Wednesday, August 20, 2008

media, friends, and rain!

Today was a BUSY!!! day. The morning started early with a few TV interview and fancy shot of me on my bike and swimming! I sure look silly but it was great and had a chance to pass the message on TV about the challenge of Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

on top of that, my coach is in town so that is always fun...and tracy and shawn also so i had a chance to hang out with them and ride with paulo and tracy. Me and T also try to swim in the lake but it was so cold, and i didnt want to get sick so we went to the pool for a nice 3km swim.

The next few days are very busy with final prep.... and press conference and meeting. here a few pic of after the ride today... yes, it s been raining all day and we had to clean our bike after the ride!

4 more days before the gun goes off!!!! Finaly, i will be a racer and not on the side line! That is the first step! the next one is........................


don said...

Good Luck this weekend JonnyO!. I will be volunteering at the finish line so perhaps I will see you!

Big ass sitter said...

Go get um Jonnyo! I hope you have a great race.

Danny Montoya said...

The ride looks ready to go fast!!!

"Empty the tank!!!" ;-)