Thursday, August 7, 2008

i can't find the word to describe my state but.....

maybe a picture would describe better??? Yep, once again, it s that time of the year where i can barely get out of bed, i m tired and drinking my coffee trying to find the courage and energy to head out on my easy ride. But i sure like the big training phases but it s mentaly challenging!
yesturday, i did my long run (1h45) and did a swim, then, i had to head out in the evening for another run.... but sure didnt want to...get it done.
Today is a more relax day recovering a bit before my last 3 big day of build up! It s amazing that over the years, it sure dosnt get any easier!
time for a ride now, a run later in the heat! and some relaxing and eating!!!!
Very much looking forward to my friends start to arrive in town in the next week or so... it will be nice to hang out with them and relax before ironman canada..


Judy said...

OMG - you never disappoint with making me laugh - although I know it is not funny for you - the picture was funny to me - thanks for the laugh!!

Al said...

Great picture for describing the big build up. Very interesting that even pros it just doesn't get easier either as you build for a race. Everyone suffers even the pros which definitely will help me get through my next sufferfest!

Danny Montoya said...

"Hang in there kid" ;-) You don't have to like it, just have to do it. The end result will make it all worth while!!!

We miss ya!

Anonymous said...

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