Sunday, April 5, 2009

next please.....

Not many way to look at this. I was so out of my game this weekend, it asent even enjoyable to be there.

None of tomorow for me was surprising, i didnt had a bad day, i wasnt sick and nothing was out of controle, i m just not at the level fitness wise to race this event and it became clear as the day went on.

Yep, rode with chrissie for the last 115km after that i exploded from the chase group. Good that i had her to make me suffer the all way and get a workout out of it. She is simply amazing ....

I m heading home tomorow! Las Cruces first, then penticton. Should make a trip to wildflower also. Looking forward to be back to work because this kind of racing is no fun.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


From Port Macquarie, Australia

I m racing my first ironman in over 12 months and healthy first the first time a long while! This Sunday is a good test to see if I been able to come back to my past level and find out where I m at....We always hear about how great athlete feel the week before a race and how much they look forward to get into the action!

Well, that isn’t the case with me! To be very honest, I haven’t felt much rythme for the last month or so! At this moment, I m feeling pretty terrible, the legs aren’t firing up at all. I m riding up the hills like I m pulling a 18 wheelers behind me, there is no bounce in my stride and my arms are simply not alive….. I know I have some fitness in me but it just not showing much right now. So, 72h before the race, this is where I m…….

Of course, my mind goes crazy thinking how the hell will you fake a strong ironman and pull this one out of the bag. How can you turn things around. Yes, the freak out zone is revisited once again……Well, I have 48h to get my mind to take over the body and get the work done properly…..

We will see on Sunday if I m strong or weak mentally………………….