Monday, October 8, 2007

Mind Kona

This picture is of me and Danny on our way to the pool, the first mind game of the trip was of me and him taking the back seat in the mini van. Only the cool kids sit in the back seat and i was determinated to take controle of the situation!

Arriving at the pool, proceded to swim the warm up all out as the other swimmer look fast and i didnt want to look stupid. I completly trash myself but left the pool with the feeling that i had made a major statement 6 days before the race!

Got to the grocery store and did the shoping as fast as i could to show everyone i m quick.

got on the bike and big chain ring ali drive surging hard and strong in front of Lava Java and rode hard on the queen K just in case normann would see me. He was there and of course he must have been very concern with my fast pace and good form as i m pretty sure i m the only clown in town that tried to race him 6 days out of the race day to satisfy my insecurity. I m pretty sure he was deeply affected by my mind games!

Kona is really a weird place and it feel like a zoo. Many lions getting ready for a bit fight. I m easy to spot everywhere as i m more like a White polar bear!

I m now relaxing at the condo with Paulo, Miranda, Shawn, Danny, and 5'1. There is a lot of very deep and meaningfull conversation going on...... it s pretty awsome to be around such inspiring and cultivated people.

Tomorow is a triple.... siwm bike run.... and lava java and some more fun conversation with the herd at the condo!


Judy said...

You are hilarious as always. Sounds like you guys know how to have fun. Thanks for the fun pix and update. CHEERS to everyone in the HTFU condo!!

Anonymous said...

jonny, you're the best and I'm glad to see you're feeling a confidence before the big race. - Shawn

Jacqui said...

Hey Jonnyo
I found this site while reading a friend of yours blog.
You really have a great outlook on life and sounds like you are having fun and are still pretty relaxed out there.
I enjoyed reading your build to Kona and that you were feeling pretty trashed and grumpy ten days ago. I am gearing up to Florida and am having those grumpy moments. Trying to stay positive and healthy and really looking forward to racing. I miss being out in Hawaii though! Will have to work even harder to get there next year( and not get injured)
Enjoy the week,say hi to Miranda,and have a great race!!! I'll be watching all day (when I'm not training of course)
Take Care

BIGZACH said...

It wouldn't be Hawaii if someone didn't make a joke about the, now non-existent, "race week heroes"