Saturday, November 29, 2008


In this and my friend scott curry chatting as i m eating my great chocolate chip cookies wheat free! YES!!! kylie yes so nice that she made me a giant box of awsome cookies and drove all the way from LA to phx to deliver then!!!!!!!! HUMMMMMMMMMMMM Thank you so much Kylie!!!

last 10 days have been busy... i was in phoenix for a few days wathing ironman arizona and be a support crew for my friends! I also got to swim in the beautifull tempe town lake!!! yeah...not beautifull really! i call it brown lake! Danny almost broke 10h and jordan had a fantastic day up front finish 3rd! very motivating to watch.... also a big breaktrought of mark that went under 8:50!!!!

The last 2 weeks have been consistant base work with 5-6 ride a week, 5 runs a week and 3-4 swims... nothing spectacular but i m moving ..!

today was a lot of fun going to the pool as it s close to public but danny got us and zach for a huge 10 lane 50m pool! got 15X100m on 1:20 holding 1:08s(ok...that was yards!) and a 2.5h ride.

Tomorow is another fun swim in the close to public pool!!!! and more fun on the bike and run...a triple at the program!!!

I m in the process of confirming some new sponsorship and the year 2009 should be very exciting with lots of new opportunity and travel! more soon!

time for bed!


Kylie said...

glad you liked the cookies, and good to see you are moving moving moving :)

Big ass sitter said...

Well it's about time........a new blog. You know I live through you young people. Really, I'm glad you are feeling better and able to get the work done. Be smart train smart and most of all have fun.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Finland.

Great to read your blog, you're very inspiring person.

Michael S. Donia, D.C. said...

Good to meet you in Arizona. Glad you liked the cookies. Kylie was up baking them late after I went to bed since she could sleep in the car as
I drove out to Tempe.

I'm sure it feels good to be back to training. Congrats! Looking forward to following your upcoming races.