Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ironman CDA

This weekend, i was in beautifull Coeur d'Alene for the ironman. What i didnt tell anyone was that i was there to race, take part in it and make a big step in a long process, toe the start line of a race, a first in 13 months or me.

I was so dam happy to be on the beach and have a go at it. There was a good field of strong athlete and the perfect set up for a honest evaluation of my fitness.

The swim start was different than usual, i dont have my normal fitness and not start speed so i decided to start on the outside alone. I swam the first few minutes alone until i juge safe for me to re-enter the group that was string up a long way ahead of me. I could not tell how many swimmers were ahead but it was A LOT.

I settle into a very comfortable rythme and knew we were going very very slow. PErhaps the slowest swim i have ever done in a ironman since my age group times in 97! Onmy side was a annoying swimmer screaming at me and banging on me in a weird way but i could not focus on him, i had to stay focus on swimming relax and save my energy. Coming out of the water for the first loop, i was ready for the update and see how far down i was but to my suprise and shock, i was in the lead group of 6-7 swimmers and the annoying dude next to me was my training partner tom evans...oh boy... i knew this wasnt good.... well, good for me to be in the lead group but the pace was so slow that i knee some indesirable people would still be in contact and our lead out of the water would be next to nothing!

out of the water and on the bike, i proceed right away to pass tom and show him the view of my butt...the pace wasnt easy for me right front the start and i had to remaine very focus. At the 25miles mark, as the group was about 8 of us, my rear tire went flat. I right away screamed , ''WHEEEEEELLLLSSSSSS'' to the neutral support motorcycle but thhis BASTA##$ F#@$#% didnt stop. I was left on the side of the road to change my flat and wearing the number 13, everything went wrong, the spare went flat right away and i could not find any reason why....the tire and rim were clean..... I had to wait 20minutes on the side of the road for the neutral support from the woman pro race to get back on the saddles.

At this point, the day was over, rode back to transition and went back home to digest all this.

My fitness is clearly not back to where i need it. But i m back to be able to race and not look like a complete idiot....but i sure did look like a idiot on the side of the road.

that is it for now, time to go for a ride, i will bring 2 spare today....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

i m still alive!!!!!!!!!! and well!!!

How was your day? was it a good day or a bad day....lets talk about our day!

Well, i m getting the work done and this week was my biggest week in 13 months!!!! This afternoon, i finish a triple workout day, to make it 21h of training! my biggest week in over a year! I was so happy!!!! Well, of course, i m far from been a rock star with my current fitness but it sure feels good to be outside and training like this!

The weather as been, lets be honest shitty in the okanagean.... we have one of the worst ever month of june, cold and rainy and very challenging mentally. I m very happy so far as i have come a long way in the last few months from complete inactivity and injury to a much better position now!

This coming week, a easier week for me to recovery from a monster 21h and a little trip down south for a fun weekend in CDA!