Friday, December 7, 2007


i had some great training lately. I been very consistant and things have been going very well. I had a few good 8km swim workout with the swim team and some hard sets! My running is also on track and i been slowly increasing the miles on the bike.

Unfortunetly, i got sick! A Cold! it s been 3 days that i been resting and catching up on many different things. I will hopefully be able to annonce some great news next week as a lot is happening right now. It s a very exciting time for me so almost good that i been sick so i had time to deal with all these obligation!

well, that s all for now, i do miss the swim practice, i hope to be back on my feet tomorow so i can get some good workout in...... my mtb finaly arrive from penticton and he wants to get some good miles in the desert!

Me and Zach had a team meeting dinner last night at the McDonald, it was good, and a lot of meaningfull things were said!

hope everyone stay warm and healthy... it s not fun to be sick!!!

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