Wednesday, November 12, 2008

running in the desert

This is a picture that i took tonight on my run! As the sun goes down and the moon come up, there is a period of the evening where the moon look enormous because of the refraction of it s imagine over a ticker part of the athmosphere.... it only last a few minutes but....make for a amazing scenery, first time i notice this in 2 years training here!!!

well, i got to run tonight in the dark with this big moon lightening the trails in the desert....with music and the rattle snack...this was one awsome run!

Today, 65min run in the am

rode 90min and finish with 35min nightly run in trails.....

tomorow night is volleyball night!!!! GO NMSU!!!!!!!!!!!

ps:ok..i didnt take this pic...but that is exactly what it was like tonight!


Anonymous said...

I was about to tell you to change career until I read the last line.

Awesome picture, good to see your digging yourself out of your hole!

Your physics teacher said...

C'mon JonnyO, get your physics straight...

The moon looks bigger closer to the horizon because you are viewing it relative to objects close to the horizon. Of course it's going to look huge compared to a cactus. If you looked at the moon through a hole in a sheet of paper blocking out things around it, it would look the same as it does when it's far away from the horizon.

Refraction from the thicker part of the atmosphere (light passing through more of the earth's atmosphere) is the reason why the sun sometimes looks squashed during a sunset.

Stick to triathlons.


jonnyo said...
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jonnyo said...

dear Physic teacher.... do you really know what you are talking about?

Ok, you got me here, it s not the refraction... i read that on the web but now realise this site wasnt very thanks for the clafification about the refraction effect on the moon.

But your explanation of the moon looking bigger because of object in the surrendoing is even WORST than mine! You should know that The moon illusion persists even when viewed on a dark night on a featureless plain, on the ocean, and even by airline pilots flying high above clouds. So reference objects of known size aren't the only basis for the illusion.

even more, The moon illusion disappears (for most people) when they bend down and look at the moon between their legs. i refer this position as mooning! :)

so, i think we arent very sure why the moon look bigger at some point...but it does look bigger...and it was bigger than night!!!

i rest my case! I have to go now, i m very busy with my pigg eyes and table full of lazers and mesurement instrument!:)

and of course, i do hope also that you will stick to triathlon! and maybe update your blog so we know what s going on with your racing...!

Sports Endurance Enthusiast said...

Ahh what a nice view! And what a great way to do a running exercise....

Shawn and Tracy said...

LOL about this entire thread comments included ;-)