Monday, September 17, 2007

Been part of the herd or making your own path???

I do like a lot this picture as you can see someone been part of a group. Someone that follow others and find reassurance in been part of the normality. Been with others, doing like them, following there path. It s a cool picture.... i wonder if this person as ever think of taking his on path, having a crack at it and laying it all down so he will have complete satisfaction to know what he can or can't do and what needs to be done next. I think we learn a lot from others, but it s in the individual moment that we learn to more about ourself. Dont be affraid to explore your limit and boundary....... i dont know how this race unfolded but i hope the guy at the back had a crack at could only be a very valuable learning experience.

Well, i m one of the group this week, i have a few training partner in town and i m very happy to have them around. Tonight was a great run with Will and Danny and it s been great to have them around as i been going in a bit of a dark hole in the last few days. I havent been taking any pictures and have been very social. To be honest, i have reach very high level of grompyness in the last few days. I been looking a lot like the picture up ........not a happy camper but more like a guy that just finished a ironman and want to have is cake and eat it.

But today was a lot better, my body is coming back to life after a great meal at McDonald's and tons of other good food to put me back into training mode. Sleep, eat, train, go say hello to the lifeguard......
today was another a 3km swim

1h45 bike z2

50 minutes run at steady sliky pace
fun day!!!


khai said...

> not a happy camper but more like a guy that > just finished a ironman and want to have
> is cake and eat it.

Well, at least you're learning...

anningerwarrior said...

is this big zach with you in front of the McDo?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Auf Deutsche Bitte?...haha...Ich konne nicht viel Deutsche sprechen.

Anonymous said...


The guy at the back of the pack is Simon - he's watching, learning and waiting. He did well in that race, but the big one for him is next year on the same course in Bejing. Hopefully he will be able to deliver the magic once again!


ironjohn36 said...

Fleck.... of course i know it was simon.... it was a sarcastic post raising my hat to him for going for it on the run and risking everything to win.... and finish 5th. He could have settle and play safe for second but made this race a learning experience in trying to chase alone Gomez..... that was what the post was about but i think it s not really clear!!!!