Thursday, February 5, 2009

hot, tired, holding on!!!

I have made it to the philippines!!!! I had a awesome flight that took me over alaska, the St Elias range, Denali...and some amazing active volcano in siberia.... probably the nicest views ever in a flight.

I m now settle down, have food with me and trying to get on top of things in subic bay. It s hot here! yes, i dont care if people says it s not hot... for polar bear jonny... it s very very hot!

Well, i m very exausthed, the coach is keeping us busy from 7am to 5pm and that only give me a few hours to relax and catch my breath.

I know some wonder what we do here, well, track workout this morning, short and sweaty! Then, i was up for a surprise as i was thinking we were heading for a swim but end up instead at the neighboorhood high school where we did 90minutes of WEIGHTS.... yes, i could not beleive it. We did so much strengh work that my arms almost fell off.....

We had a break (3h) and had another weight training/strengh session... this time 40minutes of legs exclusively.... not the kind of day i was expecting but it s one more in the bank.

oh...rumour as that i might have a race this weekend.... but the funny part is, i dont know if that rumour is true or not.... it s been reported to me by others!!!!:)


Anonymous said...

Weights?.... what would they say on slowtwitch!

D said...

Hang on a GD second... weights? What's that you say? I like weights. I foresee a change in my training plan!!!! :P
I miss harassing my coach. Tell BS I need you for 30minutes a day.

Jen Plods Along said...

Sounds like you are having a great time. Did you end up racing?