Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i had a happy meal...feeling better now....


Jodi said...

That's the spirit! Nothing like a french fry to change your perspective on the world.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely HTFU!!! H for "HANG".

Love the frog picture, how can you let go? Hang for your life.

Hope you are having some training been done and slowly have found some kind of consistency.

Hang in there Florida is coming slowly. You still have plenty of time to put in great training sessions.

Lâche-pas man!

Bruno said...

John John John,
Je te trouve pas mal virile avec la photo du petit chat !!! Je suis pas sûr que tu marques des points mais bon ... C'est toujours bon pour impressionner les matantes.
Je prends des notes.
Bruno ;O)

ZACHHHH said...