Wednesday, August 27, 2008


In the paseo:

- 1 bike box
- 6 complete bikes (2 road, 2 TT, 1mtb, 1 cyclo cross)
-14 wheels ( 1 disc 1 hed3 deep, 2 808, 6 road training wheels, 2 mtb and 2 cyclo cross)
-Camping equippement
-all the clothes i own
-all the sport gear i own
-a full mechanic shop...all the tools you can think of...
-tons of books
-electonical equippement, video cam,compur, ipod, etc.
-my life.............

the paseo as a schedule departure of 9;30am and will be routing to, coeur d'alene, missoula, Salt lake city, Alberqueque to finaly reach is final destination of Las Cruces, New Mexico friday around 3pm.(in time for swim practice!!)

the trip of 2800km should take 28h, 9 stops, 2 mcdonald happy meal, tons of coffee and lots of music and signing.....

the road to IMFL start now!!!!!

i m sad to be leaving penticton. I had a awsome summer with Will and Melissa... i had so much fun with them....and MY dog diablo!!!!

but i will be back soon... !!!! the people here are amazing!!!!!


Shawn and Tracy said...

Happy Trails!

Judy said...

Wish we had a pic of THAT Paseo! :-) Bon voyage - glad to hear you are well again.

sentania said...

Come on - pics or it didn't happen!

Al said...

Good luck with the leadup to IMFL

rr said...

You better lock that car up good at night!

Bon voyage..

Anonymous said...

It's ALBUQUERQUE can you spell my name correctly... ;) I really hope you have a good insurance, I would be worry to leave my car in a parking lot full loaded like it seems to be.

Have a good training stretch.

BIGZACH said...

What toys did you get in teh Happy Meals?