

LOL! the pic of you stealing the cookies is hilarious.