Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New addition to the Pratt family

Look what Melissa and Will found in a basket the other day!!!!!! Yes....they went to the hospital on thursday night and came back home with Sophie Isabelle Pratt!!!!! Ok, i m not sure how that happen, i never suspected any of this and was just thinking Melissa was going a bit too strongly on the chocolat chip muffins but she had a baby hiden somewhere!!!!!

Sophie is only 9 lbs but dont underestimate her...she as powerfull lungs and as show it to us every 2h between 11 pm and 4am every night!!!! It s a really exciting time and i got to hold her for the first time today! She is only 5 days old but dont worrie, i have already been thinking of some sort of swim lesson in the lake with her within the next week. Better start early!!!

This pictures is of Sophie when i annonce that i was going to take her to dairy queen tomorow night on my babysitting night!!!! Can you tell how happy and excited she is!!!!! please, dont worrie, i m responsible and will only allowed her a medium size oreo blizzard!

should be a fun summer!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

lets keep it simple...winning is simple...

Yesturday was the Wine captial of Canada triathlon in oliver bc. Olympic distance...oh no...short course!

well, it was a fun day because winning is fun and after chasing the early leader on the swim and the bike, i took the lead of the race on the run section and finaly get my butt back on the podium! It was nice to win again. 1:57 and a 3.5min lead on 2nd place. I really push myself hard all day long even when in the lead and got a amazing workout out of it... but i m simply shock and amaze at how much pain it was and how much it hurt to go at those speed. Well, it wasnt really fast to start with but my body needs to HTFU and learn to REV high to the limits...

Well, the training in penticton as sure been good for me, i m slowly getting some good sign of fitness coming back. But it s still a long way until i m back to top fitness as i been in the past. I been having a great time with my quiet routine and riding the hills of the okanangan...it s slowly paying off...

I m just about to head out on a ride, easy recovery day with a 3.5km swim, 50min bread and butter run and 90 minutes ride.

Tomorow, i m hitting the hills again for lots of long climbs...and get friendly again with the pain and intensity of short course....

Oliver half ironman in 2 weeks, fun dual with markyv, tom evans, olly piggion, kyle marcotte and many more fast dude....should be another very painfull experience but essential to get the fitness up....

Monday, May 18, 2009

jonnyo ''Tip of the week'' #1

this is the first video of a series, that target the commited and serious athlete to take it to the next level.... not sure if it s the higher or lower level....

Friday, May 15, 2009

6:00 Am....still sleeping,....

i had to show how beautifull the lake is! time to go train!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

back home!!!!

IT s been over 8 months since i came back home. I m now here in penticton for most of the summer! So what happen lately?

Last week, me and erika get in the paseo for a long drive from new mexico to california for the Avia Wildflower triathlon. The event was simply amazing and i will definitly be back next year. We pass a day camping and Tri-california had taken care of finding us a nice home for the days leading up to the race. So, 6 members of team TBB reunited for a fun and awesome event.

The course is hard, but beautifull and definitly reward strong athlete. It s started for me with a average swim. I was swimming side by side with my teammates Reinaldo but for some reason, i knew we were in a bit of trouble and far from the front group. Rought swim and came out 90sec behind the leaders…

The ride started with a nice step 1miles climb and i rode this with a few strong rider and a group started to form… unfortuntly, i was lacking the fitness to stay with those guys and at mile 20… i was drop and paying for my early effort. I started to lose time but still enjoyed this amazing ride. At mile 45…. flat tire!!! oh, no…:( dealing with it as fast as i could, i was back on my bike and got into the run with about 20min deficit on the leaders. At this point, i ran with as much inspiration as i could find and made sure that i was going to make it home!

I pass the line very far behind the leaders, but very happy as this is my first finish in a triathlon in the last 12.5 months. A lot as happen lately and sickness, fighing with crohn/colitis and i might not be competitive right now but i m definitly back to triathlon.

I drove for 24h to make it back to penticton canada. I m now relaxing after a nice 3h ride in the mountain and will work very hard to gain the fitness needed to get back in the game. I have 2 races coming up in the next 4 weeks and it s time to race myself back to shape!

back soon!