Thursday, October 30, 2008

is it 2009 already??? i hope so!!!!

Well, i took a bit of a break from blogging. A nice trip to hawaii, seeing my friends race and learn a little more about this race and this mysterious place. I m now back to Las Cruces and moved to La Villa Del La Montoya. It s really been a lot of fun to live with Danny and Misha and there perfect dog Jordy!!!

I have took a lot of rest and i m now starting back moving and trying to regain health and some fitness. So far this week, i have done 3 swim, 3 swim and 3 bikes.... Nothing spectacular but moving along and getting the work done slowly and getting back into a routine with early bed as much as i can and healthy eating choices.

There is some changes this season with a few new sponsors that i will talk about later but i m happy to be back with Cervelo and 2XU, The Bike Barns and the complete city of penticton!!!

Another change that make me very sad is that i will not longer be working with Paulo as my coach. I m not a very easy athlete to coach as i have my french canadian carachter and flaw. I m also extremly hard on the people surronding me as my goals are very improtant to me and i ask a lot from them and hold them to very high standars. We have some different vision and could not find a commun ground so to part away was the best choice at this time.

I want to take the time to thank him for all the guidance and succes i had in the last 2 year. During the 2007 season, i won a national title, broke the 9h mark at ironman and a finish second a ironman canada (8;39) and a big part of these succes are because of paulo's contribution. I have learn so much with him and had one hell of a ride winning many races and having a blast. I still have a lot to learn and do hope to continu by reading is blog and peaking on his athletes training schedules!!!

I will take the month of november to set a good routine, rebuild fitness and stay on the healthy path. I will also take my time to reflect on what direction i will take and the way to get there. Thank you for reading and your support over the years! There is more to come!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

end of the season 2008.....

Well, this week, i made the decision to end my season 2008 and not take part in any other races this year. I have struggle a lot over the past 7 months with Ulcerative colitis that keep hitting my hard and getting me very weak and sick. On top of that, i have developpe a gluten alergy and have been struggling even more learning to eat properly and be able to have enough energy to train.

My training wasnt been going too well in the past few months and i do beleive taking a step back right now is the best way for me to move forward. That wasnt a fun decision to take but i feel very releif to have taken it and not feel the pressure to prepare for another race right now.

So what's now? I will sleep a lot! I will do about 1h of exercice a day to keep moving and not get in too bad of a shape but i will keep it very unstructure. I swimming regularly with the MNSU swim team and will run and bike once awile...

I will be racing very early next season...and most likely a start of the season far away from canada/usa.... more soon!

Ok, tomorow morning, i m leaving for Kona hawaii where i will be supporting my teamates, representing my sponsors and also refuelling mentaly and physicaly. I havent taken vacation in years and the october month is mine...i will rest a lot and rebuild my health...

Thank you for my sponsor that are sticking with me...and those that still answer my emails even after this disastrous season....

Season Review.

ironman Arizona 6th place 8:48 (motor cycle incident on the bike)
ironman canada DNF.......:(
lots of sick time...not enough smilling... lets put this season behind me..