Sunday, June 15, 2008

Going to Coeur d'alene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it s not been about a full month of almost no training. I havent been able to do much but rest and try to get better. I m going crazy as when you are a full time athlete but cant race or train, you dont have much left!

Well, i m in 4h away from Coeur d'alene and have many friends racing so i decided that i will do the trek there to watch the race and just hang out with tons of fun people!

If anyone is in CDA and as a bit of space...floor anything for me, just let me know.... or if you have some grass patch where i can set my tent... that would be great also! I m making it a fun and relaxing trip and will do some spotting for ironmanlive on race day!

see you out there i hope!

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j-mo said...

see you there! I fly in Thursday.