Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My life is a mess!

I was in Boulder until friday but not feeling perfectly good at altitude, and my crohn's giving me hard time, i decided to drive back to penticton and see if the lower altitude could help my recovery and improve my health.

But before leaving, i had promised Will that i would go with him fly in his airplane and teach him a few acrobatic maneover. I used to be a part time pilot and was specializing in airshow so Will was curious to learn a few new tricks.
Well, i have never flew a cirrus...but a airplane is a airplane and the basic is the same. I told Will in the morning to take a very light breakfast as i might push is stomach to new limits on the flight today.
For those that like airplane, the cirrus is a turbo pro single engine 4 place aircraft and the controle are very nice and fun to play with. here is the view from the pilot seat!
As i got use to the controle of the aircraft taxiing to the runway, i gived full trottle to this big bird and as we reached speed, i pull hard on the stick and took off on a not so conventional 60 degrees incline spiral making the plane roll on itself! Will had by then, almost lost is coco pof breakfast and i proceded to play around doing a few full loops and dive down. I show him also the death spiral pluging down hard and rollling the plane until near the ground where you recover it and fly it inverted (upside down) 50 feet from the ground before rolling back up! We really had a blast and Will was a natural at catching up the inverted landing technic.....

We even did a suprise fly by to the controle tower but i dont think they appreciated! Anyway, i had a blast and look forward to go fly again with Will this year!

i then jumped in the paseo for a 20h drive. But as i got tired, i stopped in missoula montana for a night of camping. I finaly made it home in penticton on saturday afternoon and trying hard to regain my energy and be healthy so i can finaly tow the line somewhere....

i was suppose to race this weekend but because of illness and slow recovery, i will be staying home....:(

good night everyone!


Big ass sitter said...

Boy oh Boy, My stomach turned just reading about that ride. You get better now!

shawn and tracy said...

So....Your going to pick me up and fly me in for IM Canada right ;-) I mean flights are expensive to that area so, maybe with you being so talented we could work a deal?

shawn and tracy said...

Poutine!!!!!!!! I love Poutine :-) In fact after oliver half I made Shawn find me some. I am signed on as Pancake chef;-)

khai said...

Where in the hell did you guys find poutine in Oliver?

khai said...

Glad to have you back, Jon. None of my contacts got back to me yet and I wasn't sure of your timeline... Where are you staying right now? Are you still looking, or are you settled?

It must have been hard to leave that coffee maker behind!

Sony Keys Gawley said...

I hope you recover from this flare up fast and well. I sympathise with you. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I stay healthy for the rest of this race season. You inspire me and i hope you kick this flare up fast.

Sony Keys

shawn and tracy said...

Hi Khai,

We headed to the local dairy Queen at first just for a Blizzard. However, when my eyes saw Poutine on the menu I was conflicted. So in my post race delirium I got both ;-)

Jacqui said...

I hope your recovery will go quickly now...we miss your funny interviews/blogs/videos and great racing!