Wednesday, July 30, 2008

humbling week

This week as been very close to be a ironman training week. Since i been back, i m starting to feel like i finaly doing some long distance work. It s also been very humbling as to what my fitness level really his right now.

Sunday i did a 5h ride,
monday a easy triple day,
Tuesday another long ride where i completly felt appart and blow up 3h into the ride and road home with my head down.....survived a run later in the day
Today was a long run, very slow, a good swim and another run..legs are sore!

tomorow, long ride, i m scare of what the legs will be able to do for work. Last year, at this same time, i was setting pb and amazing session leading up to ironman canada. This time, it s a complet different world. There is no short cute in ironman and been away for a long period required a long period back to fitness... i m realising it right now.

Still having tons of fun on the road...just wish i could be fitter and punish my training partners and not the opposit!:)

bed time...more fun work and 10 hard days before starting to back off for ironman Canada.


Nathan said...

Keep your head up Jonnyo!

Keep doing everything you can and let the chips fall where they may.

Al said...

You never know how the next 10 days will bring your body right around for the event...although for us mortals its good to hear that even pros take time coming back to form after being out for awhile..I'm curious of what of the three sports feels like you lost the most in due to not being able to train?

Ironboom said...

Peter Reid took a year off, followed a basic Mark Allen plan for several weeks, and then came 2d in Kona. Gordo took quite a bit of time off, picked it up again for a few months, and then did well in IM Brazil. I think you will surprise yourself how well you will do. Best of luck!