Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010, Orbea!

2009, is behind now! thank you Team TBB, alex, brett and everyone on the team for everything you guys did for me, amazing experience even if the results werent there for me. I will remember thos Ok e amazing camp in the philippines and the silly workouts around the track.... the almost marathon!, and riding those silly hills for ever

And thank you to cervelo, a company that i rode with in 2005 2006 2008 2009. Amazing people, lots of passions and great bikes..... thank you gerard, betsy, chris etc for everything. It s been a awesome time for me, just wish i had rode those bike faster!

We are only a few hours away from 2010. I m at 34 000 feet in the air on my way back to penticton to celebrate the new year with all my friends! Penticton as become a very special place for me over the years. I have made many friends, that i would even call family. I even impose myself to many of them by living at there places for years!!!! and showing up at all there places for dinners, and having the grand parents feeding me all those homemade meal, scones etc!!!

There is many times in someone career when you hit some very rough patch. The last 6 months have been like that for me with those nasty injury. It s honestly been hell on earth. But it s in those hard time that some special individual come up and offer to give you a hand and help you out. And it seems like it s always the same people that are there year after years........ I think it s a wise idea to associate myself with those.....2010 will be all about that for me.

-I m now living full time in penticton and even braving the canadian winter. Missing Danny and Misha a lot!!! and missing the warmer desert also!!!

-I m working to get back on both legs. I took a very short reflection (about 5h on my bike in australia) to come to the conclusion that i need some special guidance. I m back with the hardest coach that i know in the buisness, Paulo Sousa. No talking necessary, results do the speaking in this departement.

-I will still be a TBB athlete.... but this time, it s THE BIKE BARN...... :) Those people (Will, Chris, Lisa and everyone)have been my family, roomates, supporter over the past few years and my blue and yellow uniform is the coolest one there is !!!!!! I will try to rock it again a few times!

-2010 see a new challenge for me! PODIUM IMPORTS! In 2007, after been left by a sponsor with a broken bike 4 weeks out of ironman canada, i had Brian McCoy of Orbea Canada ( jumped in and with in 48h, i was now equipe with a cool Orbea bike. I had the greatest race of my life on that bike. Hey, even rode only 90 sec slower than monster Jordan Rapp on 180km!!! I have developpe a love story with my super blue orbea Oreo bike and it s time for me to be back on that bike!!!!

In 2010, with a new cool paint job, the ORBEA OREO is ready to rock....i just need to start back where i left in 2007!

But even more, i will be working with Brian as the canadian distributor of ORBEA, ORCA, REYNOLDS, GARMIN, ARUNDEL, TRISWIM and a few more lines! I will now be involved directly with those company as a athlete and distributor in canada and looking forward to learn more about this side of the buisness! I have always wanted to be involved directly with my sponsors and the triathlon community and i do beleive 2010 will be even more true than ever!

My plane is on the final approche for penticton airport, time to put the computer back in the bag, run to my house to change and make it to the new year party......VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO 2010.


PS: Tom, last year, i was polite to you as your a elder....but be nice is over in 2010, i m learning to sprint this winter ;)




Did you have some issues with your site? Couldn't get on to read about your new ride for several days.

Best of luck in 2010! Nice bike!

Have a happy New Years!

D said...

2010 is going to be better for all of us. Looking forward to seeing you rock it!

Studio Vie Yoga said...

YESSS!!! L'année 2010 est enfin arrivée!!! Je te souhaite la meilleure année so for en triathlon et dans ta vie en général (amour, professionnel...).
J'espère qu'on se croiserat bientôt.

Bonne année, all the best!!!

Anonymous said...

All the best to you in 2010. Heal up and get ready to race hard and race happy.

TW said...

Great to hear things are looking up Jonathan. Heather and I hope to see you in the Okanagan this summer.

Jeremy Hopwood said...

Good Luck with 2010 season, enjoy reading your blog and hope you rock the 2010 race season.

Heather Wurtele said...

Nice new blog format J! You look like a total badass in that top photo.

Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Good to hear all the news! Wasn't reading your entries for a long time! Maybe you should've kept that funny Jonnyo tri tips! Actually, I am here to wish you an amazing season and lots of stuff to tell us, specially, for me, about that new coaching guidance under Paulo's know-how! Loved to read that!
If you can also follow my blog, would be perfect!
Cheers, Marcos