Monday, December 8, 2008

cooking with jonnyo!...the boring SHOW

Many people have ask me about the juicer here it is...a bit boring!

On the training side of things, i been moving well for the past month averaging 22h a week and just keeping it simple and fun. I m getting fit again and it feels great! start dropping weight also so i almost look like a real athlete!

I m now looking at a early ironman like new zealand or ironman australia...looking forward to be racing!

ok..time for bed!


lauren said...

try some ginger. it's kind of zesty, tingly tasting and it's good to calm your stomach.

Bruno said...

Apr├Ęs Ricardo, c'est Jonnyo !

Jen Plods Along said...

Isn't it a pain to clean up the juicer? Looks yummy though.


M said...

Ginger and apple juice make a great drink.

Zach Ruble said...

Have you ever thrown a big mac and french fries in there?

Studio said...

So which Breville juicer did you buy? I am thinking of getting one too.