Thursday, August 6, 2009

reverse therapy

Some of you might have notice from following me, when i post a lot, it s because i m doing pretty well and when i get sick or injured...i disapear for awhile! Well, yes, i m injured right now and will be missing my favorite race in this sport.... ironman canada. It s going to be hard to watch from the side of the road but i will now try some reverse therapy.

I will blog more....and hopefully, the health and injury will sort themself out!!!!

Well, i been seeing many many chiro/physio,etc to help me sort out some leg injury. I been amaze at the challenge of finding competent physio/chiro that have ART and Graston certification to be effective on athlete. So many others dont have those qualification and end up putting ice and hot water on my injury and showing me streached and wasting both mine and there times..... my opinion is, to graduate from those program....those technique should be mandatory to there professional knowledge....

Ok, this way message to them! Did 2h of light training today....very slow process to get back on my feet... one day at the time! looking forward to be a mean racing machine again!

Seeing Tracey tomorow at pro-physio! she is a mean A.R.T. and GRASTON machine! should be fun and effective!!!!

and a random pictures ....... Le Danois De La Montoya and me in hawaii! Danny is mister positive! The best attitude when hard time hits!


Danny Montoya said...

Great picture Brother!

Hope you get well soon. Jordi Girl misses you...and Misha and me also ;-)

Cyber Stalker said...

Can you wait 4 or 5 years for Dr. Jodi? I here she's doing a fellowship in sports med. Maybe that would be too long to be limping. You take care. XXOO

Lindsey Jerdonek said...

Such great smiles! Stick with it jonny. :)

Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

What a shit being injured!
This is one if not my main worry when training, not get injured.
By the way, we always hear that Brett has the right words when his athletes get injured. What did he told you?
What do you consider the reason for that injury?
Keep the motivation high, hope you get well soon, Marcos

Elements of Erin 337 said...

That is too bad you won't be doing IMC. Hope you will be out there cheering. Keep and eye out for your old Orbea Ora going very slowly with me on it around the course.


Chadwick said...

Gonna play the tri-nebie for a minute with a question?

What is ART & Graston certification?

The injury sucks - I have a stress fracture in my left leg, so my tri season is done... just as I was getting started. Lofty goals for next year though.

Well wishes from a from a fellow crohn's patient in GA.

rnhdc said...

OUCH!!! Whats with the chiro bashing? Looks like its time to go train in New Mexico and get your leg issues taken care of.

jonnyo said...

definitly not bashing chiro...just asking why some people say they are specilized in working with athlete.,..when most injury are soft tissue for athlete and many dont have any tools in there bag to work on those kind of injury. I thank greatly those that have persue and got the knowledge...that is probably why they are always book full all the time!

Tomgru said...

Hey Jonny.... your loss was my gain at IMC. You helped me with the bottle cage attachment to my aerobars, as well as the tape for my wheel covers. I PR'd the bike that day... .so you definitely get some credit! Thanks again... hope you are feeling better!