Sunday, July 13, 2008

23 hours week!

That is my week back to training, 23h of slow but consistant training. I started with some short workout but high frequency so i end up with many double run or bike day. I m alive! Penticton as been very very hot and beautifull lately.

Today was my first brick toward ironman preparation. I did 3.5h on the bike with lots of climbs..., transition 20min run and a 3km swim. It felt good to be out there even if i m so far from my normal shape. I m also a bit heavy so i could definitely feel it on the hills and the heat of the day!

Next week look interesting with some more work but nothing really epic so far. I will just try to keep moving consistantly until august and see in what kind of shape i can come in.

Last night, my roomate melissa rented a chick flick movie. She always fall asleep during movie and her soon to be Husband, Will dosnt think that it s fair for him to have to watch chick flick movie alone as she fall asleep after 20 minutes!!! Well, i decided to be nice to Will and watch the movie with him and cuddle with the dog at the same time!!!!! ''Definitely maybe'' that asnt bad at all... now that i think about it, i think this movie was about my life!!!!


MarkyV said...


khai said...

AWESOME. Keep it rolling, bro. I wanna see you off the front in August!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better. I may hae to bring the new ride up to Penticton to see you in August.

Danny Montoya said...

Good to hear your back on track brother!

One day at a time :)

We (and the swim team) miss you!!!!