Sunday, August 24, 2008

A big piece of humble pie for me today!

I will keep it simple! The swam was easy and rhodes did all the work, i just had to sit on his feet and enjoy a easy ride.

Got on the bike and had nothing in me, only 3 of my 4 cylinder were firing.... it was a very long time on the road and my longest ride in 5 months. I still smile a lot and celebrated the fact that i was back to racing. Unfortunutly, it became very obvious that i wasnt at the level to race pro when i started the run with Jasper and andrei and could not hold my own when my last time marathon should definitly put me up there.

I ended my day at mile 8 of the run as it was simply not a good idea for me at this time of my season to dig deep for a finish out of the top 10. My body is healthy but not fit enough to race at the level i want and today was a very honest assessement of what needs to be done for my next race. i raced for about a solid test for me.

I m back to training tomorow... no rest for me... i will be back to top but i need to time to get my body with the necessary preparation and fitness to race a full ironman at the pro level

congrat to my teamates Tracy for a awsome 7th place..scott for a strong 8;50ish finish and mark for leading the race for almost 7h!


triblog carol said...

Sorry it wasn't your day. Still, your swim and bike time were great (i looked it up)! Happy Day!

Big ass sitter said...

:You swam so fast I allmost won the contest! You'll be back in no time. Keep the positive attitude and you can't miss.XXXXOOOO

Danny Montoya said...

Lots of positives to take from the race!!


Anonymous said...

Beau travail, Jonathan sois patient hier n'était que le début vers de meilleurs jours. C'était un simple test comme tu l'as toi même dit. Tu as une bonne idée où tu es rendu en ce moment... Le meilleur est à venir

Jacqui said...

I was happy to see you out there Jonnyo! Keep up the solid training and stay healthy!

Shawn and Tracy said...

You are on your way back to full strength and the next block of training will put you back where you want to be. One step closer to world domination ;-)