Saturday, November 29, 2008


In this and my friend scott curry chatting as i m eating my great chocolate chip cookies wheat free! YES!!! kylie yes so nice that she made me a giant box of awsome cookies and drove all the way from LA to phx to deliver then!!!!!!!! HUMMMMMMMMMMMM Thank you so much Kylie!!!

last 10 days have been busy... i was in phoenix for a few days wathing ironman arizona and be a support crew for my friends! I also got to swim in the beautifull tempe town lake!!! yeah...not beautifull really! i call it brown lake! Danny almost broke 10h and jordan had a fantastic day up front finish 3rd! very motivating to watch.... also a big breaktrought of mark that went under 8:50!!!!

The last 2 weeks have been consistant base work with 5-6 ride a week, 5 runs a week and 3-4 swims... nothing spectacular but i m moving ..!

today was a lot of fun going to the pool as it s close to public but danny got us and zach for a huge 10 lane 50m pool! got 15X100m on 1:20 holding 1:08s(ok...that was yards!) and a 2.5h ride.

Tomorow is another fun swim in the close to public pool!!!! and more fun on the bike and run...a triple at the program!!!

I m in the process of confirming some new sponsorship and the year 2009 should be very exciting with lots of new opportunity and travel! more soon!

time for bed!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

running in the desert

This is a picture that i took tonight on my run! As the sun goes down and the moon come up, there is a period of the evening where the moon look enormous because of the refraction of it s imagine over a ticker part of the athmosphere.... it only last a few minutes but....make for a amazing scenery, first time i notice this in 2 years training here!!!

well, i got to run tonight in the dark with this big moon lightening the trails in the desert....with music and the rattle snack...this was one awsome run!

Today, 65min run in the am

rode 90min and finish with 35min nightly run in trails.....

tomorow night is volleyball night!!!! GO NMSU!!!!!!!!!!!

ps:ok..i didnt take this pic...but that is exactly what it was like tonight!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

jucing machine!!!!!!

one of my big problem with ulcerative colitis/crohn's disease is to eat veggies and fruits. Mostly veggies, my body simply cant digest it and they make me sick.....

i finaly went to the store and got myself a juicer. This machine take everything and make a juice out of it. So, i been buying insane amount of cabbage, carrote, persely, spinach, cucomber, califlower, celery and brocolie and mixing all this together and drinking..and drinking and drinking.... yep.. it s not very good... it take terrible... but my body as took a turn for the better. My daily fever as gone, i dont have those chil and shiver anymore and i really cross my finger that it will keep going this way.

the good news is also that i m now in week 2 of training! I been regular and able to put some solid workout in. Nothing specatcular but getting the work done and be in a routine.

the last few days for me have been

Friday swim 3km run 50min
Saturday: bike 90min run 50min
Sunday: Run 54min bike 2h
Monday Swim 3.5km, bike 90min run 50min
Tuesday Swim 4.1km bike 2h

Tomorow is double run day and a ride. It feel nice to be back to some routine and be moving. I keep everything very simple and low intensity for now.....

I also made a big effort to bring the level of stress down....UC and crohn are very related to stress so i m trying to be smart! I m having fun again....that is a big step!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ulcerative colitis/crohn's disease Help me out with my RISE Fundraising

Hello everyone!

If you have a few minutes, please, take a moment to watch this video;

I am taking part in a true Canadian adventure this coming February. It’s called RISE – Conquer the Great Divide and I’d like you to join me!

My goal is to spend two days in the Canadian Rocky Mountains completing the following events:
1) Driving a dog sled team in the Spray Valley
2) Bush whacking a trail through the forests of Lake Louise on snowshoes
3) Summiting the famous Ha Ling Mountain (formerly China Man’s Peak) and,
4) Cross country skiing over the Continental Divide.

I am one member of a national team raising funds for the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF). I have take over the challenge of raising $25,000. I would love for any of you to join me and be part of the RISE team but if you can't, i would appreciate enormously if you can help me reach my fundraising goal by sponsoring me. You will receive a official tax receipt from the CDHF for your donation! If you arent canadian, there might not be any tax receipt??? but this is for a good cause and your help would mean so much to me!

You can sponsor me on-line at:

thank you for your time and support!!!!

on a training point of view, i m trying to move everyday for 90min. The body is still not responding normaly but i will be patient and try to figure out what i can do to get back on the right path. This as been one hell of a challenge over the past 6 months... make you realise how nice and lucky we are when healthy!